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Dolphins, Ravens tied at 3-3 to start 2nd quarter

The score suggests a defensive game, but that is a little deceiving because both the Dolphins and Ravens had success on their first possessions today.

The teams exchanged field goals on their first drives.

And the drives were long enough that it was the only possession each team had. So we are tied at 3-3 going into the second quarter.

Anyway, the live blog continues in the comments section here.


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Damn, Roth made McGahee look like a rag doll...

I think Flacco would maker fewer mistakes if he could sit on the bench for a few years and not play.

no pressure at all on Joe Sucko.

bring in henne!

If you're gonna give up the reception, you gotta make the tackle!

Just let em score you bums

Stone hands Allen.

Will "no hands" Allen...

thats why we keep losing those are the one we need to have

another drop by our DB's...

think the defense need some catching classes

if they dont sign ty law or anybody this week im not watching them anymore. hell willie andrews would do for me.

these guys suck at catching oh my god what the hell, these fools are killing us

Allen has to catch that

It's like Derek Hagan is teaching our secondary how to catch

too easy.

This is pathetic, their terrible O just took us to the woodshed.

Pure B.S.

That TD pass is just too easy. The most frustrating thing about Miami's secondary is that they had the chance to get the turnover. Failing that, most pro offenses will make them pay.

we need something by ginn here

And they get the ball to start the 2nd half


This will be worse than Culpepper scoring all thoe TD's and giving the ok sign to everyone.

just run the ball out till half we need to fix this in a hurry


I can't believe cam camoron & Co. are making us look this bad. Phins offense needs a spark!!!

pennington can't play from behind.

Ted Ginn istrying really hard today.

Geez, Ginn will never run between the hashes again now.

here we go again fin fans, two weeks of happiness followed by 12 of futility

It's bad when a white DB is taunting one of your receivers.


Does this TV crew even have a spotter?

The good news is, most of the problems appear to be in our secondary and receiving corps, which is exactly what we will be focusing on in the draft next year.


Just suffocating Ronnie today.

Armando, keep it real

WTF??? Go deep and try to get some points!!!

Cam ... RU calling our plays again?

Down the field dammit!!!

Nice drop Will Allen. If I were Sparano, the DBs would be on the juggs machine 12 hours a day. Or maybe they should just be kicked in the balls for every INT they drop.

great call!!!! this is what happens when ur qb cant throw longer than 15 yards. get Henne in for the last play or two please.

The ravens blitzed three guys there.

Do the dolphins secondary have any hands.

That was tipped.


pennington looks like crap.

yes kick in the balls

they should put in henne in these situations

What the hell is wrong with Pennington?

That was a trainwreck.

Not a good first half. Geez. This is the worst half of football by the Miami offense.

This stinks.

that was a terrible half

this sucks

we couldnt hit water if we fell out of a boat right now. better see big changes in the second half, or we might as well cash it in for the year

the db's better spend the halftime catching balls

Mando -I made it.

we should try wilford and hagan at db

figures cam will come back to haunt us

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