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Harbaugh: Cameron did best with what he had

New Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh has a wacky very interesting opinion of the job former Dolphins head coach and current Ravens offensive coordinator did with the Dolphins last year.

"Cam's going to be a great match as a football coach for every situation," Harbaugh said during a conference call with the Miami media Wednesday. "He can coach. Everywhere he's been, he's been a very effective coach. He was an effective coach in Miami last year, even though the results weren't what people were hoping for.

"He did a great job there, with what he had to work with."

That statement was replayed to several Dolphins players by 790 The Ticket reporter Josh Friedman, who took the tape of the comment into the locker room. The last sentence was not appreciated by any players.

"With what he had to work with," repeated defensive tackle Vonnie Holliday. "I guess that's the key, huh? You know what there's not much I can much about that. It definitely was a tough season last year. What I would say is, what did we have to work with as players?"

Ronnie Brown was jarred as well: "With what he had to work with, huh? Obviously Cam came in and we were in a tough situation and had a lot of injuries and that's always going to affect you. You know, it is what it is. We're here now. We've got a new situation. We're excited with what we're doing and we've got a new team. Everything will take care of itself between the lines.

"Personally, for myself, it is added motivation. I was on the offensive side of the ball and I feel like he's talking about us to a certain extent. All I can do is show him and do what I do and that's play the game. That's how I talk I guess."

Matt Roth's reaction?

"Wow. That's his opinion," Roth said. "If we get caught up in this game it won't look good. It's a different team. Believe what you want to believe. Last year was last year ...

"We've been forwarned about this. We've got tough players. It definitely ain't last year. Truthfully I like Cam. I thought he was a good coach. It just didn't work. Sometimes it doesn't gel right. We got a good coach with our coach upstairs. Somethings just work out. But I definitely feel comfortable with this new regime."

Holliday has some advice for Harbaugh:

"I think that's just a young coach, a young head coach," Holliday said. "And I think he'll look back on that comment and wish he didn't say that."

The Dolphins and Ravens play at Dolphin Stadium Sunday.


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WOW THATS GREAT! Good job by Josh Friedman, not that the Phins needed any extra motiviation after last week, but it will be interesting to see how the Players respond on the field.


Much to do about nothing....

Any player who needs motivation to play other than with in needs to quit the game.

Let's see who win.

wasn't "what he had" a direct result of he and muellers decisions? mcmichael chambers welker all traded-released by them?

NICE! Now we get a little locker room bulletin board material for motivation. Oh wait, we killed the Patriots after what Joey said. Never mind. : )

Marc, Welker wasn't released or really traded. Technically he was traded, but the Patriots initially signed him away from us as a restricted free agent. The deal went down as a trade, but we didn't aggressively trade him. Read up on it if you're not sure.

There's not a person alive that could convince me we would have been 1-15 with those 3 players on the roster...Not to mention the special teamers we cut...

Mr Bungle, RFA, UFA, doesn't matter, we could have countered...I was all for the Welker trade, not so much McMichaels and DEFINATELY not for the Chambers deal, but, my point was "what they had" was a direct result of their actions....

It's been a year and I still hear all this griping about the Chambers deal. Fact is, we got a 2nd round pick for a 29 year old guy who hadn't caught a TD in like 14 straight games, had a ton of drops and would just disappear in games. If it wasn't for his 1 monstrous game against Buffalo in Dec '05 he wouldn't have made the pro bowl ever in his career either. Meanwhile, the Pats got Randy Moss for a 4th rounder. I loved chambers too! He was probably my favorite player on offense. But it was a good deal then, and it's still a good deal. I'm not defending all of Cam/Mueller's actions, but on this one I completely agree. It was what was needed to help the team rebuild. You could make a similar argument for JT, another of my favs.

We also potentially just drafted our QB of the future with that pick we got from San Diego for Chambers. I agree that is the one move they made which I actually didn't think was that bad.

the dolphins need to be insulted!!! they need to feel disrespected!!! for so long the dolphins have been looked at as soft. it's high time we punched someone in the jaw!! I don't care for joey porter personally, but I love the fact that he's got the D playing tough(at least before the houston game) if we has a guy with porter's attitude on OFF., we'd be talkin' 9-6 this year--trust!! go phins!! MIA:20 BAL:14

I agree with Harbaugh 100%. CamMoron's stated objective was to fail forward fast, and he did an exceptional job in accomplishing that goal with the team he had. He made sure that the players were terribly conditioned, and suffered numerous injuries because of it. He put Zach Thomas on IR, when he only had a sinus infection. Actually started that bum Chatman over Ronnie at the beggining of the season. Displayed the worst clock management this side of Herm Edwards, and I could go on and on.

I would love to hear Joey Porter's take on that statement, though his answer would probably not be acceptable for publication. Curious to see if the fins D holds up against Baltimore. With no McGahee, the run should be no problem to stop. If a rookie throws all over us with his mediocre receivers, then the fins secondary is even worse than I thought. Looks to me like this will be a field position ball control game, with two very physical teams. This should favor the fins, since they have faired better against this type of team, compared to big-play teams like Arizona and Houston.

O - give it up...Ginn is not a kick returner...he had plenty of chances to prove himself...practically runs away when facing a defender and constantly looks frightened...give the kid a chance to be a receiver cause he sure can't make it as a return man

Loved to hear the positive responses from the players. It's awesome to see that they totally buy into Sparano and the new season.

Um, 25 of 53 players remain from last year and next year I'll bet only 12 remain. Yea, I think there was a talent issue. Cam sucked. But Pennington was not available and Ronnie Brown didn't last 8 games. They are another draft year away from having "respectable talent. If Cam/Meuller could have drafted their first tear as well as Parc/Ireland they might still be in Miami. But as spineless as Cam turned out to be I guess things are working out for the best.

I can't beleive Cam is pawning off the blame to the players. Guess what the coach selects the players. Cam wasn't a leader. The players ran the team. Do you think any of the players including Joey would dare say some of the things he said to Cam to Sparano or Parcells? He'd be packing his bags before the sentence is finished.
In NFL if there is no dicipline you don't win.

Plus we still have at least 1 time out at the end of a half.

Chad Pennington is the the 6th best QB in the NFL right now with ZERO wide receivers in the top 50 in the NFL he also has the longest TD pass and one of the Best % in league and only 1 interception the other 1 was off of Fasanos hands... a perfect 20 yard completion turned INT
not to mention his leadership that is something to build off of definetly

I gotta admit, I didn't really want chad here at first, but I became a believer when I began to notice that every time we put the ball in air now, i'm NOT holding my breath! chads been effective as you could ask thus far, and that was a money statement: he doesn't have any WR's worth a free agent draft pick!

By all accounts Cam IS an excellent coach - as an offense coordinator. But just because you're a genius at X's and O's doesn't mean that you are competent in evaluating talent or that you can oversee other coaches and run a football franchise or that you can properly motivate, get the best out of and command the respect of players.

Cam is another one in the long like of great assistant coaches who just aren't cut up to be head coaches. I think that was evident on draft day when he tried to justify the selection of "kick returner" Ted Ginn over Brady Quinn when everyone knew we needed a desperately needed a franchise quarterback and when he talked about our playoff chances early on before the season started.

He certainly didn't say something like "we'll see how many wins we can get with what we have to work with". He talked about the playoffs and injuries are a part of the game which is why you have 53 players on a roster instead of 22 so let's not get carried away with excuses. If the talent is lacking then look no further than to the GM and coach.

Now with the new regime, at least we have a glimmer of a bright future with the two Chads in that regard and they obviously have a solid plan which is to build a team from the inside out. I didn't see a hint of any plan whatsoever last year.

Football is such an emotional game. They must be down after the tough loss last Sunday. Maybe this will be enough to get their attitude right because it wasn't right while they were getting pushed around in Texas.

Awesome, I got my tailgaiting equipment ready for this Sunday to watch the Dolphins embarrass the Ravens. Can't wait to see what Porter has in store for Cam Cam Caroo's offense.

Miami - 10th in total offense
Ravens - 25th in total offense

And Harbaugh was saying.......

Football players shouldn't need bulletin board material to play well.

However, this is great stuff to read and adds a little more seasoning to the game for me as a fan.

Go Phins!

Marc, you don't get to counter an offer you can't match.

Do you know that the Patriots offered Welker a 5 year $36 million deal that was guaranteed once he played four games in Florida? They called that a poison pill. The league stepped in and said "hey... guys let's be real here." So the Phins accepted the 2nd round value because we re-signed him to a one year 2nd round value tender, and the Pats in good faith threw in an additional 7th round pick. That is how it went down.

"And Harbaugh was saying......."

He can only do with what he has to work with. : )

It now adds some intrigue to an otherwise boring opponent that I'm paying $200 to see for a second year in a row.

By the way, has Cam paid back Wayne for last years salary and use of the jet?

We discovered from this years results and last years results that Cam is no head coach and a big reason why the team lost almost every game he was in charge of. I am surprised he was hired by the Ravens. Praise Jesus we were saved by Parcells. Cam you suck. Harbaugh is just being sweet to his assistant.

I beleived that Cam would be a good head coach. I believed in his draft.
But, he proved himself to be a man of mush. Mush decisions, mush selection, mush timing and mush coaching. I had no idea what he was doing. When bringing in Beck to play he should have let the kid play. Not dink doink around the fb field.
Signing Trent Green?
Ted Ginn jr???
Mush mush mush
Oh I forgot, leadership skills Mush.

Let me see where is the Ravens offense ranked so far this year as opposed to the Dolphins? and who is their offensive coordinator? Oh yeah his name is Cam Cameron, the same guy who head coached the Dolphins to a 1 win season last year.Cam, good luck with the Ravens and good ridence! Dolphin fans and players don't get hung up in all this hype and bulletin board material the media tries to create to motivate this team. This years team is already motivated every week in large part due our new head coach,and new regime. I don't know about all other fans but I know myself may think about Cam Cameron for a brief moment at the beginning of Sunday's game when the annoucers mention what was said, but after that I will not think about or miss him one bit both during the game or at any time in the future. Just as I don't with any of the other coaches we have had since 1995 (coach Shula's retirement) all that talk means nothing what matters is sunday at 1:00 and I'm sure coach Sparano will have his team ready to play a physical and emotional football game. This guy's THE REAL DEAL the best we've had since coach Shula. Coach Tony Sparano, Bill Parcells the rest of the coaching staff, front office and this years team make watching football, going on these web sites reading and writing about this orginization fun again. I have been a fan since 1972 and have stuck with this team through thick and thin, it just feels right again and it is a damn good feeling. Thanks coach Sparano and everyone involved. Oh yeah what was that other guys name CAN CAMERON? GO DOLPHINS! LETS KICK ASS ON SUNDAY.

Hey Mr. Chad Pennington, I first want to mention what a great job you're doing as the Miami Dolphins starting quarterback. And just as coach Sparano is the best we've had since coach Shula. You're the best we've had since #13 (THE GREATEST TO EVER TO LINE UP BEHIND CENTER) DAN MARINO. I can honestly say that when a Jets fan told me there was talk of us aquiring you the day b4 we actually did,I did not want it to happen because of where you were coming from and your lack of arm strength. I can honestly admit now however that I was wrong. I also know that you're still learning alot of things in this system with these current players and you will only get better. NICE JOB! I heard your press conference today and the subject of jelling with your current receivers came up and you mentioned it taking time. Absolutely correct! However in the next sentence you compared that need of time to past winning combinations. This is the part myself and I'm sure many other fans have a problem with. You mentioned Montana to Rice, Steve Young to Rice and one more combination which I can't think of right now. You never mentioned the one's that played for the orginization YOU NOW PLAY FOR. That would be MARINO TO CLAYTON!! AND MARINO TO DUPER.!! If you ever hope to be totally accepted by Dolphin fans you will find that you must alway's show the class and respect that MR.MARINO (MR.MIAMI) alway's did for the players and people that were part of this orginization before him. Him most of all! otherwise you will be ran out of town like Jimmy Johnson was.

Well we cut Randy McMichael, traded Chris and Wes. We had what we had to work with because we got rid of our best offensive weapons. Maybe if you had invested in other players other than special teams folks during the draft/offseason we would have been better off.

Finfans, I believe, though I'm still hesitant to allow my heart to be broken again, that Sparano will bring this team around to the smash-mouth, hard play, football we all had many years ago and have yearned for for a very long time-he still needs time, but he's a blue-collar guy by roots and he likes that kind of football. THAT is what we will be getting & we are getting glimpses of it as he gets more comfortable with his roll as head coach. The veterans like Holliday and Porter, this is just playing right into their bad taste from last year and it's time to show what a real coach does to a team! The momentum going into this game is already heated...to those who go the game, this team is relying on you and your support each and every home game...Make the game as tough as YOU, the fan, can for the Ravens...you are the 12th man on the field...we need to make teams really hate to play us again!

Let's remember John Harbaugh's perspective. Last year, the NFL was comprised of the Dolphins, 12 teams that beat the Dolphins, 16 teams that didn't play the Dolphins, and one team the Dolphins beat. That was the Ravens. So, obviously, they looked at the talent and said, "Wow, this Cam Cameron must be some great coach to beat us with Cleo Lemon tossing a TD to Greg Camarillo." So, it's no coincidence that when this awful coach was fired, the only team that wanted him was the one team he had a win against. I watched Dolphins games last year, and in my entire lifetime, I've never seen a season that was a more glaring example of coaching mistakes. We aren't talking just about wins and losses; there were tangible examples of his poor coaching decisions, most notably in the Steelers game when he chose to not attempt a makeable FG and went for it on 4th and 10.

Here's the deal: Cam stunk. Baltimore hired him because they couldn't believe they lost to Miami. Now, they are trying to appease their fans, who are wondering why a 1-15 coach is leading their horrible offense.

Funny thing is that I remember comments that Cameron made about having a "playoff" caliber team before going into his 1-15 season. Wow Cam.... guess if ya went 1-15 with "what ya had" then the problem must have been in the coaching. GLAD you're GONE!!! Notice he didn't get another HEAD COACHING offer after he was canned? I hope we stick it to 'em good Sunday!!!

Remember fans at the game on sunday. We are playing at home so lets act like it,and GET LOUD!!!

No one needs motivation to play Baltimore and their offensive coordinator "Clam Chowder." What a waste of a year - But it did lead to Sparano, Ireland, and Parcells - so if we had to go through Hell to get to where we're at now - then it was worth it. We now have a program and furthermore, one that will attract talent! Go Phins!

You people are missing the point. When Jimmy Stewart won his Best Actor Oscar for "The Philadelphia Story" in 1940, it was really the Academy telling Stewart that they felt bad for passing him over the previous year for "Mr. Smith Goes To Washington." Let's face it - Stewart really had a supporting role in "Philadelphia."

Until you people come to terms with this fact, my 1-yr. sojourn in Miami will never be placed in the proper perspective.

Now excuse me, but I have an offensive unit to prepare for Sunday and a bowel movement that needs to get out.

Christ AIA, can you read? Cameron didn't say anything, it was Harbaugh that said it. If the Dolphins need this crap for motivation, then there is a problem.

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