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Dolphins offense should have the upper hand

Much has been written and rewritten the past couple of days about Chad Pennington's breakthrough 300-plus-yard passing day last week. Ted Ginn Jr.'s breakout game against Buffalo also has been the subject of much analysis.

And much has been talked about the usage of Ronnie Brown and the Wildcat package -- both of which have been scaled back of late.

But I'm here to tell you this weekend should, must, be a boon for the Miami offense.

If the Dolphins are to beat the Denver Broncos Sunday it says here they will have to outscore Jay Cutler and company. And the Dolphins are fully capable of doing that because, well, the Denver defense is scary bad.

Don't take my word for it. This Denver Post article about the Broncos defensive troubles pretty much sums it up. The Broncos have the NFL's 30th overall defense, with only Kansas City and Detroit ranking lower. The Broncos have the 30th-ranked run defense and 28th-ranked pass defense.

And it gets worse for the mile-high guys. Injuries and incompetence have forced the Broncos to shelve their use of the 3-4 alignment and concentrate exclusively on the 4-3 alignment. They are also scaling back the defense to make it more fundamental, which is to say less complex.

And, oh by the way, cornerback Champ Bailey, perhaps one of the best players in the league, is out of the lineup with a groin injury.

So what should that mean?

It should mean Ginn should continue to prosper as a deep threat. It should mean the Wildcat, lessened in recent weeks, might have a resurgence based on the fact it can confuse a defense that is neither here nor there with its alignment. It should mean another good day for Pennington, who picked on injured Buffalo cornerback Terrence McGee last week and certainly will test Champ Bailey's replacement this week.

Are you guys getting the feeling the Miami offense should have the upper hand this weekend?