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Dolphins lead Chargers 17-3 going into 3rd Q

The Miami Dolphins have completely dominated the Chargers in the first half today. Amazing.

Ronnie Brown has 64 yards on 10 carries with a TD run out of the Wildcat package. Greg Camarillo has a 17-yard TD reception and Dan Carpenter has a 47 yard field goal.

The Chargers have been unable to crack the Miami defense after an opening drive that lasted 14 plays and resulted in a 34 yard field goal. Since the drive Miami's defense has dominated the Chargers. LaDainian Tomlinson has only 22 yards on 5 carries.

Yeremiah Bell leads the Dolphins with four credited tackles.

The Dolphins are averaging 6.7 yards per play on their 33 offensive play.

Chad Pennington is having a pretty good day, having completed 12 of 16 passes for 140 yards and the TD. Phillip Rivers, the NFL's second rated passer coming into the game, has completed only 8 of 15 passes.



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mando you have stepped up your reporting on the phins lately

we get the ball first?

Just curious on the multiple blogs though...#'s game?


will ricky get a 100 yards today?

yeah we get possession in second half.

Mando I really like this quarter by quarter comments. It makes everything a lot more neat. And you have been doing a lot of great posts on the stats. Keep it all coming.

New Blog new half same dolphin football game

can we cut it out with this moving the blog around crap?!?!

Some stats: The Dolphins have 12 first downs, San Diego 4. Miami has 220 yards and SD only 91.

So how many of you believe? And how many know not to celebrate until it is over because SD is a dangerous team?

I wish Ricky Williams would have laid that dude out! That would have been icing on the cake. These fins have me amped up!!!

Voting for Sarah Palin would be the equivalent of hiring Cam Cameron as your head coach

Hope this doesn't qualify as a political post :)

After 8 years, its actually fun to watch this offense again!

I feel that we need to run the ball and mix in a little pass

Welcome to the new section by the way. I don't like doing it this way but my bosses are forcing me.

You guys see Kimbo Slice get jacked up last night?

no 2nd half letdown please!

Call me superstitious, but if Miami wins keep applying this quarter-by-quarter blog switcheroo

Bess dances too much on returns.

Here we go. Bess on the return.
First and 10 at the 24 for Miami.

Run the freakin' ball!!!

kimbo slice is a joke--slow as hell...he'd get crushed in the UFC

Or Wannstadt

i see we are making more of an effort to get ginn the ball

Ricky very tentative on that run. Where's Ronnie Brow? Oh, here he comes.

3 and out. not a good start

Pennington is really good throwing in the middle of the field. Sideline throws? Not so good.

would of been nice for a long drive there but cant complain to much today

uh oh...hope the letdown doesn't come

yea come one not a good start

nice punt. coverage sucks

Manning Is On Fire In N.york

It's probably early, but all I want for X-mas is a pick...

thats that funny feeling we are all feeling. we have seen this script many times before. hope the other shoe doesnt drop

just play good d

come on defense lets start this quarter the right way

nice pressure on rivers. second and 10

defense is fired up

oh oh, chargers getting frustrated
3rd down


This D-fence is for real!!

3 and out. good job

watch that late hit guys

Excellent coverage. Chargers don't seem to have a plan vs. Miami

3 and out, come on offense run the football

another ridiculous punt

here comes the punter. what a punt. this guy has a bionic leg or something

That punt went 59 yards and took like three days to come back to earth. I'm up for another end zone TD dance.

whats up with the special teams

OK, we run...run some more...and, well, you get the idea

thats our only weak link so far, special teams

cmon, wild cat formation

Great job by Ronnie Brown not stopping even as the Chargers stopped playing.

we are backed up, but nice run by ronnie. 13 yrds

Nice 13yd Run

sweet...keep it on the ground

ronnie really looks good.

no effects from injury

Eat up clock...

nice pass, 13yrds to camerillo.

Maximum protection and Pennington finds Camarillo coming across the middle for 13 yards. Now no-huddle.

good drive so far, run the ball

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