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Dolphins lead Texans 7-3 at start of 2nd quarter

The Dolphins have already converted a Wildcat package play into a touchdown today.

They have tried the package three times with the last one resulting in a 53 yard touchdown pass from quarterback Chad Pennington to running back Patrick Cobbs.

On the play, Ronnie Brown took the snap from center, handed the ball to Ricky Williams, who flipped the ball to Pennington, who then threw the TD pass to a wide open Cobbs.

The Texans have moved the ball well, outgaining the Dolphins, but two interceptions have stopped drives. Andre' Goodman and Akin Ayodele have those interceptions.

The Texans drove on their third drive of the day to score on a 27-yard field goal by Kris Brown.

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nice run by ricky 8 yards

is ronnie hurt?

That is a big first down. It steals the momentum from the Texans, at least temporarily.

I go for some water and now we are in a fight

Did ronnie have a bad week or something? whys he only in the backfield during the wildcat formation

first down maybe we are going to pound it with ricky

Pennington fumbles. Ricky recovers. i did say temporarily.

c mon chad. protect the ball

TE blocking Mario??!!

And there is no way you can ask David Martin to block Mario Willaims.

horrible playcalling.

not a good play. big third down

what is happening with our WR's..pennington is not getting the ball to them

Ronnie doesn't look as quick today.

what kind of play cailling was that?

They are great tacklers. They are out playhing us all half.

isn't it about time the Dolphins special teams makes a play this year? I mean, geez, that was the unit that was addressed much of the offseason, no?

our play calling is really bad this game..outside to trick plays..we are not hitting the TE, WR's or anyone else..outside swing passes...

boy we need to stop them on the next series. i think our d has to win this one

our special teams will give the game away! they suck!

Ronnie seems like he is trying to dance too much today.

yea our special teams unit is garbage

we need to start mixing it up a little more..pennington does not look like he is seeing the field well today.

I hope we can stop em during these 2 mins

we cant loose to the texans man

they have all the momentum. it feels like we are behind

THANK YOU SPECIAL TEAMS about time we stopped them to less than ten yards

Dolphins got a break there because if Jones goes wide, he's still running.

Need a big stop here.

What are you talkinga about CP hasnt been seein the field today. They havent called a play for him to throw the ball downfield yet

texans are trying to drain the clock.

We need a big turnover now!

maybe we get the ball back here

hoping for an interception

No gain. Huge stop for the Dolphins.

Wow our st suk more than last yr, this is one area i give the tuna and co a big failing grade

big stop

Put Ginn back there!

good timeout call from sparano.

Good stop D

took way to long to call that timeout. wasted six seven seconds

ok lets get in field goal range. t

Texans will punt to Davone Bess.

yes they did. should have called timr out sooner

Bess staring into the sun.


We have punt catcher...not returner.

Dolphins have all three time outs with 42 second left. do you try to get a FG or take a knee?

we are running out the clock

we should have tried to score

We're done for this half. I will put up a halftime post and the live blog will move to the comments section there.

Playing not to lose...cannot stand it. Do something with the possession.

not a good half

that was crap

why are we scared to try to score before half

I liked the aggressiveness early in the first half, we need to get back into it.
Mando, are our receivers open? Is the running game opening up the potential to pass?

we are being dominatedso far. now we see how they respond


is BESS related to BARNIE RUBBLE, man this guy is SSLOWWWWWWWWW, wow.....DOES HE HAVE ANY MOVES.????????

I dont know what the hell you all have against Devon Bess. He hasnt made any bad decisions yet... Hes had two returns over 20 yards. One fumble last week and ya'all treat him like hes garbage.... Show some respect. Hes been solid

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