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Dolphins lead Texans 7-3 at start of 2nd quarter

The Dolphins have already converted a Wildcat package play into a touchdown today.

They have tried the package three times with the last one resulting in a 53 yard touchdown pass from quarterback Chad Pennington to running back Patrick Cobbs.

On the play, Ronnie Brown took the snap from center, handed the ball to Ricky Williams, who flipped the ball to Pennington, who then threw the TD pass to a wide open Cobbs.

The Texans have moved the ball well, outgaining the Dolphins, but two interceptions have stopped drives. Andre' Goodman and Akin Ayodele have those interceptions.

The Texans drove on their third drive of the day to score on a 27-yard field goal by Kris Brown.

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Andre Davis would have looked good in a Miami uniform.


we need to find special teams aces...the special teams are killing us!

Interference on the double move. That's Michael Lehan.

Andre' Davis again.

Daaamn....go Cobbs!

BTW-These live blogs are lifesavers when you're stuck at a coffee shop in VA.

This secondary looks like swiss cheese.

Ed Hochuli great...we are screwed.

O GREAT hochuli is the ref?? were screwed...

Why do I not feel good about a 14-3 lead?

go Bell

Yah baby looking good today!

yeremiah Bell breaks up pass in the end zone, but that should have been intercepted.

Did bell even try for the INT..

Get that weak stuff out of here

Lets go dolphins!, awsome play by Bell in the end zone btw he is really becoming a great safety

Bend but dont break


Joey Porter got to Schaub again. Amazing.

Porter is a BEAST TODAY!

I'll take trading TD's for FG's.

Brown good on a 33 FG. 14-6 now.

Interesting that Houston has outgained Miami 199-153 and on first downs, 10-2.

But the scoreboard tells a story of big Miami plays.

Does Brown ever miss against us???

im hoping for a good return

Missing the game in Cincinnati today gentlemen...keep up the great work on the updates...thanks Mando!

Y. Bell is having a Pro Bowl year

went to get some beer and score is 14-6. what happened?

Two runs out of wildcat net Miami a first down.

Go Ronnie Go!

Hey look, Morlon Greenwood makes his first play as a pro!!!

Interesting to me is that Miami is using wildcat but not using unbalanced line. In other words, Jake Long is staying on the left side instead of moving over outside of Vernon Carey on the right side.

How about evening the flags. Our guys have been frigging mugged on the pass rush!

It seems like holding penalties happen the most on plays that dont go anywhere anyways

There setting up a pass by Ronnie rolling to the left.

Pennington bubble screen to Brown loses 1 yard.

got us bottled up on this drive

Brown off the field.

Holding on the Dolphins but pass incomplete anyway.

Outside of the 2 plays, the offense hasn't done much.

are offense is struggling..if it wasn't for those two trick plays and our stingy defense..we would be in a hole..

Special teams...

the texans are absolutely killing the Dolphins on special teams today.

are special teams really suck

Told ya, didn't feel good about this lead.


we need another td now!!

WOW SWEET!I can see why Sparano keeps hagan and wilford off the team because they cant play on special teams... cause i cant imagine them any worse

man. i cant believe we gave up a score on a return

we need to either A: fire the ST coach or get a special teams ACE before the trading deadline..

that is a spark for a team needing something to get excited about. Very dangerous moment now for the Dolphins.

Must, must, must avoid a three and out or a turnover.

Holding calls are huge considering Hochuli's crew has not given us a flag yet...he needs to get done.

By the way, nice broadcast CBS.

maybe we run this one back

Need to just kill the last 5 minutes and get to halftime.

bess is as slow as a corpse.

Special teams FTW??

Devon Bess is my most hated Dolphin

I thought Ted Ginn was suppose to be handling kickoffs..

Bess scares me returning kicks, the ball always sticks out and he never covers it w/ 2 hands.

we must score here

Big series here.

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