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Dolphins offense should have the upper hand

Much has been written and rewritten the past couple of days about Chad Pennington's breakthrough 300-plus-yard passing day last week. Ted Ginn Jr.'s breakout game against Buffalo also has been the subject of much analysis.

And much has been talked about the usage of Ronnie Brown and the Wildcat package -- both of which have been scaled back of late.

But I'm here to tell you this weekend should, must, be a boon for the Miami offense.

If the Dolphins are to beat the Denver Broncos Sunday it says here they will have to outscore Jay Cutler and company. And the Dolphins are fully capable of doing that because, well, the Denver defense is scary bad.

Don't take my word for it. This Denver Post article about the Broncos defensive troubles pretty much sums it up. The Broncos have the NFL's 30th overall defense, with only Kansas City and Detroit ranking lower. The Broncos have the 30th-ranked run defense and 28th-ranked pass defense.

And it gets worse for the mile-high guys. Injuries and incompetence have forced the Broncos to shelve their use of the 3-4 alignment and concentrate exclusively on the 4-3 alignment. They are also scaling back the defense to make it more fundamental, which is to say less complex.

And, oh by the way, cornerback Champ Bailey, perhaps one of the best players in the league, is out of the lineup with a groin injury.

So what should that mean?

It should mean Ginn should continue to prosper as a deep threat. It should mean the Wildcat, lessened in recent weeks, might have a resurgence based on the fact it can confuse a defense that is neither here nor there with its alignment. It should mean another good day for Pennington, who picked on injured Buffalo cornerback Terrence McGee last week and certainly will test Champ Bailey's replacement this week.

Are you guys getting the feeling the Miami offense should have the upper hand this weekend?


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That will probably be the case, but how well will our Defense do against their potent offense (mainly their WRs)?

we need to run the ball and keep cutler and marshall off the field, if we do we can win this game

Please cut the following players:

W. Allen
J. Allen

That is all

dberd is right..we need 2 control the time of possesion and keep their offense off the field and run that rock down their throats

On paper the should have the upper hand. I feel they are still too inconsistent, more so on the road, to guarantee a potent offensive output. If they can keep up with them in a shootout, I like their chances.

I do not see us beating Denver in Denver. Statistics mean nothing - they have a winning record and are a pretty good team. I hope we do well, but I am not holding my breath.

The Doplhins are creating a little history this year. "LET'S BEAT THE TEAMS WE ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BEAT AND LOSE AGAINST THE TEAMS WE SHOULD BE BEATING". The Broncos are "supposed" to be a team that we can't beat because they have a huge reciever (B.Marshall) and a reciever that is up and coming(E.Royal). So we are not supposed to beat them because of those recievers and we also struggled against the zone- blocking scheme(Ravens). So us winning or losing is kinda "up in the air";) Either way GO DOLPHINS!!!!!

The offense has actually been carrying the team, in particular the passing offense, which ranks 2nd in the NFL in yards per pass play.

Weak link is definitely special teams, and the pass defense, which ranks 30th in the NFL in yards per play.

Probably a loss very similar to the Houston loss, which is to say that we have a chance to pull it off. Our two weak links listed above certainly were the difference between 4-3 and 3-4 there.

I don't trust our defensive secoundary enough against their receivers. We lose this one 31-24. Cutler will have 350 yards passing and we will give up 100+ rushing on the ground. Pennington and Co won't be able to keep up.


Don't jinx us Mando! As long as Cutler doesn't have his way with our defense, I think we should be ok.

really cocerned about us playing in the cold weather that has yet to be proven and i agree with rich about the secondary.

Don't forget that Buffalo was supposed to roast us in the air AND on the ground. Beating Buffalo was a much bigger win than the wins against the Patsies and the Chargers. Those teams were both weakened by injuries to very key players. The win against a strong Buffalo team will do a lot for the confidence of the defense and the passing game will be more respected opening up the running game. Miami wins this one.

Rich and what running back or running backs are going to get 100 yds

You do know there running game has been hurting this year

Anyway I think its all going to be about time of position if we control the clock we win.

I say if we can go with the formula
that Sparano Preaches which I think is run about 35 - 38 times and pass around 20 - 25
we should be good

If Denver gets up on us fast then there could be a problem but its definatly a winnable game

Go Phins

I love the expression on Mike Shanahan's face when he is behind in the score and the the qb throws a pick. He looks like he is going to have a stroke.

305phin. Acutally it is suppossed to be in the high 60's or low 70's at kickoff. I live in CO and have my tix for the game. I am ready. I don't think the donkeys are as good as everyone thinks they are. I think our secondary will shut them down for the most part due to getting to Cutler and making him throw stupid passes like he is known to do.

Our secondary is going to be much better without Chris Crocker and that showed in the Buffalo game.

I think this is the game to establish ourselves as a smash-mouth run offense. As well as our defense played against Buffalo, we need to keep Denver's offense off the field. Beating Denver at home is one of the most challenging tasks in football. Control the clock and we win. Get into a shoot out and I think we'll struggle.

I like the match up against Denver, but unfortunatly the phins have proved to be consistantly inconsistant this year. I hope they continue to impress but will not jump off the ledge if Cutler out scores us. Denver is coming off a bye with a full two weeks to prepare for us. Their defense is getting a lot of grief, and we saw first hand what happens when pride kicks in and players get tired of media bashing.

With all that said, phins have a good chance to win this game. If they do, then great we are way ahead of where we should be with the talent we have and the new coaching staff. If they lose we need to keep it in perspective that we are getting better and are a very young team.

So far this year every game I've picked the phins to win we've gone out and lost, and every game I've picked the phins to lose they have gone out and won. With that trend I will pick the Broncos to win, and know deep down that the phins can easily pull this one off.


Maybe if I dont mention those two hated words, like that you may answer me instead of erasing my articles and ignoring what am writeing, even though I know you read them.

Can you talk about porters comments he made to the media the other day plz. I think he was DEAD ON, and it all starts with you.

Your comments are welcomed Mr. Salguero

I think our secondary is much improved with J. Allen and Crocker being Cut... I have to agree with everyone that we have been consistently inconsistent... The Dolphins are more competitive this year and each game I can still see the holes and the youth of this team. But I have to say the Trifecta and the coaching staff has turned the organization around as well as the culture in our locker room and it shows each week... So I think the Dolphins win this one and wouldn't be surprised if there was a total of 70 or more points on the score board with the Dolphins pulling it off. It does help that the team is leaving Friday night to Denver to get used to the thin air there. GO DOLPHINS!!

Control the clock, play error-free ball, cut back on the stupid penalties, pray our special teams players can tackle and we have a good chance to steal this road game. but they were embarrassed by the Patriots' loss, and they've had an off-week to think about that, so I suspect they will be fired up to play this game.

Stats DO very much mean something, and the most telling is the one that indicates that Miami is 3-0 w/30+ minutes of possession time. With Cutler and their passing game, we could win Time of Pos. and still lose the game. However, if we DOMINATE t.o.p. (like 35+ minutes) and finish drives, I very much like our chances.

Okay, here I go. I've looked at the schedule and the AFC standings, and all I'm saying is, we have a chance if they keep playing like this. 1-15 to a playoff team, Parcells does it again.

mr 742 you are too ridiculous, that is funny to think anyone of them should be cut. The only possible trade there is with Beck because he would play for another team in a heartbeat and has trade value. mr742 must be smokin or a jet fan wishing they could pick them all up Pennington was player of the week and Ginn had a star performance both Allens played amazing as well... Go phins!

im thinking this mR742 guy would be a pretty bad NFL manager
jason allen will grow
ginn will grow and he can return kicks
beck is trade bait or good backup for henne long term
and will allen is our only good corner for the moment..

The dolphins should definetly compete hard this weekend with the broncos cold weather or not. The injuries to the baily brothers should give us a little bit of a advantage at those match ups. If ginn can get going early like last week, the defense can pressure jay early and make him uncomfortable, and R&R can have solid rushing numbers with the help of the wildcat here and there to keep Denver off balance we should put up solid points and win this game! I'm
originally from Miami but live in Cali now because I work in the reality tv and music video industry. I'm flying up this weekend to Denver to go to the game and party. Any other dolfans gonna be in town or at the game??! Let me know. Gone.

I'm so glad the fins beat buffalo, i live in buffalo and i have been losing bets since 2005, i felt so good coming into work on monday, the office was quiet as hell, then i started bragging,

“No matter how much you've won, no matter how many games, no matter how many championships, no matter how many Super Bowls, you're not winning now, so you stink.”

Bill Parcells

“Success is never final, but failure can be.”

Bill Parcells

“This is one of the most competitive businesses there is . . . It's my life. It's my blood. It's how I'm measured.”

Bill Parcells

This week will be a good test for Jason Allen. We'll see if he can hold his own. I really believe he can. He may give up some catches to Marshall, but I can also see a turnover or two from him. We'll also have a better idea about Teddy as to whether he is a weekly threat or not. I think he is!! A-Ginn and A-Ginn baby!!!!

I think Idahomer hit the nail on the head. Remember when the Colts were in the playoffs and everyone was bashing their lack of ability to stop the run? They went on to win the SB.

Same thing might apply here. With 2 weeks to prepare, the Broncos D will come to play at home with a chip on their shoulder. The question is whether they can keep it up for 4 quarters.

we win this one we can turn the corner easy part of sched sehawks st louis niners plus the div is up for grabs

I have a good feeling about this game and I think we are going to pull out another win. GO PHINS!

Let's just take it one week at a time. We gotta beat Denver this week it's a must win. We'll be 4-4 half way through and ready for a fresh start. I'll be in Kodiak, AK hopefully there's a bar up there showing the game but i still remember Little Havana and the MIAMI Dolphins!

We will smash them. By 14 points. Our secondary is starting to gell + nobody can stop Pennington, Camarillo + Fasano.

As a lifer Dolphins fan from the Orange Bowl days, (that was THE BEST PLACE FOR THE FINS TO PLAY) I'm optimistic but very controlled on winning this game....if we pull it off, which we have the guns to, I see this as a pivotal game winner! The weather and altitude in Denver is another "man on the field" but in order for this team to justify itself, it must rise about all that and win. Just win damn it!

As a lifer Dolphins fan from the Orange Bowl days, (that was THE BEST PLACE FOR THE FINS TO PLAY) I'm optimistic but very controlled on winning this game....if we pull it off, which we have the guns to, I see this as a pivotal game winner! The weather and altitude in Denver is another "man on the field" for Denver but in order for this team to justify itself and everyone, players and fans alike, it must rise above all that and win this game! Win and we're improving and proving we are on our way! What I do like from what I've see and heard, is this is a team effort...that's what wins games!

They better put up 42 points, because the Bronc's have wr's and a qb who could torch our secondary. If they can somehow contain them and play stout against the run I think we might be in the middle of a 4 game winning streak with Seattle & Oakland next. 6-4 isn't out of the question with a win at Denver.


If we can win in Foxboro, we can win in Denver.

On paper, yes, we should win. Let's just play the game and prove it though for "old time's sake"

This team has shown a propensity to be "up" for the teams they're supposed to lose to, and play "down" to those that they should beat if they execute correctly.

The Fins need to play a cover 2 type defense with J.Allen on B. Marshall and W.Allen on E.Royal. J.Allen is bigger than W.Allen, therefore he should he able to jam marshall at the line. Y.Bell will have to likely spy Culter on some plays in order to help against plays to the tight end also. Sparano will have to incorporate more slant patterns for Ginn, those are plays that he will excel on because of his speed. Having Penny try to throw the long ball again might result in a pick, last week Ginn had to slow up to catch that 46yd bomb from penny. But the 64yd pass was on a completed on a slant. So if I where coaching I would spread the plays out between the "wildcat" W/ R.Brown throwing and pass or a flee flicker from Penny. (maybe both... :) !!), some slants to Ginn and RB & RW pounding the ball on their 30th ranked run def. So there you have it from from coach J. from Pa via NY.....Holla!!! GO PHINS!!

To win this week we have to run run run, possess the ball for the majority of the game that will be the ticket.Keep Cutler off the field, the defense fresh, and just pound with Ricky, Ronnie, Ricky, Ronnie, and Cobbs we didn't see him last week, bore us to death but keep the score low possess the time and ball, and work the beef.Beat the will out of them like the G men do. It's time for a slugout, more so than the Raven's game. A win in this fashion will put a scare in the rest of the league. I'm sure Chad Pennington, or Joey Porter doesn't like to hear that this year is a wash, a re-building year,there is so much mediocrity (parity) this year why not us.Take it 1 game at a time and see who is standing at the end.Why not us ???

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