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Dolphins lead Bills 7-3 going to 2nd quarter

The Dolphins and Bills both scored on their first drives today.

The Dolphins got a touchdown pass from Chad Pennington to tight end Anthony Fasano while the Bills got a field goal after Miami stopped them on third-and-goal from the 1 yard line.

The Dolphins have clearly decided to make Ted Ginn part of the game plan today. The first pass of the day was a 46 yarder to him and he has 2 catches for 63 yards after one quarter.

Join me in the comments section for the continuation of the live blog.


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3rd down has been our weak spot.

Missed tackles continue to plague the Dolphins.

Uh-oh Will Allen injured.

Good defense by Will Allen but he looks to have hurt his knee.

Allen is writhing in pain on the bench.

come on D

dolphin fans: 1
logic: 0

Crazy stuff today, folks. And great field position for the dolphins on the illegal man downfield penalty.


You have to jump on that!

We HAVE to score a TD here, it's gift-wrapped

mando whats going on with the blog?

Good heads up play by the punter, too bad for us - but at least it's good field position.

looking good in this one

Will Allen is up and walking around on the bench, trying to shake off the knee problem.

Spiewak: the blog is slow today, I don't know why. The Herald people are looking at it.

Get Ricky out of there!

Ricky Williams fumbles. Bills football

ricky turns it over! WTF!!!

good job ricky

I KNEW it wouldn't be long before the rumblin' fumbler coughed it up! What a waste of GREAT field position...See what pot does

I Cant Remember Last Time Ricky Fumbled

thanks mando


Will Allen is back in the game.

Does Ricky ever have a positive play for the phins?! Get him out of there, useless.

And the Bills get the momentum, now big pass play, I bet.

this team sucks sooooo bad. Ricky better be riding the pine the rest of the afternoon

That play look familiar? Same run play Baltimore used last week with MaGahee. Gains 18 now.

Goodness, I see the Bills matching up Lee Evans on jason Allen. Not a match I like for Miami.

good teams dont turn the ball over after a great defensive stand. Ricky is horrible, put Cobbs

big 3rd down play here

1. Why is Williams in the game?
2. Where is Brown?
3. Keep it Chad's hands
4. THROW of the damn Wildcat for once!
This is so brutal. Ricky stinks.

The coaches insistence on getting Ricky more playing time because he works out well is getting annoying

3rd and 12 plz guard lee evans

Dolphins are offsides. Merling.

it seems everytime we get a good drive going we stop as soon as ricky touches the ball. first the messed up third and one and now a fumble in bills territory. garbage

Hey look there's my foot, I'm gonna shoot it!

Play disciplined!!!! This is no better than last year.

stupid penalties..

It's a flagfest. two fouls. offside again on Merling and personal foul on Charlie Anderson. Stupid stuff there.

penalties are going to kill us

Does this mean j.allen will replace will allen? Will be a long disturbing day

What's Merling doing on the Left side...besides being offsides?


Why don't we just forfeit the rest of the game...We just keep giving them more and more chances

this team self destructs every week. so sad so sad

That first down run for a first down while Ferguson was in the game.

two horrible penalties,....

Charlie Anderson is another one we can cut, he's done nothing.

This is no better than last year.

Jesus, Merling...get off the line of scrimmage! Our defense is not disciplined...poor tackling and committing bone-head penalities!

Riding The Pine Or Smoking A Spliff No More Ricky...

Actually, Allen had pretty good coverage against Parrish on that second down play.

The defense has a combined IQ of 11

Another flag. Looks to be against Buffalo.

I f'n hate Rich Gannon, biased SOB

Bills complete a 9 play, 46 yard scoring drive. 7-6.


This is what Sparano was talking about. Instead of 14-3, it's 7-6

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