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Dolphins sell out (sort of); game televised locally

Two NFL games were in danger of not selling out this week. The Lions home game was one. The Dolphins home game was the other.

The Dolphins have announced that game against San Diego is now sold out. Sort of.

Tickets remain available for the game but television has guaranteed the purchase of any unsold tickets. That means the game will be on television locally in South Florida and available at sports bars throughout the Sunshine State.

You guys in other parts of the country, this wasn't your worry anyway.


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Anyone know if it'll be televised in central Florida? thanks

Thank God for NFL Sunday Ticket!!!

Can you get any in-depth info on the Will Allen vs Hagan? Would like to know if Hagan is getting ready to FINALLY step up!!

Just go to http://tvplanner.comcast.net, put in your zip code and see if the game is televised where you at. I'm in Tallahassee and the game this week is being televised here.

Just like UM fans...Dolphin fans should be ashamed of themselves...the UM/FSU game isn't CLOSE to being sold out.
Nice move to Miami Gardens, SHALALA, you PIG!

I dont understand why i dont get to watch the game everytime, does anybody know why? i have dish!
i live in the tampa area.
the buccaneers are always televised of course but miami is not!

I remember Shalala saying that "although we'll lose some fans in South Dade, we'll be picking up a new market in North Dade and Broward, along with Palm Beach....oh, yeah Donna...what did you pick up, 100 fans?
The Orange Bowl Scam was the biggest scam I've witnessed in years...anyone who thinks for ONE SECOND that Loria and Gay-Sampson didn't pay off Shalala to get out of the OB, had better think again!
I'm embarrassed to go to the game tomorrow....why? There are going to be twice as many FSU fans (who gobbled up all the tickets) than UM fans...just like when the Dolphins play in MIAMI GARDENS, there will be more fans for the opposing team than for the home team...I blame that on South Florida's CRUMMY FAN BASE and SHALALA for moving UM out of the OB...she's a gnome of a woman...a mutant...she looks like someone crushed her upper torso down four feet to where her chin touches her waist. (Wow, it feels good to get that off my chest!)
Now, for us 25,000 or so true-Canes who will be at the game...get as loud as you can....we're going to hear that stinking war chant all afternoon....

Don't blame Shalala; Blame your piss poor fair weather fans. Tens of thousands of people travel hundreds of miles every week to watch AWAY games across the SEC no matter who the opponent is.

The Bra1n is 100% correct.

Been to two SEC games so far this year and plan to go to two more...and I'm in Boca.

1. Dolphins games in Central Florida are not televised if the Jacksonville Jaguars are playing away games at the same time. One of those silly NFL rules.
2. Dolphins-Chargers is showing up on my to do list on Channel 6 out of Orlando, so I assume other CBS channels will be showing it in Tampa.

Go Fins!!!

I just watch the games on jutin.tv anyway...

The reason why you won't see many Dolphin games on TV in central Fla. is: (1) The TV stations will play Bucks games every week....it's the only team in the area. (2) They won't miss an opportunity to air a Jags game....we were told that this on the NFL. Supposedly, it has to do with demographics....empty seats in Jax and nobody outside Jax has much interest in the team. The Orlando stations say their hands are tied

Brevard county has always been Dolphins country. The seating chart and directions are in the front of the telephone book for heaven sakes. So, this pi$$es everybody off....not much you can do about it other than fork over the $ for Sunday Ticket, or go to a sports bar.

Should have said ".....directions to Dolphin Stadium......"

Hope you guys and gals aren't hoping for this to change anytime soon. The last thing anyone is going to pay for is NFL tickets when you have bail out stupid banks with tax dollars. 700 billion smackers is a lot of money. Don't think that this ain't going to come down the pipe and smack everyone on the planet in the head.

If U Want To Know Why The Fish R Having A Hard Time Selling Out ,all U Need To Do Is Look Back To 00 Season When Dave Wannstadt Took Over As Head Coach,start There And U Will Find All The Problems The Fish Face 2 Day Can B Traced Back 8 Years

The Fish are ON in Central FLA!!!
BTW, HATE the look of the "re-designed" web-site!!

Cocoajoe, my mom and sister have lived in Melbourne for years and there are practically zero Jags fans but half the Dolphin games are not televised because the demographics call this Jag country? The NFL misses the boat completely when they draw rigid territorial lines without looking at the actual fan base. When Jacksonville got an NFL franchise in 1995 part of the deal was that they were given the NFL TV rights as far south as Brevard County. Now 13 years later the fans in Brevard still resent having the Dolphins taken away from them and most, like my sister, hate the Jags for that very reason. Jacksonville will not renegotiate the TV coverage package awarded to the franchise so Brevard is stuck in the territory of a team they hate more each passing season.

What sense does this make? I listen to these commercials when I’m there for car dealers in Jacksonville and think, do you really think I’m going to drive to Jacksonville to buy a car? My evil twin leads me to think the NFL does this intentionally to force folks like you to buy the NFL package and thus increasing the overall revenue of the league. As we talking a couple of blogs ago about why the upper crusty social gathering at JRS cannot generate a home field advantage we see another example of the NFL turning away from the real fans in search of yet more revenue. Another example of good old American corporate greed in action…

When will anyone realize it is virtually impossible for any company to increase its revenue every year without destroying that industry? I live in Tampa and have begun going to the USF games instead of driving 5 hours to Miami or even watching the Bucs live. Why??? $165 for season tickets!!! It cost the same for the whole season as it does to go to one Dolphin game! And, the fans are true, they go there because they like the team and they get crazy at those games the way Dolphin fans once did in the Orange Bowl. I will always love my Dolphins but the NFL has priced the blue-collar football fan out of the game and in the eternal quest for more revenue will eventually drive itself into bankruptcy.

I know they're going to show it in San Diego! Go PhiNs!!! =)

Its A Shame U Peeps In Melbourne Dont Get The Phins Games,u Ll B Missing A Few Good Games This Year But Come Next Year,watch Out(the Wannstadt Curse Is Over After This Year)but Instead Ull B Forced To Watch A Team From A City That Gods Forsaken ,jacksonville Also Knowen As Hooterville A City That Not Only Sucks But If It Was Hit By A Astrioed Iam Sure No One Would Really Care,a City That Even Dave Wannstadt Would Nt Even Go Into To Destroy,a City That Has More Lazy People In It That Iam Surprised That People Have The Energy To Wipe There Ass....i Hate Hooterville More Then I Hate Dave Wannstadt

Patrick, this was a calculated move by the NFL to somehow increase the Jags fan base. Don't even ask me how this twisted logic is supposed to work. Sounds like the owner of the jags has some revealing pics of somebodies wife.

To find out what games are televised where Google "NFL Distribution Maps" Yes, the Fins will be televised in Central FLA.

If the Canes lose today which they probably will, I see DS Canes, home games under 30k fans, maybe entering Marlins area.
The Dolphins, if they start winning, will pack the place. That is a proven fact. Sparano is correct.

1. Dolphins games in Central Florida are not televised if the Jacksonville Jaguars are playing away games at the same time. One of those silly NFL rules.
2. Dolphins-Chargers is showing up on my to do list on Channel 6 out of Orlando, so I assume other CBS channels will be showing it in Tampa.

Go Fins!!!

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