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Henning: Henne just as good as Matt Ryan

There are grumblings in some circles -- among fans, not anywhere inside the Dolphins organization -- that maybe the Dolphins would have done well to pick Matt Ryan with the first overall pick.

Ryan, who went to the Atlanta Falcons with the third overall pick, is playing pretty well now. His projected stats indicate he's on pace for a 3,000-yard season.

But the Dolphins are quite happy with their pick of Jake Long No. 1 and Chad Henne later, thanks very much. That's because the Dolphins think they got a franchise left tackle and a franchise quarterback in Chad Henne in the second round.

"We think Chad Henne can play just as well as [Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco] can," Dolphins offensive coordinator Dan Henning said just minutes ago. "I'll tell you that right now. I think when he gets his opportunity he will play well. Every time we've given him an opportunity, he has played well. We also like Chad Pennington. So I think the quarterback situation here as it stands right now is better than it was Feb. 1st. I'll tell you that right now."

I believe if Brett Favre had not changed his mind about retiring, Henne would be Miami's starter now. How? Well, it would mean Pennington woul dhave stayed with the Jets and Henne was beating out both Josh McCown and John Beck in the preseason.

Henning didn't want to go there today but did say, "Without being obtuse, if we didn't have our No. 1 quarterback, we'd be starting our No. 2 quarterback. And Henne is our No. 2 quarterback."

So do you agree Henne could be as good as Ryan?


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Going Nowhere.. didnt henne and Michigan beat florida in a bowl game last year... i consider bowl games big games as well..

CJ read my comments above about the Capital One Bowl last year....

Seriously these morons who, after watching a few series of the AZ game, think Henne is better then Ryan? Are you kidding me? It is not even close. Do you think Ryan is going regress after his first year and not get any better with the addition better players next year?

Stupid topic by a "stupid blogger"!! Armando "dolphin insider" do you even travel to the away games? Some writers/reporters travel on the team flights do you? More like dolphin outsider.

First of all Ryan wasn't even the starter at Bc until his jr year. In conference games in the ACC every year include Duke, NC, NC State, Wake Forest and when you add in the non-conference pushovers thats at least 8 games out of 11 against non-ranked teams. Against ranked teams Ryan was horrible, he folded like Romo against the Giants in the playoffs. He also folded in the Sr. Bowl. Whether you like it or not The College QB that started in the most nationally televised games ever is Henne. Not Ryan, Booty, Leinart, Brohm, Rogers, Smith or any others. As far as Flacco he couldn't even win the starting job at Pitt and had to transfer to Deleware A&M just to be a starter.

Master, where do I even start? Granted, the ACC is not the best conference, I still think it has more depth than the Big Ten. After the top 3 or 4 in the Big Ten each year, it gets ugly real fast. The ACC is nothing to brag about, but at least it still has FSU, Miami, and VT (who granted haven't lived up to potential still are loaded with NFL prospects). All those teams have extremely good defenses.

Started in the most nationally televised games ever??????????????????????????? Isn't every single game "nationally" televised. What the hell does that stat even prove????? That he knows how to lose in front of a bigger audience. He started for 4 years, we all get that, but he never won a Big Ten championship, he never beat Ohio St. and he choked time and time again in big games. Matt Ryan single handidly won games for B.C and proved that he can win. Are you seriously bringing the senior bowl into this??? Who gives a crap how someone plays in an all-star game.

As for Flacco, he was never given a fair shot at Pitt. He sat behind Tyler Palco his freshman year like most freshman would have. Then, his coach promised him an open competition his sophomore year and then the coach was fired. So who do they hire??...good old Dave Wanstedt, and right off the bat he says there is no way he is going to have a QB controversy in his first year, so Flacco says he wants out. Well, they wouldn't let him out of his commitment till the next year, so he was forced to go to Delaware so he didn't have to sit out yet another year.

Please, give me legitimate arguments before posting, your material is awful and proves nothing.

By the way, the year that Michigan and Ohio St. were undefeated heading into the showdown that ESPN gave us a countdown for like 3 weeks in advance, remember that? It was a semi-close game that Ohio St won, that everyone argued that it should have been a re-match in the national championship. There was an outcry that Florida was in that game instead of Michigan. Remember that???

Yeah well, USC trounced a Henne-led Michigan team and then Florida absolutely destroyed OSU. It proved that "1 vs. 2" greatest game ever, was nothing but a scam. They were undefeated because they played some of the weakest schedules in the country. How many more rose bowl losses to USC and embarassments in the National Championship game does it take for people to realize that the Big Ten has not been good for a long time??

Going Nowhere, Interesting that this turned into Big 10 bashing when my original post was to correct someone who said Henne was benched his senior year. You are right when you say that Ohio St. generally represents poorly when they play out of conference. I, personally, hope they don't win the Big 10 this year--one because I dislike them intensely, and two, because I am tired of the embarrassment they routinely provide the conference. Your comments make you sound like you have been a follower of Michigan football to know so much about each game and the fans' expectatons. Or are you one of those that watches replays, listens to the media, and bases your opinions on theirs?

Please don't minimize the performance of the Michigan team in the Capital One bowl. Tribute or not, most everyone believed that they would get trounced, and they won convincingly. The score was so close based on a few big plays on Florida's part, Michigan turnovers, and a fake punt--the performances were not. And as far as not putting stock into it because of Timmy's hurt wrist--wasn't that what you were doing when you put NO stock into Henne's performance against those 3 teams I mentioned earlier regardless of the fact that he was playing with a bum knee, and later, with a separated shoulder. Hm, sounds hypocritical to me.

You are right, also, that the QB gets the brunt of the blame when a team loses. Should we conclude, then, that the first two losses and the last-minute loss to the Texans last week should be laid at Pennington's feet, even though the defense was clearly to blame on more than one occasion? Interesting to think about.

I appreciate Master's comments about Ryan and his performance at BC, and reinforcing my earlier comments about Flacco not being able to beat out Palko at Pitt. And, by the way, he did NOT earn the starting job at Baltimore, he backed into it when Boller was put on IR and Smith became seriously ill. Several weeks previous to his first start, Harbaugh stated that Flacco was the third in line as the other two were clearly separating themselves from him in camp. Boller and Smith, seriously?

Everyone is entitled to their own opinons and you have made yours clear. Doesn't mean you are right or wrong, and none of us will know for sure for several years.

Just to correct you, Going Nowhere, Michigan did win the Big 10 during Henne's freshman year, which is why they went to the Rose Bowl to play Texas.

Just wondering, what college team do you follow by the way? You are pretty harsh.

Tushay Stephanie. You brought up some valid points, and no I am not a Michigan follower. I am just a sports junkie I guess. I agree that Flacco should not have been the starter this year, and that he backed into the position. But, most rookies do not start in this league, Matt Ryan is a clear exception that a rookie can win in the NFL. Flacco needed to sit out a season, but unfortunate circumstances forced him to be the starter with little work with the starters heading into the season. I think you'll see a completely different Flacco against Miami then you saw against Tennessee and Indy. I am extremely nervous about this game, I really think that the Ravens are desperate and will show it on Sunday, the trick plays will not work against the #1 defense in the league. It will be a low scoring game, but I see Ravens winning 13-10.

Thanks for the reply, Going Nowhere. I am a football junkie (mostly college, but am getting into pro more), and enjoy the debates with others. While I have followed some of my favorite UM players into the pros (Brady, Griese, Edwards), I haven't really followed a particular NFL team closely until this year. It's been interesting.

I am hoping also that we don't see Flacco do well this week--I hope that Porter & Co. keep him running or on the ground the whole time. I am more worried, I think, about our offense against their defense, mostly the passing game. I think it will be a difficult test for Pennington, we will see.

We'll hope for Miami to pull this one out--if for nothing else, than to see Cam slink back north with his tail between his legs and Harbaugh eat his most likely not-thought-out words.

Steph-n-GN great jargon gives me something good to read after work.lol.Sorry but go PSU .Oh and fins.

This is a dolphin post,right?

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