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Dolphins trail Ravens 20-13 going to 4th quarter

The Dolphins got a scoring pass from Chad Pennington to rookie receiver Davone Bess in the third quarter but still trail Baltimore, 20-13 starting the fourth quarter.

Pennington found Bess from 7 yards out to get Miami close.

The Ravens only got a field goal from Matt Stover in the quarter. They held a 17-6 lead at the half.

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our fing defense sucks so bad

Oh you dolphins suck! Come on over to Baltimore. yes Touchdown! we Own you bums

Why? How? There are no answers. We had a shot at the playoffs until today.


Shows how important ferguson is to us..

Game Over!!Worst defense in the NFL

making bad offenses look great. hope they send us a thank you card

Shows how bad NE and SD are.

We need some back-door plays to get back into this one: let's try the wildcard formation.

well no point in watching anymore later boys! see ya next loss!!

i really dont think your hurting anyone dolphinsfanforlife. We went 1-15 last year.. do you think your words hurt us... lmao

turn off the ligths, the party is over.

Pathetic. Even the effort wasn't there...

The defense pass coverage is awful. It needs to be rebuilt from scratch next year. I don't think anyone is worth keeping.

whats the chances of us geting 14 in less than 6 mins

looking more like a 5-11 season each week

OK, now it's over. Play Henne, what do we have to lose?

So ... Anybody believe in miracles?

what the heck is going on. this is turning into a long season very quickly

Your coaches are so stupid. They left their Nose Tackle of the roster in a 3-4 defense. You deserve to be right where you are. A bunch of Losers

Mando -Think there will be massive secondary changes next week?

anyway i am leaving this blog because i am so upset of our lack of defense

two very winable games gone down the tubes. not a good sign last two weeks. steps backwards.

yeah we need a big miracle

cam back as O.C. lmao

Unless they gonna play henne in the secondary it doesnt matter..

we'll be lucky to be 5-11 playing like this.

Who said we would make the playoffs ? No-one could ever say that about this team. Its a 2-3 year deal to get us over .500. I still think we are much better than last year, but we have so far to go in the skills positions, so giarc calm the F**K down !!

Now this is how you build a home crowd!

Why did Sparano put Pennington back in? Give Henne some game experience.

Season's over--start looking forward to draft & free agency.

awwwwwwwwwwww. didnt know teddy had it in him

T Bone: Massive changes to whom? Who do you want in and who do you want replaced?

30 yards rushing ... very potent 1-2 ricky and ronie... bunch of loosers


5-11 That is funny

5-11 maybe 6-10. Why?

Still no pressure except for 55. Below average secondary since game 1.

that was totally a catch...

Fins got their 2 wins early....starting to look like last season....depressing!!!!!

I want them all replaced!!!Just frustrated Mando-this sucks!!

below average secondary? they are the worst in history


perfect world is we get crabtree than trade the 2 2nd rounders up to the first and get michael jenkins the cb from ohio state.


That feels like the ballgame.

GAME OVER! I love you Ravens!

what retard is calling the plays. just terrible the laast 2 weeks.

im so sick of watching miami play...they rarely play a team that they should win...but every single time they do they blow it...every time they play a rookie qb he sets milestones...if a team or a player is coming off an awful game...they always play well against miami...instead of throwing 3 ints...they will throw 3tds and no int's..if they had 16 total yards rushing the week before..they will have 140 against miami..its amazing...absolutely amazing...i do not understand the play calling..guess what..the wildcat is not going to work!! it did for a few games...stop running it!! they just ran it on 3rd and 10!! we need a TD and we are on the 22 yards...guess what? we ran for 2 yards....4th and 8 and we need two TD's!! get over yourself henning!! cant we see what bmore is doing...with a sh%t qb..they run simple hitch or curl routes...8 yards here 10 yards here its so easy....im sick of it..no wonder we do not have any fans

as a good note if we get the ball back we should be seeing Henne for a bit

3 yard pass on 4th and 7 make a f&&^()&^&^ lot of sense

That IS the ballgame

Terrible offensive play calling today and O line not up to it. I think we gave the Ravens too much respect all week and have choked a bit at the prospect of playing them.


dolphanforlife. how big of a loser do you have to be to think you are cool for going into a blog and acting like a fan of another team. youre probably going to go into the library during lunch and tell youre "friends" right?

we could sure use a playmaker at S/SS or CB. Our guys stink! worst in the NFL by far. I'm sure the trifecta will clean out all them scrub DB's we have.

Poor game planning.....both sides of the ball. And once again, no adjustments at halftime.

The suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked!!

if we had a secondary or any cb at all we would be 4-1

good job miami. way to keep our draft hopes alive. cant even stop the run when we know its coming.

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