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Dolphins trail Ravens 20-13 going to 4th quarter

The Dolphins got a scoring pass from Chad Pennington to rookie receiver Davone Bess in the third quarter but still trail Baltimore, 20-13 starting the fourth quarter.

Pennington found Bess from 7 yards out to get Miami close.

The Ravens only got a field goal from Matt Stover in the quarter. They held a 17-6 lead at the half.

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Throw the dam ball beyond the chains for a change, damn you, I out of here to give up with the rest of the fair weather fans, Oh and that Pig is dead and starting at CB for us next week.

Ted Gynn is the solution !!!

Micheal its not my fault you teams sucks a$$

we will be 2-6 before we play another game we might be able to win.

Micheal its not my fault you teams sucks Butt

cocoajoe the phins just don't have the talent on right now to make any good adjustments. We need some real DB's and WR's in here ASAP.

I think next years draft should be as follows:

1. DB
2. WR
3. LB
4. O-Line
5. D-Line

Maybe if your team was worth something Michael the rest of the football world would stop laughing at them for being inept idiots.

holy crap each play they take thier ineptness to a new level

2-14.... a 100% better than last year... that is how we are going to end up this season... It is time to start thinking in the draft...again

dolphanforlife eat mierda and die already!

Sparano doing the best he can -- 'with what he has to work with'.

dolphanforlife eat krap and die already!

We all forget though that Sparano is a rookie too. Hang on so is Harbaugh, there goes another feeble excuse to protect my Dolphins !! Mando what is your thought on Sparano's play calling ?? Yeah you can't say can you ?

yet you were a fan of them at the start of the game? goes to show how big of a loser you really are.

I would take 3 Defensive players in the first 4 rounds.

#1 pick here we come.The beginning of Ted Ginn part 2.Detroit would beat our ass.

Parcells must be thrilled that Cam (did good with the losers he had to deal with) outcoached Sparano and company!!!!!!

sparano doesnt call the plays idiot. henning does. he's a terrible play caller.

its pathetic...cam cameron gets run out of miami in a single season...gets a job as OC with a terrible offense...that has been terrible for years...with a rookie qb who comes in with 1 td and 7 ints....an beats us....go figure....if we played peyton manning he would find a way...if we play an awful rookie who is forced to start we still lose...it doesnt matter....the only times we do win is when there is no realistic chance for us to beat the team..so i dont even get to enjoy it cause im in such shock...but leave it to miami to lose each and every single game to a .500 or sorse team...and PS they need to get rid of ever single DB on the team...we have a couple players who can be in the right position...but not a single play maker...instead of batting a ball down we let them catch it then make a tackle...instead of intercepting it we will bat it down...take the last two weeks for example...renaldo hill as a tipped ball fall into his lap..if he picks it off we might be able to actually seal the game right there..instead..he is in good position but doesnt pick it off..and guess what they score and we lose...even on their final drive last week when the texans walked in for the game winner...the play before that had been batted down with some authority..did not even think of making a play to int. it..guess what next play game over...this week.. the play before flacco's easy easy easy touchdown pass...will allan has a ball thrown directly at his chest...as miami style goes..he was in position with the WR but just doesnot pick it off like a play maker would in a time of need..rather..he does the non play maker method and lets it nicely bounce of his chest...

joke of the afc east once again!!!! i knew we could regain soem of last years glory if we tried hard enough

The caoches called a scared game plan. We had red zone chances and 4th and less than one. Refused to call plays to give us a chance to succeed. Sparano failing to notice when D can't hold a defense.

Chad Henne time ??

I have seen the light Michael and recognize these bums for what they are. College players trying to be NFL players. Jump of the wagon man. We played a team in the exact position as us with the same amount of personnel as us and got beat. Dolphins suck! GO RAVENS!

Scarecrow-they suck

Please... bring Cam !!!!

im not on the bandwagon. im an actual fan. youre probably just some fa.ggot who goes for the teams that are hot at the time right? get out of here you should go kill yourself you sad excuse for a human being.

why is Henne not playing ?

Ginn got one !!!!!!!!

seriously, are they trying to run out the clock?

Pennington finally figured out how to get receptions out of Ginn: throw him the f'ing ball.

Good by Michael. Stick with your losers!

f&%^& cam

Crap !

Cam and his sh#t eating grin i want to puke

Start thinking draft folks 5 and 11 looks more and more real after the last two games.

1. CB
2A. S
2B. WR
3. ILB
4. DT
5. OLB
6. CB
7. G

awful team.

bunch of loosers !!!!

good bye dolphan4life, stick with... wait who are you going to start with? o ya thats right, stick with who ever is the hot team in the league so you can feel you are a part of something

Im out. See you next loss!!

my draft is


Hang this one on the coaching staff. The Ravens were a poor team coming into this game and look what they did to us. Cameron out coached Paul P, at least last season we won this game with ballsy play and that is a worry.

Cam just rubbed our nose in it, we're still an awful team, same as last year.

Come back Marty Booker all is forgiven. Wow just to think the GM thought he had better WR's than MB and look what he is doing in Chicago now !

Cam completed embarassed the Dolphins D. How embarassing for Dolphins fans.

I think the first pick of the draft needs to go to a cover corner. I would like to see them go after DB's heavy during the draft. We need a young madision and surtain this draft. We also need a better Saftey. Also, our LB's suck except porter. Roth is not a good cover guy.

they continue to play penny when they should go to henne who can try to catch them up with some long balls. Last week they were paralized in the last minute because they refused to put henne in to throw a bomb in the last chance effort instead they dumped it over the middle. to me that's not playing to win.its trying not to hurt penny feelings. oops i thought this was the nfl play to win not to comfort a qb who limites the play calls. why not put a package in for henne in appropriate situations instead of continuing to pretend penny's arm strength is not an issue

Putting in Henne and allowing him to march the team up and down the field will not help his development as much as sitting on the bench and learning behine Pennington. Just look at Flacco and how horribly he did today.

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