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Dolphins lead Texans 7-3 at start of 2nd quarter

The Dolphins have already converted a Wildcat package play into a touchdown today.

They have tried the package three times with the last one resulting in a 53 yard touchdown pass from quarterback Chad Pennington to running back Patrick Cobbs.

On the play, Ronnie Brown took the snap from center, handed the ball to Ricky Williams, who flipped the ball to Pennington, who then threw the TD pass to a wide open Cobbs.

The Texans have moved the ball well, outgaining the Dolphins, but two interceptions have stopped drives. Andre' Goodman and Akin Ayodele have those interceptions.

The Texans drove on their third drive of the day to score on a 27-yard field goal by Kris Brown.

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was wondering about ronnie also

Ricky Williams was the triggerman of the wildcat package on the last play of the first quarter. And Bess was the motion guy.

Brown back on the field now.

pass to ricky, 4th down

come on we have to get those extra yardage

CBS going nuts with the wildcat stuff. Showing Arkansas film now, except that Miami just punted.

texans have the ball

Jason Allen can't even down a punt correctly.

maybe we are featurng ricky today

Everybody make it over here OK? I don't like this either, but there is a reason why I am supposed to do this that I'm sure nobody cares about. Anyway, here we go.

i noticed that on the punt. i would have rolled a few more yards

man what is wrong with our d today

Geez, the defense is getting shredded right now in the second level and secondary.

Is this that blog where people write stuff and also read comments by other people, like that other blog by that guy who also writes stuff?

too many long passes

pass or run, they are getting chunks of yards

Quick hitter to Andre Johnson but the problem is the contain CB can't get off the block -- this time it was Goodman.

come on defense matt schaub is beating you guys too much

they are already at the 40

we can not give up big plays like that. That is not good football

Schaub throws behind Davis. He was way open again. Lucky.

geez, these guys are WIDE open.

incomplete pass. 2 and 10

wish I could see the game.Got stuck with indy and j-ville

good stop. 4 th down

Luckily, Schaub sucks.

Where is ferguson?

it is obvious that they see a weakness in our secondary, we have to make an adjustment at halftime or quickly before this dont get out of hand.

Matt Schaub is getting booed again.

punt in the end zone

Bess continues to handle punt and kick return duties. Where are you Ted Ginn Jr.?

We need to start scoring. enough of this 3 and out crap.

We need our defense to step up and shut em down!!

they need to send some pressure because schaub is throwing the ball too freely right now!!!

well porter is getting in there a lot. if it wasnt for him we would have no pressure at all

Let's get back to running Ronnie.


I Hate Wayne Huizinga

Holy crap, Cobbs!!!!!!

Good Job Boys


what just happened

that was out of the base offense. patrick Cobbs goes 80 yards on a screen. he is from Texas and has lots of family here today. Saw them at the hotel this morning.

how did he score

I know this sounds bad, but we didn't give the defense any time to rest.

Another to Cobbs?

a little screen pass to cobbs, just some good blocks, and exploded up field. kinda looked like a hold or something on that first linemen but who cares!

dude what is goin on here? Mando can u explain?

Cobbs obviously tired of Ricky and Ronnie getting all the attention, lol...GOOD

R U Kidding Me 80 Yds Damn..ps Also Hate Wannstadt

We got to get a 3 and out.

There was DEFINATELY a hold, but, we got away with it...

Geez, special teams.

Give it right back...

Are kicking game sucks monkey ballz

big return by andre davis

the 80 yard TD pass was a career long for Pennington. See, he can throw the deep ball.


we got smacked in the chops just then

Didn't we cut Feely b/c of this guys kickoffs?

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