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Dolphins, Ravens tied at 3-3 to start 2nd quarter

The score suggests a defensive game, but that is a little deceiving because both the Dolphins and Ravens had success on their first possessions today.

The teams exchanged field goals on their first drives.

And the drives were long enough that it was the only possession each team had. So we are tied at 3-3 going into the second quarter.

Anyway, the live blog continues in the comments section here.


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also, we saw what he can do in the pre season with ginn and on the first kick of the game. what is the point of having him if hes not going to return kicks?

what the hell is going on with chad he stinks today

wait i was right. Its michael clayton who plays for the bucs and mark clayton who plays for the ravens.. Off the point continue

Chad needs to set his feet and not throw on the run.

ok nice deep throw

There you go chad... Most accurate passer when throwning over 20 yards. that a boy

They should be able to abuse Walker.

Started Camarillo on my fantasy team today.

Ricky is running hard today. He seems to have explosion I haven't seen in a while.

Evan Mathis is playing?

any postive yards out of the cat today will be good plus satan thinks he is so smart and knows how to stop it make him and cam eat crap

They got to throw of the Wildcat

By the way, Evan Mathis is in the game instead of Ikechuku Ndukwe.

what a stupid throw


Wow, how did Chad not see him.

Pennington is awful today. Awful.

Ah well Good bye you losers

what an idiot.

well like i said defense would score today

Woe. That play was bad on so many different levels, I cannot begin to explain it. Suggs is just so good, tho.

Take the sack.

pennington playing like total crap.

both qb's look like rookies

Got to be willing to punt the football

Pennington was trying to make a play. Lets move on.

That was the first stupid thing Chad has done all year!!

Sounds like a lot of Raven fans in the stadium.

take the sack man......

Offensive line is struggling to create holes, too.

The Dolphins need Ted Ginn to blow past somebody.

ok ok so chad messed up yes a stupid play but lets rebound nice long drive and respond to that

My wife just took my kids to the heighbor's house. They must have cake or a new puppy or something.

Ginn has had his one big play.He wont step up.

nice to ginn returning kickoffs again

Ginn is so fast, how are we not getting him the ball???

35, good start

Maybe your neighbor's husband is home alone

That's a nice catch. But the pass took soooo long to get there. Geez.

a Ginn sighting!!

its ok im sure flacco will give us 7 back

David Martin has done a nice job.

Way to rebound Chad...I think that's what he needed...He's had happy feet and the passes have been floatin...

Great throw and catch

At a boy Chad, way to come back.

all te no wr other than greg again hopefully the ravens will start double teaming and then maybe the wr will show up

Brown looking to throw there.

that comment was cold cam cameron.

so why cant we give it to ginn on punts? bess is horrible at punts. pretty good wes welker though.

They need to just line up and force the run.

its gonna be a long ugly game hope we get the win tho

Jake Long blocking 2 fools!!

He needs to stop leading with his helmet!

Ginn just ran across the entire field wide open and Pennington didn't throw it.

chad showing that he can put the bad throw behind him

Haha, it was cold, Armando

Thanks Ray Ray

We might see Henne if Pennington keeps trying to run.

Horse collar tacklle. Chad obviously fired up.

C-Penn's fired up

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