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Dolphins lose second in row, 27-13 to Ravens

The Dolphins figured they could get back to .500 today.

They figured wrong.

They didn't figure on Chad Pennington throwing an interception that went for a Baltimore touchdown.

They didn't figure on having their Wildcat package declawed by the Ravens first-ranked defense.

They didn't figure Willis McGahee would come off the bench and gain 105 yards on only 19 carries for a 5.5 yard per carry average. They didn't figure rookie quarterback Joe Flacco could prosper against them.

The Dolphins least of all didn't figure Cam Cameron's offense would dominate the Miami defense. By the way, I detail the frustrations and misdeeds of the Dolphins defense here in a column I wrote for today's newspaper.

All that happened and now the Dolphins stand at 2-4. They play division leading Buffalo at home next week.

So what do you think?

[Program note: I will be on 790 The Ticket today from 10-noon so you can listen and call if you want to talk Dolphins. If you're not in South Florida, you can listen at 790theticket.com. The number to call is toll free nationwide at 1-888-790-3776.]


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In the 1st half when it was 3rd and goal from the 8, why did we run?

When will our secondary actually catch the balls that they luckily get a chance to intercept?

Can Pennington just try to put some zip on the ball....please?

Btw - do you people realize you are talking about a team that was 1-15 last year and basically did an entire face-lift on their roster?

Some of you talk like we were 8-8 last year, won our last 4 games, and had many reasons for optimism and a legitmate shot at a playoff run.

Use your brain and set realistic expectations. Otherwise, you look like a freaking moron with no concept about how truly lacking our team is... for now.

i would love to be a defensive coordinator vs. us. except for the wild cat we are the most predictable team with pennington in as QB

patrick is right channing crowder is not our lb of the future,he constantly over runs the play and alows the run to cut back,his tackles are usually 4or5 yds past the line of scrimmage.
zack usually hit the runner behind the line of scrimmmage and slowed the runner up or stopped them to maybe a couple yards.
channing crowder isn't in the same league as zack in his prime.

dolphins are not in as bad of shape as we think, beating buffalo twice puts us 1 game behind the bills, beating the patriots again puts us 1 game behind the pats, beating the jets for a split makes us even with the jets. we might be able to turn the corner with Pennington, but his rap says otherwise. jaws said it best during the monday night game, "belichick is mediocre without Brady, and Shanahan is mediocre without elway". if Henne can be a great quarterback, then the question is when to start him. one thing for sure is Henne's skill set and experience with Michigan insures against last years disaster with beck, in addition, his ability to throw the deep ball has improvement over pennington written all over it. if Henne could show quick decision making(as he has), and the o-line continues to protect the quarterback(as it has), the decision on when to start Henne becomes obvious.
p.s. what's up with Sammy Morris? all of a sudden he looks better then Ricky and Ronnie? this guy had to juice up!

I guess I'm like many of my fellow Fin fans, discouraged but at the same time, feeling good that we are progressing forward, even if we lose. Living in NJ and watching Pennington thru the years w/Jets, I can say HE CAN GET IT DONE, I have no doubts BUT he has no quality players on the receiving end! Think what Wes Welker could do here-(who is the dumb jerk that traded him to NE?) We need receivers badly-give Pennington receivers and he'll get it there. Wilford, WTheck is that about? Use all 6'+ of him...we never were making playoffs but to see 5 wins this year will be an added improvement. But certainly, we need to make some value-added trades, not necessarily big names, but names that will make teams take notice!

u all f-ing disgrase the fin's. when u go up against the #1 defense ur going to struggle and we did. now prepairing for the bills will be fun because miami is going to have a repeat act of week #3, do u clowns remember? a fast flying hard hit ''D"" with an even faster offense? yep buffalo is in trouble!! maybe u morons forget how penington owns all afc east defenses with his accurate arm clowns. buffalo will be twisted around by the end of the first half. the season isnt over u bandwagon piece of poo clowns, cut them slack, i am a die hard fan and know that we wont be the best in the nfl but we will be a wild card team this year and cause havick in th epost season oh yeah!!!!!!

so "f" all of you.

Chris Crocker is going to get beat deep by LEE Evans...guaranteed. Start Jason Allen. Well said by NY Scott..except for the part about WR..They got deep on some plays...he didnt get them the ball. Armando, start a movement to get Chris Crocker benched.

trent edwards will be on his back more clown. learn ur facts drsamii.

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