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Don't look for Wilford on any day but Thursday

A little background first: For years, Dolphins PR vice president Harvey Greene has had to find ways to cajole and convince players to speak with the media. That's because even as the NFL mandates its players cooperate with the media, some guys exercise their fundamental free speech right by, well, not speaking.

So Greene found that he could agree with certain stars to pick out one weekday in which they would make themselves available (in addition to game day). Players that otherwise didn't want to speak, or didn't want to be inundated with interview requests, or didn't want their study-weight lifting-lunch-film watching time stolen every day could compromise and talk on one day.

Zach Thomas used to talk on Thursdays. Jason Taylor used to talk on Wednesdays. Sam Madison used to talk on Thursday. Pat Surtain used to talk on Friday. Quarterbacks typically talk on Wednesday.

With no exception these guys had days because they were established stars and because if they didn't have days, they'd have a reporter wanting to talk to them practically every open locker room session. Imagine the braindrain of having to speak!

Anyway, most of the guys I just mentioned were good men, also. So if there was something important, something pressing that had to be handled on a day that was not their day to talk -- such as an injury or fine -- the players sometimes would bend their own day-to-talk agreement. They would talk.

But again, we're talking about stars. We're talking about established veterans. We're talking about guys who were so important to the team, if they didn't have interview limits, they would be inundated with requests. And again, even with these guys, there were understood exceptions.

And that brings me to Ernest Wilford.

Wilford, to quote Cam Cameron, is a Miami Dolphin. I had to say that because you might not know this fact from his 2008 production. Wilford has been inactive two of this season's five games and has been inconsequential in two other games in which he caught zero passes for zero yards.

So he has 1 catch for 15 yards this year. You've heard of the six-million dollar man? That's the six-million dollar catch.

Anyway, for some reason I cannot fathom, Ernest Wilford has an exclusive day to speak to the media. In fact, he and Chad Pennington are the only two players on this current team with days in which they speak and days in which they are off limits.

I can understand Pennington. He's the QB and has game-plan studying to do.

But Wilford? Are you kidding me?

Ronnie Brown talks whenever he's approached. Ricky Williams talks whenever he's approached. Vonnie Holliday talks whenever he's approached. Joey Porter talks whenever he's approached. No other underperforming player on the team has a day in which he cannot be approached ... except Wilford.

The troubling thing is this policy doesn't seem to be in effect to shield Wilford from an angry horde of reporters eager to extract venom from him. Rarely does anyone bother Wilford -- on his day or otherwise.

No, this policy reeks of Wilford acting big-time when he's not producing big-time. This policy is also insulating Wilford from questions about the direction of his season. So the guy that isn't separating from defensive backs can separate himself from questions like, "Why can't you get on the field, Ernest?" or "Why only one catch, Ernest?"

Colleague David Neal tried to ask Wilford some of those questions for this story he wrote in Saturday's newspaper and Wilford wanted no part of any interview.

"Today's Friday," Wilford said in declining.

And tomorrow's Sunday. That's game day. That's the day Dolphins players are expected to be in uniform and even perform. That's the day receivers that recently cashed a $6 million bonus check are expected to get their names in the stat book.

Anyway, we'll see if he's active Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens. If not, it'll be another day Wilford will neither talk the talk nor walk the walk.


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I think you might not get him on Thursday after he reads this....

Seriously: I have a feeling that our Rookie HC is making a mistake on this one. From what I have been able to read they base play on how a person Practice.

The "FACT" is that some players might not be the best practice players but on game day they produce.

I know rules are rules and Ernest might not get a chance in Miami because of how he practices. I think the way the starting WR's have played I would make a change. And put Wilford and London in and see what happens.

Have anybody had a Ginn sighting?

Seriously, who gives a damn what Wilford has to say, It would be like listing to Ginn recordings. I'd rather see his ass up to speed and contributing with this team. After the GM expressed his disappointment in him you'd think it would have got the fire burning under his butt. No such luck so far as he's coasting on this roster, his team mates deserve much better.

I think he'll be trade bait next year...

Oops..let's cut the dude.

The only response to your article is: Wilford sucks. Parcells and Ireland made a mistake on this one. If they had read any Jaguar articles last year, they would have realized that the receiving corp was the weak link on that team and Jacksonville wanted to can the whole bunch.

maybe wilford is the secret weapon big tony is holding on to just incase we make the playoffs...LMAO!!!! sorry i tried not to laugh. i dont care what he did in JAX, they're holding on to him for some reason (other than the six mill) that we just cant see as fans. hopefully he will play soon and be an impact...trust in the tuna dolfans.

Ummm, Ginn is second on the team in receptions. He'll develope. I do think he should be returning kick though. I would like to see what Wilford has on Sundays. I think I remember reading before that in Jacksonville he wasn't a big "show it in practice" guy. Put him in as see what happens.

There needs to be a performance clause in every NFL players contract, so if a player like Wilford pulls this crap "Underperforming". This would make players step up their game and the end result Wilford would be standing in line to collect his food stamps because his paycheck doesn’t exist.

Don't bother talking and getting to know this guy, Mando. He's not going to be around very long.

I'm sick of hearing people talk about how Wilford isn't a "practice guy." If you don't practice well, you don't play, period. I like what this regime is doing in this regard. I wonder what other players think about this setup?

Anyway, I don't forsee Wilford being here for much longer. Better to get your goodbyes out of the way on Thursday's from now on.

Even if i bought into the "hes not a practice guy" he has still played in two games and has 1, count em 1 catch. Hes a waste of space and the only mistake this regime has made other than signing Wilford is not addressing the WR position before the trading deadline. I do not think this year is a waste, especially given our next 5 games, 4 of which are at home. A big play or even serviceable wideout would have given this team more options on offense.

The guy is probably feeling humiliated being asked "Why can't you get on the field?" Knowing that yes, he did cash 6 million in the bank and hasn't earned it. What else is there to know? Why push for the sake of pushing. Fans don't need to read this story over and over. Its simple, he has been a disappointment and we know it...worst thing is, he knows it too. Now that you've written this "venting piece" he'll never give you an interview...
You are horrible Mando. Seriously.

Wilfords hair moves faster than he does and to the poster who called him "trade bait"..LMMFAO

Exactly WHAT could could we get for him in a trade?

Good luck walking to your car after work. I'll be waiting for you in the parking lot.

NO CLASS ARTICLE. Wilford is struggling this year and doesn't want to talk about it. Let him be. Armondos stuff is never worth reading so he has to take a shot beneath the belt like this so someone will pay attention to him. This is ridiculous. If Wilford wasn't trying or being lazy I might understand a low ball article like this. But the guy is trying and it's not working out for him. Like if someone were to approach Armondo about getting girls, He wouldn't want to talk about it because he can't get any.

Armando writes:

"With no exception these guys had days because they were established stars and because if they didn't have days, they'd have a reporter wanting to talk to them practically every open locker room session. Imagine the braindrain of having to speak!"

I have heard the questions that you guys ask these people on Miami Dolphins.com and they are generally pretty inane questions, ones that have obvious answers (such as "Do you like starting?" OR "How does it feel not playing" OR "How does it feel to win a game?" OR "How does it feel not being hurt?")...

If I was a player I would try to avoid you people as well, why should I waste my time with dull, boring and predictable questions? Especially if someone like Armando will actually take some of this information and predict that someone's career might be over (as he did with Joey Porter, you were a little off on that one).



Its becuase of idiots like you that make players not want to talk to the press. You once again out did yourself; this is now the worst article ever written. You write a lot of them like this, pathetic...

Hey Mando,

Don't listen to unappreciative jerks like Pathetic; 95% of us are grateful for all your work. Thanks for the scoop, I was wondering why Wilford said that in the paper today. I honestly don't think he's that bad though coming off a year he led his team in receptions. As with all questionable personnel decisions this year, I will trust Sparano and Ireland with this benching. He may not be separating or fit our system as well as originally planned. Which leads me to one final point...DRAFT CRABTREE AT ALL COSTS!!!

It's all about feelings Armando.

Ernest undoubtedly is feeling a bit down right now having read some of the negative stuff written by you and others, and trying to understand exactly why it is that he can't break onto the team on Sundays.

And you, Armando are feeling snubbed because Ernest has the gall to turn down an interview.

After all, we are all getting to understand that some reporters believe themselves to be more important than the people they write about. In fact it's sort of a blur these days as to who is the star, the reporter or the athlete, politician, actor, singer, etc.

So my advice would be to relax a little Armando, give Ernest a little space to sort things out, and concentrate on something a tad more meaningful to write about.


The only reason Wilford is still on the team is he must have naked pictures of Wayne with a goat !!!!!LMAO....There's no other reason....

The guy is pathetic 6m no production on arguably the worst wr group in the nfl if u suck atleast be a standup guy and talk and take ur lumps , sad part is he was just pedestrian wr and we coulda signed or drafted better

Yeah, Ernest, I'm not too worried about you following me to my car. I'm armed with a tape recorder. Plus we all know you can't outrun anybody.

Great, we got football players afraid of talking to the media and readers trying to attack the media. Something a little assbackward about that.

There are two ways a player can get fans on his side: Perform on game day or get the media behind you so that when you screw up they protect your reputation and explain why you're struggling.

Mr. Wilford has not performed on game day. And he has vacated any chance of getting media support. Don't see him in a Dolphins unform very long.

Wilford's a punk. How can anyone seriously support his pompousness to the media when he's certainly no TO, or even Ted Ginn for that matter (and that's bad)?

There's a reason that he's not playing on Sunday and, fyi, it's the struggling Phins receiving corps he's watching. He should be lucky to have job. If I were you media, I wouldn't even approach his locker. Talk to the ones who at least get their big toe on the fifty yard line.


I disagree with you. I think you are wearing your emotions on your sleeves and showing some immaturity. You just hatin on the guy. Wilford isn't in control of Sparano. It's Sparano who won't play him. He'd get open if he was put on the field. We saw his only catch this season, it was a good route that bailed out Pennington.

Did you not watch his games last season? Nuff said. He is a baller. But Sparano seems to have his panties up his @ss about whatever it is and insists on not playing him over Bess.

I'd for one would rather have Wilford in there than Bess. Ginn and Camarillo, I understand. I also think that Sparano didn't have anyway to trust that Camarillo was going to show that he is the real deal. Since Greg Camarillo 'is' the real deal...Wilford isn't starting.

But I just don't get Bess over Wilford. That's where I disagree with Sparano.

Wilford can't make this team with the wr's we have then he must be pretty bad. I am sure BP seen something in the guy, but what that was hasn't shown up this year.
He doesn't sound too motivated and he isn't fighting for his position. He isn't even funny except for the slick hair. Stick goes on the hands, Ernie. Ya big wimp, get out there and play ball.

Here's a word I haven't seen yet in this particular blog (and if it was used, I apologize for missing it):


When you get paid $6 million to play a game, the least you can do is open your mouth and give the FANS (not just the media) some kind of explanation...good or bad.

Wilford just needs to man up. I can't tell you how many times I've seen Zach and JT talk into the mic after a game, win or lose. They were MEN and they stood up for their team. Hell, even Hagan spoke up and is trying to stay positive about the situation. He might just be blowing smoke, but at least he spoke.

Anyway, I think that this is more the point Armando was making. It's not emotional, immature, or hatin. He and the others at the Herald are just trying to do their job.

"Joey Porter talks whenever he's approached."

Whenever he's approached?

My guess is that Joey chases O and Harvey into the parking lot.

Oops...forget who was writing..."Chases Armando...."

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