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Dolphins lead Bills 7-3 going to 2nd quarter

The Dolphins and Bills both scored on their first drives today.

The Dolphins got a touchdown pass from Chad Pennington to tight end Anthony Fasano while the Bills got a field goal after Miami stopped them on third-and-goal from the 1 yard line.

The Dolphins have clearly decided to make Ted Ginn part of the game plan today. The first pass of the day was a 46 yarder to him and he has 2 catches for 63 yards after one quarter.

Join me in the comments section for the continuation of the live blog.


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so much for momentum

seems about right......a fine way to end a half lol

First block for Buff since 2001!!

Get ready for my dolphin rips in the second half. I gave you all a break for one half this week


This blog sucks today! I wrote or a missed fg and it didn't show up until after the missed fg!

Hes Skinny Cause All His Relatives Live Down Here And They Eat All The Food In His House

The blocked field goal was the first block for Buffalo since December 2001.

Even if we do win...which I highly doubt...We don't deserve to the way we've been playing

Sparano has NO time management skills at the end of halves. Absolutely NONE. Sometimes you just have to run to take time off clock. Don't pass backwards and don't run backwards!

damn someone tackle him

Goodman with a PI, imagine that

The key mistake of this front office was to think this secondary was good enough.

Hey dolphan4life noone cares what you think about OUR team. Go order yourself a pizza there little mikey p and whatever else you want to call yourself today. Get a life jackass

I know what noname blogger means. I've been predicting every single play before it happens today and they don't show up until afterward.

How many completions on J allen does that make it today so far? 6 or 7?

I CAN'T imagine why the coaches didn't want to put him in the games but thank God we have such smart fans to tell them they are wrong.

What Does A Waterboy,a Coach ,a 1st Down Marker And Ted Ginn Have In Common? There Always On The Sideline

Special teams give the Bills the lead over Miami. Can the Dolphins special teams ever out-play the other team?

Does anybody miss field goals against us

Too many stupid mistakes first half, should be 7 ahead instead of down

ok our defense is finally playing hopefully we pick it up on offense during the half

very funny Mando. I DID SAY IT BEFORE IT HAPPENED I SWEAR! You said as long as they don't fumble they would have momentum and I said unless they miss the FG.

even though we played like crap all half except for the first series. we are only down by 2. cut out the dumb penalties and a little better playcalling and we will be fine. our d is not playing as bad as people are saying

we have the worst wide receivers, kicker and corners in the league. And Wilford is sitting in the stands. Sparano,like daffy duck, is disspeckable.

yes to many penalties. the pass inter was a very close call at the end

Game's over. Phins can't afford to make ANY mistakes and not execute - Ricky's fumble ended it. They simply are not good enough and the coaching at end of halves guarantees the opponent's offense to be on field against our Defense.

What does LilMikey have in common with Dolphan4life? They are both the same person and yet still can't come up with one interesting thought.

Where has Ronnie gone. Give him the ball. He makes positive plays. Feed him the ball. Com'n, lets feature our featured back. Good grief, its disturbing that he was ignored after a good start.

Lets push the coach to put Wilford in just like we pushed him to play ricky more AND play J Allen. After all we know more about the players from reading about them. What do the coaches know, they only spend every single day watching them play.

game over huh. why are all you bandwagon jumping fans so eager to jump ship. still 30 mins left to play

Yeah andrew might as well not play the second half!!!IDIOT

look seems like the real brett has showed up again to int already and still anothe half to go. go KC come on Miami it's clobering time

i agree more ronnie, more ronnie, more ronnie. Sparano is coaching terribly the last 2 weeks. what the hell is he thinking?

Wilford was an average receiver on a team that had A LOT of good players. What made anyone think he was going to come over here and be a great receiver on a team full of rookies and mediocre players? It's just not logical.



NFL.COM gave the Dolphins an "undefined" safety. According to them the score is now 9-9! Woo hoo!

if you gonna talk smack against the phins atleast have the balls to post you name along with your stupid remarks

Really weak play calling today on offense. why is a more conventional offensive not going to help us. So far this season Sparano has made no second half adjustments to help this team. Wildcat has used its 9 lives. We are starting to fit into the team of last season again, 'Bad teams find a way to loose". Defense has done a great job today, "with what it has to work with. Last season Cameron gave us 13-10, can Sparano come close ?

No Name Blogger Is Your Name Ted Ginn Sr.?


This is so friggin pathetic.

the play calling is Dan Hennings, he is unorthodox, I saw him call the same plays with the jets. So yes, he has a tendency to toss momentum to the other teams once in a while.

Create a link than Mando. I hate how it always get changed up...stupid.

Create a link...


this is what i was talking about in the second half!!! lynch lynch lynch

big stop!!!

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