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Dolphins lose second in row, 27-13 to Ravens

The Dolphins figured they could get back to .500 today.

They figured wrong.

They didn't figure on Chad Pennington throwing an interception that went for a Baltimore touchdown.

They didn't figure on having their Wildcat package declawed by the Ravens first-ranked defense.

They didn't figure Willis McGahee would come off the bench and gain 105 yards on only 19 carries for a 5.5 yard per carry average. They didn't figure rookie quarterback Joe Flacco could prosper against them.

The Dolphins least of all didn't figure Cam Cameron's offense would dominate the Miami defense. By the way, I detail the frustrations and misdeeds of the Dolphins defense here in a column I wrote for today's newspaper.

All that happened and now the Dolphins stand at 2-4. They play division leading Buffalo at home next week.

So what do you think?

[Program note: I will be on 790 The Ticket today from 10-noon so you can listen and call if you want to talk Dolphins. If you're not in South Florida, you can listen at 790theticket.com. The number to call is toll free nationwide at 1-888-790-3776.]


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How Bad Is Miamis Defence?they Made Cam(cant Win)cameron Look Like An Offensive Genius Thats Pretty Bad,hopfully There Can B Some Adjustments But Things Dont Look Good

They are pathetic - I guess the Baltimore coach was right. Cam didn't have enough talent to win.

I think its time for Chad Henne, Chad P. has not thrown a bomb all season and its clear that he can't. He is a good stop gap, but it is also time for the future.

On defense they need to get rid of the entire backfield. I don't blame Ty Law not wanting to come here.

They need to prepare for the future.

I think we're F$%ked next week

Our strength is running, our weakness is receiving. Lets confuse the opposition and ourselves by playing to our most obvious weakness. Is this Pennington's strong management skills, or coaching insanity? I can't believe how the Dolpins continue to mismanage the second half. I want to believe, I need to believe, but there is nothing to believe other than we are on course to beat ourselves in the draft. (I really believe in Ricky, but the way they are playing him I might as well believe in Aliens.)

Just shows we arent where we wanna be yet. Its plain and simple time is cure for all. As long as we have someone who can help rebuild this team which i believe we do, eventually we will be elite again. 2 more drafts and we will be a top 2 team in AFC. Mark my words. Henne leading the O, Brown in his prime running behind O LINE that is great bc LONG will be STUD. And we get WR in FA and maybe bess blossoms into a stud #2. And our defense is finally fixed....and bam there u go. Now how hard was that? LoL

I think they suck.Another year same bad Dolphins.

Bad coaching and very bad play calling. Chad's worst day as a Dolphin.

Dont Know If U Can Blame It All On Chad ,he Did Throw For 290 Yards ,lets Put This "l" On The Pathitic Defence,they Should All Givd There Last 2 Weeks Of Pay To Charity

the dolphins have cost me at least 1 & 1/4 inch of my hairline the last 2 & 1/2 years or so. man I miss ol' Gus & co. funny how some miami fans get on other phin fans for trashing the team. think about it though--hasn't anyone whom has endured being a fan for the past few seasons, MORE than earned the right to snap? huzienga & his partners should be happy we haven't burned burned the place down. oh well....even an ugly baby needs a mother I guess. GO PHINS!!!

i think where in touble next week. but i think its almost time for henne cuz we cant even throw the ball 20 yards down feild and thats y we lost today. y not go through the bad times with henne now instead of next year when he could have grown with the rest of his teammates.

Dont Know If U Can Blame It All On Chad ,he Did Throw For 290 Yards ,lets Put This "l" On The Pathitic Defence,they Should All Givd There Last 2 Weeks Of Pay To Charity

Angry of Houston. We have had two massive wins, but they were using the element of surprise in the Wildcat. That is almost over with now. We are back to the reality that there is still massive work to be done. At least this week we didn't lose a heartbreaker, this was a eye opener. At the Bills we will go all out to keep it close but it will take a few more sleepless nights for Sparano and co to get a W here. Anthony Armstrong Anyone ??

not blaming chad but just to let you know hwere not goiing Anywhere with him so lets grow NOW.

anyone know where I could get a highlight reel from the bucs' winless season? i'd love to see how much better we are than them.

Yo Joe Does Ur Hot Girlfriend Have A Sister?

when is the draft again? we need some talent here our DB's and DT's got taken to school today.

People, you are missing the point, whenever the dolphins loose a game, their inexperienced coaches work them too hard in practice, thinking that that was the problem. When will they begin to see the problem is that the team gave everything they had in practice. It is not the player's fault. It's the coaches fault. Then they want a worn out defense to make up for a worn out offensive line. It can't be done. IT IS TIME TO START HENNE! The dolphins will not win another game until henne is at the helm. Remenber what drew breeze did for new orleans. Henne could do the same for miami RIGHT NOW!

Yo Joe ,does Ur Hotass Girlfiend Have A Sister ?

I think that this team beat the Patriots because there was no Tom Brady and the Wildcat package caught them off guard. I think they beat the Chargers because the had an extra week to prepare for just them. I think that the games that show us who this team really is this year are the first 2 and these last 2. A team that can't stop the run or the pass. A team that can't find holes to run. And a team that finds ways to give the opponents points. Have they scored off of a turnover yet this season? Or have they all been 3 and outs?

Yeah agreed. Chad is the last person to blame. New offense, no Stud WR, young line, rookie LT, oldest most predicatable base offense in the league, outside the WildCat, (which is David Lee) and hot and cold running backs. Don't blame Chad, Henne would be struggling so badly if brought in now. Flacco and Ryan are just so much more NFL ready than him and have a much better supporting cast. Henne will be grat next season, with WR's and a true RG in D Thomas

keep losing and draft TIM TEBOW #1 next year!!!
a real quarterback. Pennington is weak!!!

explain to me when its 3/10 or even 4/10 why isnt your play calling exciding the 1st down marker.take pennington out,and start our future chad henne,he can coach henne.oh this wildcat crap is over.play traditional football.when henne comes in he can air the ball out.so with him there wouldnt be no wildcat.pennington just passes for 5-10 yards.

there not getting worked to hard in practice there just young. so they will grow as a unit but let the qb grow to. we need to throw the ball DEEP to GINN he is no bust just needs a QB who can throw the ball more then 20 yards

oliver rubber your DUMB. just shut up

Yes Bob, play to win and throw the ball beyond the first down marker, but who does he keep throwing it to Cobbs, Camarillo, Bess, all household names. Chad threw the ball deep when he had players who could get open downfield and when the play calling allowed for it. Your after the Wrong Scapegoat !!

Defense is terrible - all the way around. Bad coaching today. Run the stinkin ball. Ricky and Ronnie? Where are they?

I think we should all be nice and think positively. The sun will come out tomorrow. Have a great day...

I feel that after 6 games I have seen more then enough to get an accurate evaluation for the 2008 Miami Dolphins. My rankings are as following:
1-Well Below Average 5-Well Above Average

WR-1(Possibly the worst WR unit in the NFL)

LB-3(without J.Porter this unit falls to a 2)
CB-1(The worst unit in the NFL, by far the weakest group on the team)

Special Temas:
K/P Coverage-1


Overall-2.79>> Which equals a Below Average Team.

What does this show us? It shows us that Miami's record reflects exactly the kind of team they are at the moment. A below average team. And this is why I am sticking to my preseason prediction of a 6-10 team. It shows that they have made improvements to the team, but are still a below average team. Fix the WR's, Secondary, and K/P coverage and you have a above average team, and their record would reflect that.

This is what I learned from this game.
1-Baltimore's Defense is better then Miami's Offense.
2.Baltimore's Offense is better then Miami's Defense.
3.A team can only go as far as their players take them. Which is why I feel the coaching is above average, but Miami just doesn't have enough players to bring them over the average mark right now.
4.Miami's tackling is horrible, I lost count on how many missed tackles today, that allowed a short gain into a drive extending gain or worst a score.
5.Miami's secondary is really bad, how bad you ask? They made a rookie QB that came in today with 1 TD versus 7 Ints, look like T.Brady. I was embarrassed yet again by their play.

Anyone that though that Miami is anything but a below average football team right now, is only fooling themselves. They are on the right track for sure, but are still at least another year away from becoming a above average football team or even possibly a well above average football. Until they can get more players, you will see a continued trend of average play. All in all I am ok with the progress made, I would have loved to get to .500 today, but am not surprised that we are now 2 games below. Keep pushing and working hard.
Go Phins!

I was thinking at half time that it would have been good to bring in Henne. Pennington couldn't bring you back from the airport, much less a 17-6 deficit. Let's go with 2 QBS, kinda a quarterback Wildcat. They other teams will have trouble preparing for that, and we can play on the strengths of both. When we are ahead, Pennington runs the show. But when we need an arm and some quick scores, bring in the youngster from Michigan. Quarterback controversies are an invention of the media. In this day and age of specialists, the QB must be viewed in the same light . . . that is, if we want to be competetive this year.

Back When I Was 14 Years Old The Phins Won 2 Of There Super Bowls,flash Foreward 10 Years And My Son Asked Me Dad When Will The Fins Win In The Super Bowl? I Told Him Soon,today My 7 Year Old Grandson Looked At Me And Said Granpa When Will The Dolphins Win A Super Bowl,it Brought A Tear To My Eyes The Phins Will Always Be My Team,whether They Suck Or Win 11 Games

I've been wondering how the Dallas line coach could become the Fins head coach? The Dallas line lost the Giants playoff game for Dallas last year! Cameron, while not my favorite guy, was a lot more creative than our current coaching staff led by Sparano. Everyone took Harbaugh's comments as a slight, but I have to agree, Cam had a lot less talent than this Fins team and we were in every game except a few.

It will be another long Fins season ... we suck!!

wont matter who is at qb, we have no receivers who can get open downfield. Thats why we have shorter routes being run. I agree we look to be taking steps backwards, on defense especially. Regardless of the guys work ethic we need to give Wilford a chance on gameday. We could of used him a few times for his height if nothing else. Heck even try him and Hagan at DB, why not a t this point?

The Defense has issues. Other than Porter and Bell, they looked bad. Wonder if it might have somehting to do with bad defensive strategy or Cam just getting lucky. Still, there were takcling and coverage errors...

On Offense, Pennington's limited arm strength hurt Dolphins this game. As well, Ginn still has not stepped up. Related? But there were also ridiculous play calls, like trying to run up the middlle (you can not againt the Ravens) and a Wildcat formation on the 4-yard line....

All that said, I have faith these Dolphins will soon bounce back. The difference between Cam era and the present one is like night and day.

Pete out of town. Hagan could be the next Lester Hayes at CB, maybe even try Wilford at safety. I hear talk of putting John Beck at Punt returner. Fail Forward fast you Dolt !!!

I'm a Fins fan living in Baltimore. Once the Ravens won, they showed some of the Ravens players giving Cam Cameron a Gatorade bath. They were all jumping on him and shaking his hand. It made me sick.

Cam Cameron gave it to us today, so what ? We have more to address than this guy. Once we have a CB who can lock down a number 1 for at least half of the time and a WR who can get open, we will be great. Next season look for Ginn, Hagan, Wilford, Goodman, Hill, The Allen's Crocker and Lehan to be gone. The free agent market for WR's will be interesting. Another long season thought, the pain !!!

Hi All My Fans In So.fla,well I Guess I Outcoached Ur New Staff,well Actually It Wasnt 2 Diffecult ,with That Defence U Got Down There I Could Have Dug Up The 1972 Marshall Team And Beat That Defence,..ps Joey Porter Wears Pink Furry Slippers In The Locker Room...ps 2, With That Group I Had Last Year We Where Lucky That They Didnt Shoot Our Plane Down Whenever We Traveled Because They Knew We Whernt Flying In A Football Team

Hi All My Fans In So.fla,well I Guess I Outcoached Ur New Staff,well Actually It Wasnt 2 Diffecult ,with That Defence U Got Down There I Could Have Dug Up The 1972 Marshall Team And Beat That Defence,..ps Joey Porter Wears Pink Furry Slippers In The Locker Room...ps 2, With That Group I Had Last Year We Where Lucky That They Didnt Shoot Our Plane Down Whenever We Traveled Because They Knew We Whernt Flying In A Football Team

71 RUSHING YARDS for miami(weak).seconday cant catch,cant cover,and cant tackle. Special teams did do a lttle better.hard to believe we lost to camoron. Next up buffalo and they played good today. The jets could lose today and that would cheer me up.

Hi All My Fans In So.fla,well I Guess I Outcoached Ur New Staff,well Actually It Wasnt 2 Diffecult ,with That Defence U Got Down There I Could Have Dug Up The 1972 Marshall Team And Beat That Defence,..ps Joey Porter Wears Pink Furry Slippers In The Locker Room...ps 2, With That Group I Had Last Year We Where Lucky That They Didnt Shoot Our Plane Down Whenever We Traveled Because They Knew We Whernt Flying In A Football Team

They most likely won't win til they play the seahawks. No receivers and a soft defense. I would play chad henne if things continue to slide. Give the future qb some experience and pray for another strong draft.

Angry of Houston - please post your coaching credentials on here - we should put them side by side with out current coaches so that we can understand what experience and wisdom you bring to the table. I'd hate to think you were just a (knee)-jerk?

David Bond - is that the Drew Brees on a 3-3 team, currently seeded 9th in the NFC and not currently in a play-off place, on a team with better skill players in lots of positions than the Fins?

/faceplam hit the nail on the head. This is a team with some talent but not enough. It has a lot of young players that will benefit from more experience and a lot of bad players who will benefit from a job out of the NFL. It has a rookie head coach who isn't afraid to experiment and a regime that is committed to bringing in players who will contribute, give consitent effort and win regularly. Henne will play before season end, but for now, imo, Pennington represents the best option at QB for continuing to develop this team into a contender again. The best D in the league just outplayed our O. Get things in perspective doubters. This team isn't ready yet.

Even Uk fans are getting the message that we aint there yet and shouldn't give ourselves such a thrashing because the Dolphins still are lacking. If we were awesome and blowing it with talent I'd understand, but the team is half ready. Even so there are still some questionable calls, E.G running on long yardage situations and consistently throwing the ball the players not beyong first down markers. We really miss D Thomas as well.


Our defense is TERRIBLE. We made Joe Flako look like Joe Montana. What a joke. Can we waive Will "Rock Hands" Allen already? Jesus. And you gotta love Chad "I throw like a girl" Pennington running out patterns to the tight end down by 2 touchdowns with under a minute left. Nice arm Chad. Consider yourself lucky Ray Lewis didn't take your head off for pointing in his face not once but twice early in the game. At least Tony "that way" Sparano decided to put Ted "the gift that keeps on giving" Ginn in on kick offs today. Nice decision, coach. Can we at least activate Wilford next week??? Nice screen pass to our third string running back on 4th and 10 down by 2 scores in the 4th quarter. Gotta love Cam "the ginn family" Cameron getting a gatorade bath on the sideline. Not that the 10 fans in attendance noticed anyway. Go Fins. What a waste of time.

Boz - this UK fan has followed the Fins since Danny's rookie Superbowl season and has despaired at the talent erosion since then. The D did reverse that trend for a while under JJ bringing some pride back to the franchise, but since then, it's been downhill all the way. I like what this regime has done so far, with the one exception of Wilford. I have heard he doesn't practice well, but how can there be such a drop off from last season to this even if he is a gamer and has a reputation for not practicing well? I'm not going to second guess an NFL head coach (even a rookie) but if I were making the decisions, I would be tempted to try game-planning one game around him before I wrote off $6m?

Go Raiders LOL

The wildcat isn't going to work anymore if Ronnie stands there like he's reading the defense and never hands off to anyone else, he almost always keeps the ball. There's no surprise to that. We waste to many plays doing the same play that doesn't work,over and over again. Is Saban or Wanny back ? hiding somewhere ? New's flash, you can't run behind Jake Long yet, he hasn't got it yet. And are there any good DB's SS's and receivers in the draft next year.

Facepan - where do you get 6 wins from? I can't be any more optimistic than 2-14 at this point.

Armando, if you deleted all of the posts on this blog with grammatical errors, would there be any responses left? Wow....

Yes there is a DB called Malcom Jenkins, he is a friend of Ted Ginn Jr from the Buckeyes, so great pedigree. Oh yeah to the Dolphins fan from the UK, you have followed my team for 24 years from England and you still bother ? Wow you must be into S&M or something dude. I was born in Miami and have no choice but to follow them, you could go root from Beckham or the other English pastime of sucking at all major sports !! Joking, we could could use some of that English Bulldog spirit and "fight them on the beaches". Go Dolphins !!

Not near as disappointed as I was last week. Today made me realize that this team is not a contender for this year. They need to use this year to keep improving so that maybe they can contend next year. I don't understand the people saying to put in Henne. Pennington made one mistake today. Other than that, I thought he played ok today. Let Henne work his way in during the latter half of the season. Another quick note: why does every punter that the Fins face seem to have the game of his life? 60 yards a pop for all of them. All of this being said, watch Miami rise up next week and knock off Buffalo. Wouldn't surprise me a bit.

I Wonder What The Fins Record Would Be With Zack And Jason On Defence?p.s Wannstadt Still Sucks,cam Is Still A Idiot,sabin Is Still A Whore,and Oh Yeah Wayne They Dont Take Money Or The American Express In Heavan, So Pack Some Non Flamable Underware And Bring Plenty Of Ice,ull Need It....u Pinhead

I Wonder What The Fins Record Would Be With Zack And Jason On Defence?p.s Wannstadt Still Sucks,cam Is Still A Idiot,sabin Is Still A Whore,and Oh Yeah Wayne They Dont Take Money Or The American Express In Heavan, So Pack Some Non Flamable Underware And Bring Plenty Of Ice,ull Need It....u Pinhead

Yo Dan ,pass Me That Stuff U B Smoken,

A few things happened here:

1. Their run defense was almost nonexistant today. It looked like, with Ferguson injured and Soliai suspended, that they were running a 4-3 type of defense. This looked like last years squad, a total regression on this count.

2. Likewise, we couldn't get the run going. But that was really to be expected with the Baltimore D. Ronnie only got 3.2 YPA. We failed to capitalize on interceptions and paid the price. That's why I really think the secondary were the real losers of this game, yet again. We have no true cover corners on this roster. W. Allen is a #2 guy.

3. Pennington seemed off his game today. He was missing a lot of his receivers and wasn't making his reads on time. Balt. did put a lot of pressure on him. That interception was what really shifted the momentum in their direction, and they never looked back.

Hope that Ferguson doesn't have too bad of an injury--he is the most important member of that defense.

The problem here is not Chad Pennington. The problem is a football team that is still very talent deficient. We all new going into this season that the skill positions would not be addressed until next season. There is a reason our corners get torched week after week and it's not the coaching. If we had not been fortunate enough to get Pennington for nothing where do you people think we would be with McCown or Beck? Be patient and give the current staff time to overcome the many years of mismanagement. Also give this current staff credit for not panicking and trading draft picks away (Lamar Gordon for 3rd rounder, A.J. Feeley for 2nd rounder, Culpepper for 2nd rounder and on and on)that they can use in the draft to build the team like all winning organizations do and that's through the draft.

We need to really see what Ginn Jr has to offer. I do not believe that they have every really focused on his potential. I watched him in college and obviously from his draft ranking they did also. So why not put in a QB that can throw the long ball and actully let him put the doubters in check

U Want To Know What Ted(hands Of Stone)brings To The Table? He Ll Bring A Knife A Fork And 2 Or 3 Relatives Thats All He Brings

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