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Dolphins, Ravens tied at 3-3 to start 2nd quarter

The score suggests a defensive game, but that is a little deceiving because both the Dolphins and Ravens had success on their first possessions today.

The teams exchanged field goals on their first drives.

And the drives were long enough that it was the only possession each team had. So we are tied at 3-3 going into the second quarter.

Anyway, the live blog continues in the comments section here.


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good catch cobbs

Wildcat with Brown taking the snap. Loss of 1 yard. I do believe that is the first time the formation has lost yardage.

can we please give ronnie the ball?

could be a long day for the wildcat

OK, this isn't looking so sharp so far. Penninton back at QB now, I believe.

Wildcat self destruction.

we need to get ginn involved

interesting call qb sneak

They're setting up the throw from Ronnie out of the wildcat.

what was that?

what the f#$%?

Pennington on a sneak? Strange.

Mando why do we have to jump around after every quarter?

no we still have to use the wildcat to make the defense keep wondering they may or maynot stop it but they won't everytime

QB sneak on 2nd and 16? Uh.

man we must be doing something right, we are confusing this defense quite a bit today, although Chad confused me on that last play

This is the game where the wildcat should take a break. The Ravens D is too good.


Chad not too sharp today

The Ravens seem to be doing some of what Saban was talking about. They blitzed on one of the wildcat plays.

pennington struggling so far.

ok so we shot our foot again

You should be fined for punting into the endzone

That was still a good drive because we kept thier Don the filed and gave ours a good rest. That will help out offense in 4th qtr.

Anyone out there scared of Joe Flacco? He looks no better than Cleo Lemon.

Tell your boss I said he is an idiot!

defense time to shine

you mean Joe Sucko...

Ronnie Brown has 10 yards on 5 carries so far. Ricky has 9 yards on 2 carries.

Theres been a couple of bad passes from pennington now..

i agreee chad looks alittle off hopefully after a few series and a few more looks he'll settle down still think we have to stick to the run

Cleo Lemon? That's BS. This guy is a rookie.

without ferguson they are going to keep running it at us

No true NT is going to hurt us.

Ouch we have to be able to stop the run with as bad as our pass D has been..

should have been a pick

OK, now I'm convinced Flacco stinks. That ball had no velocity on it. Awful. Which I guess is good.

Thank God Mark Clayton is 6'5" 225

Thats the difference between us.. Other teams come up with the picks there. 3 corners on one Wr and their WR almost comes down with it...

isn't 6'5"

theyre giving it to ronnie on such weird situations, dont you think armando?

We got off the field on a 3rd down! Wow.

almost intercepted. Joe Sucko not looking good at all.

Flacco combines no velocity with no accuracy.. Solid combo.

Good stop!

Now lets keep there D out there for a long time again.

i agree should have been a pick but better than us trying and they somehow still come up with it

Our punt return unit needs to block somebody, anybody.

Dolphin D looking good. off topic: STL 21 Dal 7 ... wow!

mark clayton isnt if 6' lol joel.. I think your thinking of the guy who plays for the bucs. Michael Clayton

good blocking by ST

Flacco blows

whoops meant marcus clayton

why isnt ginn returning punts? jesus, it's not like bess is outstanding and amazing out there?

Davone Bess always makes one guy miss. Unfortunately, there are 10 other guys he can't get away from.

when is Ferguson back?

Ravens are going to win because they have a better defense and are flipping field position.

What is going on in Buff-no power?

Bt the way I heard on ESPN radio pre-game that Ravens moved Troy Smith up to #2 qb before game.

starting to look like it will come down to the forth quarter again

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