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Dolphins, Ravens tied at 3-3 to start 2nd quarter

The score suggests a defensive game, but that is a little deceiving because both the Dolphins and Ravens had success on their first possessions today.

The teams exchanged field goals on their first drives.

And the drives were long enough that it was the only possession each team had. So we are tied at 3-3 going into the second quarter.

Anyway, the live blog continues in the comments section here.


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Camarillo just dropped a TD pass.

Pennington knows he wont catch the ball anyway

same play

Good Try Camarillo!

David MArtin can not be a lead blocker!

What about some hard counts?

what are we doing

What is going on?

Strange call on third down. That smelled like give up.

That's awful

o jesus christ, wtf is going on?

really bad coaching.

Why are we setteling for 3

what the hell is going on today man. whats with the play calling Henning?

They're going to let the Ravens O lose the game instead of Dolphins O winning it.

When we need to be conservative- Chad forced the ball. When we needed to be agressive- we give up a long pass to help the Ravens get into field goal range and then that last call. Ummm

That plan doesnt work when you throw the ball right into defenders

i dont know what to say about that

ya know, this is sad, why dont we have a wr to throw the out pattern to in the end zone? Oh yeah thats right he is inactive getting 6 million dollars. stupid stupid stupid

Can we get some Purple Rain?

On the bright side for the Dolphins: Cam Cameron's offense is back on the field.

It's hard to tell on video streaming, but I have seen Ginn wide open at least three times.

nice open field single tackle

time of posession in our favor which is cool considering ravens average 38 minutes of possession a game

But if Ginn is like 15 yards downfield, Chad can't get it to him.

You're right, Joel

think the ravens are trying to set us up for the bomb

what you mean chad had a 23 to greg

soft coverage

That completion to Mason was the first ball Flacco has thrown with velocity.

omg, wtf is up with these coaches. wtf do these corner have to do before getting benched?

This looks like a Cam run offense.

d needs to shut it down now

These dumbass announcers really have man crushes on Flacco

Phil, Chad doesn't throw frozen ropes though, they're all lobs downfield. You gotta hit Ginn in stride, can't float one to him.

is it me or does it seems the ravens are already huffing for air

You can't bench the entire secondary

i agree Joel no floaters cause ginn to scared to get hit or jump

ya know if we win this week, maybe Ty Law considers signing with us next week. He is available and god knows how badly we need a cb

Cam its a shame we cant though isnt it

you can bench either goodman or lehan though. put in jason allen. both of these guys are worse than him

Look for the interception return for a TD by the Dolphins. I feel it.

We will lose they have playmakers on defense and we dont

They're playing for the FG.

ty law is who we really need. just get me anybody. these guys play so far back because they are so slow and then that opens up the short pass.

I love how we are making Cam and Flacc look like all-pros. I should have known it was coming.

im done with this crap. these guys suck.

What's w/ all the Ravens fans?

Cam Camerons offense is better than our enemic defense

Armando, that's just the breakfast burrito you ate this morning you are feeling.

Armand o we need something to get the momentum back in our favor

why are we letting him complete these 3 step throws? TIGHT COVERAGE GUYS!!!!JEEZ

ok d keep them to 3 atleast

No pressure on a rook.

sparano got badly outcoached in the first half.

im getting sick now.

Our secondary REALLY SUCKS

This is just how the defense bombed last week. Why run on us when you could just pass all over the field.

i sure hope we make some adjustments in the half

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