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Dolphins sign safety to help special teams

Tony Sparano wasn't too pleased with the performance of Miami's special teams on Sunday. They haven't performed well for weeks, actually.

Well, today the team added safety Brannon Condren to help on special teams. Condren was drafted by the Colts out of Troy State two years ago and waived a couple of weeks ago. He was claimed off waivers by the Rams, but they released him over the weekend.

The Dolphins will announce his addition later tonight or Wednesday.

"I'm overly excited," Condren said Tuesday. "Two years ago when I was drafted by the Colts, one of the teams I really was hoping would take me was the Dolphins. I'm from Pensacola and I love it down here. I love the team and the atmosphere down here."

Condren is 6-1 and 205 pounds. He has been told he will be on pretty much all the special teams for the Dolphins.

"We'll see how I do there," Condren said. "And after that, we'll see what happens."


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Good scoop Mando. Who did they waive to make room for this guy ... hopefully Ernest Wilford.

Released by the Colts, then released by the Rams, doesnt sound like alot to get excited about to me, huh? Remember after we upset the Pats and everyone was discussing how we didnt earn a NFL Network re-play, guess what, we kick the re-plays off tonight, probably because we lost, HUH?

The Dolphins waived Tyrone Culver to make room for Condren.

Hopefully this guy helps. You get the feeling after this game and reading Sparano's comments that special teams will be a big point of emphasis this week. Hope it works, it's tough to overcome big plays given up on ST, not to mention field position.

Maybe it's time to get Ginn more involved in the return game? He had a TD last year and one this preseason; at least let him go 50/50 with Bess.

yes play ginn more on ST
I could also see Hagan playing on ST I think he played in pre season and made some making takles....

question we realeased K.Davis and Boomer G. So wat do you think the BIG TRIO are thinking when they sign 1 player to solve ALL of our special team tackling problems? Are the coaches going to make plays so that this new guy can be the only one running up to the returner or are we going to continue to do an awful job on special teams? Just curious. I know practice starts on Weds. but do you know if there are talks of bringing a DB that can cover BIG, PHYSICAL receivers?

Well at least they are looking. Players that get cut from 2 teams aren't usually a gem in the rough.
In reality, special teams cost us the game on Sunday. A tackle on the punt and a 3 and out would have given us the game. Instead we get burned for a run down the middle of the darn field. What is that? Irritating. At least force the guy to the outside. So if this guy can contribute great. Just don't get your hopes up.

need more tight end catches,and more twenty plus yard throws to receivers.doing that will make the running game much better.need third down conversions.

what a bad deffensive call at the end of the game,where did the linbackers get to,they were no t in the picture[bad coaching call sorry!

I remember from last year Ginn was the best special teams tackler. He also did most of the tackles on interceptions. Certainly he could help on every special team.

The expression is diamond in the rough, Kindry.
Actually I think they'd be better served to find a special teams coach diamond in the rough because they're coach is just...well...rough. No excuse for this unit as this was the first and biggest thing they supposedly addressed in the offseason. When it's most of the new additions overall performance that's troubling, it becomes apparent the problem is coaching.
What do you think, Mando??

Armando, ask them about this little fact since there was a nice article about our DBs and the dropsies. If we had 5 team picks last year, 3 of them were by Jason Allen...at the end of the year b/c they wouldn't let him play. As stated in a prior post...he matches well with the size issue we have been having...This is mind numbing why they won't let him get back there...he played pretty much every position this preseason and did well and now he can't crack the line-up...WTF!!!! Start the chants of J ALlen at the games every time Betty Crocker gets torched for a long one. I'd rather see that with a young player who's learning than with someone who is supposed to be a seasoned vet and has a lot of "swagger." Grill them on this Armando.

Ok, so we pick up a free safety that was waived by St Louis.....Am I the only one who sees a problem with that?!?!?

I like this move. You bring in guys to work special teams, they don't do the job, replace them. Put the onus on the players. But clearly if at the end of the season, they sign 20 different players to play ST and they still stink, then the coach goes too. I like this regime. Everyone is responsible - no free rides!

This move is a mind game designed to wake up the folks who are here for the sole purpose of special teams. Tyrone Culver is probably no worse or better than Brannon Condren but SP is about hungry hitters wanting a place on the team. Don't get comfortable boys the ax is only a tap on the shoulder away.

on the subject of wideouts,what gives both hagen and wilford are inactive.why? is hagen in he doghouse and what happens next year. we need a speed wideout who's bigger and just as fast as ginn!

I think the biggest move the Fins made was not making any move at all. Williams was too expensive. Dallas wants to win NOW. That's why they sold the farm to get him. The Dolphins are being built to win in the long term. It will take longer, but I think it will be worth it.

Meanwhile, Keith Davis is having a Pro Bowl type year for Dallas..

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