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Highlights of Tony Sparano's Monday presser

Tony Sparano just finished a 15-minute press conference in which he discussed the plans for this week and Sunday's 29-28 loss to the Houston Texans.

Some highlights:

Sparano is obviously not pleased with what is going on with special teams. The Dolphins yielded a 70-yard punt return and a 50-yard kickoff return that resulted in 9 points for Houston. Sparano said he counted 11 missed tackles on special teams.

"We have people we take to the game that are core special teams players," Sparano said. "They have to start playing like core special teams players."

Sparano understands his secondary struggles with big, strong wide receivers. That was the case against Arizona and it was the case against Houston.

"We're going to see it some more," Sparano said. "In this league there are a lot of big receivers. Several times our guys were in position to make plays. The thing is when you're in position to make plays, you have to make plays."

The Dolphins did not do that. Sparano said Miami defenders go their hands on the football five times in the last 11 plays. They obviously didn't come away with the ball or even knock the ball away even once in that sequence.

The interesting thing is that during practice last week, the secondary at times struggled to cover Miami's own big receivers -- Ernest Wilford, Derek Hagan and Brandon London. "There were balls, in all honesty, that were caught [on the secondary by those receivers]," Sparano said.

So let me get this right: Two of Miami's so-called big receivers -- Wilford and Hagan -- were not active for the game because they're not good enough in the coach's eyes, because, "it wasn't their time," according to Sparano. And yet they had moments in which they beat Miami's secondary during the week? That is distressing.

Sparano also said the Dolphins should have come away with five interceptions. They actually had two.

Bottom line?

"They played better," Sparano said of the Texans.


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Wasn't the sole purpose of bringing in all these new guys was to "improve" the special teams? The results have been the complete opposite. I haven't seen the special teams look this bad in a very long time.

And why doesn't Ireland/Parcells pull the trigger on the Roy Williams trade? We desperately need an upgrade at the receiver position.

Good recap.

1) I think they got away from Ronnie Brown too much in the game.

2)I think Joey Porter really won it for them on the last drive.

3) This was a big missed opportunity! But it cant be blamed on just special teams.

Despite all of this talk about why we lost, refs etc. I blame our loss on coaching. Why would we not go for it on fourth and an inch? Or fourth and less than one. How could we punt it away knowing that our defense couldn't stop them? That is why we lost in my mind. Both times the following drives led to points. No one made a big deal about this and I don't understand why

Did anyone question him about not going for 2 on the last touchtown? Why kick the extra point? There was no reason for it. If you go for two, the texams can just tie you with a touchdown

Bottom line - our defense did not play as well as they did the chargers and pats, we had a chance to win the game. I also agree that we should of used Ronnie Brown more to pound the ball, we could of wasted the clock way more. We gave them an opportunity to come down and score, the worst way 4 and 2 near the goal line. Terrible loss, but hopefully, we can learn from this. We need some receivers, how badd can wilford really be compared to Ginn, the same for Hagan, they are more physical than our starters.

ST's and defense lost this game for Miami. If our offense can put up 28 points we should not lose....

Dont you boys be gettin all down on the secondary. The are just kinda smallish and are gettin all beat down by big soup eatin fellas like # 81 TE Owen Daniels (6'3" 247), #80 WR 'Dre Johnson (6'3" 223 from the U) and #83 WR Kevin Walter (6'3" 215).
Hell I mighta fed some of them boys in the past - they been so many kids come through big Momma's kitchen - LT, Urlacher and so on that I cant remember. You see I got a bad case a gout and I been takin to the syrup after these losses so my rememerin isnt so good.

I just spoke with Mr. Parcells and we worked out a program to beef up lil #21 Andre Goodman (5'10 190) and turn him into Andre "Badman". We gonna show him why they call it "Chunky". An dat Will Allen hell, he done gone to school with my boy Donovan so I'm gonna invite him over and show him how you sop up soup with a biskit proper cuz they done forgot to teach him that at Syracuse. Then they gonna lay some wood to them receivers on the crossong routes.

My boy Donovan used to be a runt til I fed him up real good on Campbell's® Chunky™ Steak & Potato Soup. It's a good source of lean protein. Now he be runnin circles on dem playas like he crazy in the head from bein to close to momma's defective microwave.

There was no reason to go for 2. That would have put Miami up by 6. The Texans would have then kicked the extra point (instead of going for 2) and still won by 1 point. It was the right call on Sparano's part going for 1 at that time because you don't know how the game will end and there is no need to risk 1 point.

I had to watch online because the Buc's had a home game, but on the last play 6 yards from the goal line, I didn't see any Dolphin's in the middle, no one. Where the hell was Crowder, isn't he the ILB ? Your on the goal line and they don't keep someone in the middle of the field ? What the hell type of defense is that ? And the NFL needs to do something about Hock's crew. We were cheated several times by the ref's.

There is good reason to go for 2. The Texans still have to convert the extra point. While it's almost automatic, it's not 100%. There's no difference between being up 4 or 5 points, but being up 6 means they have to convert. It was the wrong call on Sparano's part going for 1. He should have gone for 2. Anyone that doesn't see this needs to take a math class.

Did anyone ask Sparano why he continues to keep ted ginn jr off kickoff returns? The guy is perfect for that duty and it is bordering on stupid stubborness to trot a no-speed-having-Bess out there and keeping a guy that runs a 4.37 on the bench. What are they saving Ginn for? That 1 catch for minus 1 yard?

Hindsight is 20/20 Peter but nobody knows how the final minutes of a game will play out. Here’s why you’re wrong though and I’ll put my math skills (and football knowledge)up against your's any day of the week.

Keep in mind that the conversion rate for a 2 points is less than 50%.
If Miami goes for 2 and makes it they’re up by 6.
The Texans then would have kicked the extra point following their last TD and would have still won by 1 point. The critical point is this though. If there was enough time for Miami to get into field goal range they would have then won by 2 points on a successful FG.

If Miami goes for 2 and misses it they’re up by 4
The Texans then would have gone for 2 points following their last TD and if successful would have led by 3. Again, the critical point is this though. If there was enough time for Miami to get into field goal range they could have only tied the game.

Bottom line is you can’t fault Sparano for playing the percentages because more times than not this would have either had no effect on the outcome or favored Miami. As it played out it had no effect on the outcome.

ease up people, we are futher along in our process than anyone could have expected. We are competing and have a chance to win at the end. Enjoy the moment we know we will not win them all. Has anyone heard about TJ whosyourmama being traded. Here's a big time reciever who is still very young and can contribute for a long time and is proven. Well worth a second and 4th pick. Andy go get em.


Is there any chance we trade for a WR cough::Roy Williams::cough in the next 24 hours? We need it bad!

I havent herd anyone question Ronnie Brown on his last tuchdown run. He has to get the first down and go down on the one. Brian Westbrook did it a while back, and Ronnie should know the situation. If he went down on the one we would of had first and goal from the one and they have to burn more time outs. I know its a would of could of kind of thing but think about it. You have first and goal on the one and the Texans have one time out left. Then you down it and make them waste their last time out. Second and goal down it again and wast all the time. Kick the feild goal and go home winners.

Whomever you are, you're wrong. I'm not going to get involved in a back and forth argument as it's useless. Miami was up 4 with less than 2 minutes. At that point you go for 2 as the 1 has no value. You could play out infinite possible scenarios as you attempt to do. Each team 'might' score 50 more times, but that's not likely.

Any news on Patrick Crayton coming to Miami?

TJ... Young? TJ is 31 years old!!! Since when is 31 young in football years??? I'll take Roy Williams at 26. Thank you.

Evidently you do want to go back and forth Patrick. Who said anything about scoring 50 times? My scenario was scoring once more which happens many times at the end of games with little time left. The Bears scored yesterday with 11 seconds left and the Falcons still had time to score and win the game by 2 points on a field goal. Again hindsight is 20/20.

In hindsight, yea, Ronnie maybe should have gone down at the 1. But what I think the people suggesting this are forgetting is this: we still have a rookie kicker in there and we are the away team. What happens if Ronnie goes down, we run the clock down, and then miss the FG to lose it? Then everyone says "Why in the world did Ronnie down the ball? We should have scored the TD! He cost us the game!"

A couple more points: Ginn has to start returning kickoffs. I really like Bess. He's a good story, being undrafted and all. And I understand why he is in returning punts. Punt returns call for more acceleration and being shifty than pure speed. You have to make a guy or two miss, which Bess is better at than Ginn. But Ginn is all speed, which is pretty much what kickoffs are about. You let the wedge break open a seam and by the time you get there, you're at full speed, which is the one thing Ginn has over everyone.

I think the fact that we don't have any PROVEN big receivers on the roster hurts our secondary. They don't get to practice against big guys, or even get tips from them on how to defend them and how not to defend them. It shows when we play against guys like Johnson, Boldin, and Fitzgerald. That being said, I think we absolutely trade for Roy Williams. I completely agree with stockpiling picks and building through the draft, but this is one of those cases when having the extra picks works perfectly. Trade the extra 2nd from the Redskins. Or, how about this: Beck and a 4th rounder. If we can trade 2nd round picks for bum QB's like Harrington and Culpepper (different regime, but same concept), why don't you trade for a dire need and a proven player in his prime (the difference between him and the QB's).

And let's not forget people, we are rebuilding. After last years mess, to be able to say that we are 2 plays away from being 4-1 is the definition of stepping in the right direction.

The game was not lost because Sparano didn't go for 2, or didn't go for 4th and inches. It was lost on defense and special teams. You score 28 points, more often than not you are going to win, unless your defense is really bad, as was the case yesterday. How many yards did the Texans have? close to 500? sound like bad defense to me....

We have to be patient. This teams was dragged to the depths of the football unknowns the last 5 years. They are not going to climb back in one offseason. They are playing much better than I anticipated. They are going to contend sooner than anyone expected.

You never, ever, ever give away points....particularly the potential game-winning points. They had multiple opportunities to get it done on defense and they got beat pure and simple. They let a team go down the field and score a TD with 1:45 left. Every time there was a play to be made, the Texans made it. That's why they lost. Schemes, Timeouts, Coaching....screw all that stuff. Man for man they Texans receivers beat the crap out of our secondary all day just like the Cardinals did. We have the same secondary we had for the past two years and we are still getting beat the same way. They will have to fix it in the off season. For now they will have to try a different shade of lipstick on that pig.

Point black the fins had this game won.

I am sick and tired of the refs: taking it upon themselves to make calls, when the game should be won by the players on the FIELD!!!

The porter strip WAS NOT REVIEWED (WHYYYYYYY) not. JUST BECAUSE THE REF SAYS HIS ARM WAS IN MOTION??? So I ask you this, why is there instant replay for IF THEY ARE NOT GOING TO USE IT!!!

I will tell you why; because that same ref screwed the broncos and he made ANOTHER BONEHEAD call with the game on the line. And the NLF IS TRYING TO SAVE HIS JOB!! These football players work there a-- ofF, for these refs to be making these TERRIBLE CALLS.

I would ask this, if they reviewed Goodman's INT and reversed the call, why DID THEY NOT REVIEW PORTER STRIP. Maybe his arm was in motion, but you have to take a look at it with less then 2 minutes on the clock and the game on the line.

The referees killed us with bad calls. To the referees: "I know it's hard to turn down a six pack of beer and two happy meals, but your obvious bad calls are inexcusable" . When a bad call causes the game to go to the would be loser, an assigned commity should award each team with a half win, like a tie game status. At least the would be winner would get some benefit from their valiant effort! (CAN I GET AN AMEN)

For those of you who dare to think Ronnie Brown should of gone down at the 1 yard line, you need your head examined FAST. Are you serious YOU NEVER TAKE POINTS OF THE BOARD. First of all, the texans had 2 time-outs left, second of all, what about if on the next play theres a bad snap or something really bad happen or they miss the winning kick on a block. You never take that chance. People want to compare it to westbrook last year, but the eagles were WINNING THE GAME, so its a very SAMRT PLAY THEN.

We took the lead with less then 2 minutes left and it took dropped INTs, BAD CALLS FROM THE REFS; AND A GREAT PLAY BY A GREAT PLAYER IN Andre Johnson for us to lose!!!

Ronnie diving at the 1 is one of the stupidest arguments ever. Sure Westbrook did it but they didnt have a rookie kicker. Also lets play this out... Ronnie drops at the one. What do we do from there? We take a knee and they run out of timeouts. They will probably still have enough time to win based off how bad our D played prevent in the last series. Hell they prevented everything except the big plays. Can anyone see Schaub throwing a bomb and their guy not coming out with the ball?

Lets not blame Ronnie for giving our D enough time to f up. Lets put the blame on the D having the ball in their sights 5 times in the last 11 plays and not bringing it in.

Lastly, we had plenty of other chances. The D and Camarillo provided us with 4 turnovers and we didnt capitalize. Mistakes everywhere did us in. All phases had issues but the most glaring were special teams and the D like Coach said.

I know everyone is harping on the need for WRs but I can tell you where we'll be looking in the draft... A big physical cover corner. Every time this season and last (if you haven't blocked it out of your memory) we have come up against a big receiver we have had our butts handed to us. Our corners do a good job against smaller receivers but they just can't handle the big fellas. Johnson killed us just like the AZ WRs did. This game is won if a few plays had been made on Johnson.

We lost this game for muliple reasons. Special teams, lack of sustained drives. Matter of fact, if not for a couple of big plays, this game could have gotten real ugly. Not converting 3rd downs. Play calls, both offense and defense. WRs, 58 yards total & Camarillo got 49 of them. That's just sad. Secondary powerless to defend against a big WR. The D gave Shaub or whatever his name is, way too much time.

Did I leave anything out?

How does the NFL get a win for a win-less team and city that has just been through a devastating hurricane? Send in Ed Hocules and have his crew to throw the little yellow flags. I hate that guy, I think he just loves seeing himself on TV. He goes home after the games and watches the tapes of himself over and over again.

I dont know why, but to me, the game just didnt have that competitive feel like the games against the Pats and the Chargers. It seems like when we play the Texans, we act like we dont have to play as hard and end up getting our tales whipped! There is no doubt in my mind that we should have WON that D Game!!! BUT we didnt. I would like to thank Porter for putting forth a good effort on that last drive, he was robbed of a 'trifecta' If that was not a fumble the D ball would havee gone further than 1 D yard!!!!!!!!

On the recievers, I agree Mando.

I don't understand why we are making decisions on Wilford, Hagan, London, JAllen based solely on practice.
Can they at least get a chance at real game time some day and then judge them on that?
Wilford has done it before. Hagan is in his make or break year. London has a ton of potential. And Jason Allen has done it before too.
You don't think Jason Allen would have had some INT's in that game? He's the ONLY one on the Dolphins secondary with true ball skills.

The team is doing better than we could have expected at this point-this loss torked me off, but I'm looking on to Baltimore which is what we must do! Can we be fortunate enough to get this Roy Williams?! Can someone give some input on him...if he's what we need, damn it, we need to get it...we are too light on the power receivers position for sure.

Roy Williams will be nice, but it could cost a very high price. There is no way Parcells will give up a first round pick, we need to acquire some more picks for next year. However, i would take Roy over any receiver in the draft, i just dont think he is worth a first rounder where this team has some holes to fill. Something to look out for is getting Patrick Crayton. He is better than what we have, and could help develop Ginn, and we pick somebody in the draft. I hate the TEXANS!

Hi Armando and fellow Phin fans;

Slightly off topic, but I see that Super Mario got 2 sacks in the game. Were those battles lost by our #1 Jake Long?

And great point about our big receivers beating our small defensive secondary....the worrd distressing is a good one.I am hoping that Sparano recognized the irony in that statement...either play the big receivers, or start scouting for big DBs in the 09 draft..(should have taken one instead of Shawn Murphy)

IMO Sandy, Williams would be a definite upgrade and would have an immediate impact. But I don't think Parcells will go for it. The philosophy seems to be save draft pics no matter what.

I think you are right about Tuna-since I'm in NJ and have watched him for years, he's not one to give up anything if he can do better without doing it...but maybe he's seeing that we need it now. We can develop a WRcvr but let's get one on the books! Sad for me since I've been a Finfan since I went to West Miami Jr., and Coral Park and and...yes, I'm a native Miamian stuck in Jet/Giant land...rough!

First of all, about the coaches: How is it that they got away from the running the football. I didn't see the tight ends get used this game like the other games. Also, how could that take the safety out of the gunner spot to cover either a tight end or wide receiver for the last play of the game.

We we're out coached. You have to start going for 4th&1 or 4th&2. The defense was on the field to long during several plays and we punted the ball away on offense and put them right back on the field.

If we don't get a wide receiver or two that can stretch the field, we will have to continue using college plays to help us win.

None of this means anything because the reality is that Joey Porter won that game for us when he stripped Shaub on the last drive but they wouldn't review it for some odd reason. Shaubs arm barely moved an inch when Joey stopped it and the ball came out. How is that a forward pass? Shouldn't the QB have to get the ball past his shoulder in order for it to be considered a forward pass? Watch the replay, his arm follows through after the ball is stripped. He started moving his arm from a cocked back position and it didn't come forward enough for that to be considered a pass. I know that the interpretation of the rule may say any movement forward is a pass but that is crap. Shouldn't the QB have to release the ball on his own accord to consider it a forward pass?! He didn't release it because Joey swiped it before he could! How is that a pass?! Bull s**t.

Mario's Williams sacks came on the right side against Carey. They played him at LDE most of the game where has has played before.

NYScott, I was watching the game with friend who isn't a Dolphins fan and we both thought Schaub's arm went forward as the ball came out.

we fell asleep on the last play of the game, simple, coach didn't call timeout after seeing the formation and the players fell for the spread QB sneak,
I like how competitive we are, but the gameplan was bland, we abandoned the wildcat, and let schaub have all day to throw. this one's on the coaches imo.
Here's where we see how legit we are, we're not gonna sneak up on anyone anymore, 4 out of the next 5 of our games r at home.

There are two reasons and two reasons only number one never vacate the middle of the field,and never vacate the middle of the field inside the 10 yard line never ever,who ever made the defensive play call should be accountable.This is not the first time Maiami has done that go back to last year in happened many times,they also did it against the jets a few times,either Crowder or the defensive play caller should be told what they are doing wrong.

Please cut the following players:

W. Allen
J. Allen

That is all, thank you!

Armondo should be fired, he only post garbage and has no skill.

heres what makes me mad of yesterdays loss what the hell are coach's thinking I told my wife on that last play they were going up the middle with the qb if I can see that why cant they see that it wasn't hard and as far as the refs go why didnt they replay the fumble oh Im sorry the incomplete pass there at the end

The 4th and inches which we did not go for and may have cost us the game. We punted and Houston ran it back for a TD. Had we gone for it, the outcome probably would be different. I love the way Sporano is coaching, once we have better players this team is going to be Nasty. Knowing Bill, I think that he will make a big splash Next year (free agency).

First and foremost, although I have praised coach Sparano all season long for the job he and his coaching staff has done, and do think HE IS THE REAL DEAL. I have to agree with your comment Troy Proffitt about the last play of the game. (TD run by Shaub) I called that play and could see it coming a mile away (No L-Backers behind our 3 D-Lineman?) what was our coaching staff thinking.? Then again maybe if we had some D-Backs who could cover(other than Yeremiah Bell) maybe our L-Backers wouldn't have been helping out in coverage? Where was Will Allen the entire game other than one of the knockdowns on one the last plays I don't remember hearing his name called at all all game.Living here in N.Y. The GIANT fans told me he was hit and miss when we got him after losing Sam Madison to them. I guess they were right from what I've seen of him so far. Guess yesterday was a miss day.

A couple more things concerning yesterday's game and this years team. They should have went for it on those fourth downs,especially the 4th down and inches. I had a feeling when coach decided to punt on both of them, it would come back to bite us in the ass. If you can't make inches or 1 yard what does that say about your Offense, especially when your coming off a season like last years,and trying to build confidence in your Offense.
Some other random thoughts:
1.Our Special Teams are not so special.
2.Michael Lehan still can't play and should have been cut. Burned All Game and can't tackle.
3.When will we see Ted Ginn returning kicks?
4.Giants just got spanked by Cleveland Get The champagne ready 72 DOLPHINS one unbeaten team left The TITANS!

Besides the coaching staff refusing to go for a first down at midfield with inches to go with a defense that had given up 400 yards and a coaching staff that never considered on fourth and goal what everyone in our section considered--a QB draw--how about another tactical blunder. Why did the Dolphins run a play when the ball was made ready for play with the clock winding with 2:11 left? Why not wait till after the 2-minute warning and make the Texans burn a timeout? Time was not going to prevent a Dolphins score, already at least in field goal range. Poor clock management in a reverse sense: failing to run off time that the team didn't need and the Texans would need.

Can you please find out why Ginn is not returning punts and kick offs? I remember reading that Sparano said that Bess is better at making the 1st guy miss. Does he still believe that? because, I dont see him making anyone miss!! About the only thing Ginn can contribute to the team is his ability to take it to the house on returns! Also, is there any truth to ANY WR coming via a trade? And is this really a smart move considering we arent going to the playoffs this year.
Do you have access to practice? can you tell us if Wilford, Hagan, & J. Allen are as bad as the coaching staff thinks they are? Whats Wilfords problem in practice that is not allowing him to dress or even get on the field. Is Hagan dropping every ball in practice? Is Allen still lost on defense?

don'tjustblamelackofheightonourd-b's cuztheplayshouldhavebeenknocktheballdown......

That Texans game is over...done. Hopefully, they've learned from it all. Discussions should be directed to Ravens and that we need to beat them with the tools we have cuz it doesn't appear that help is on the way...need to show Cammy how we look now! Wilford, WTF? Can you not earn your paycheck!?? 6'4" of you and you don't show why we got you!? Makes me crazy! We have the guns but why are they not getting it done. Ginn, another one who needs to show some guts.

Does Mrs. McNabb need some chunky sausage for that soup?

Sorry Guys,

Watch the replay again. Texan's QB's arm was moving forward. It was the right call like it or not. You are thinking with your heart and Porter is not thinking at all. He is a beast though.

lololol. coach never takes blame for team loss, blame it on players..if baloney was money hes be best paid coach in NFL..but he cant take a little heat get out of kitchen...what a con job..lmao...

we usaly beat Ravins at home..but on road thats a different matter..but it that game dont count in east..what's 1 more loss..we have to keep big tuna happy so he can get new bookend to go with his no 1 of this yr..and dont for get we have him for 5 yrs..not bad money fer old guy..and i do like way he sold himself to huzenga..king of hill and a million a yr..and then he can retire...wtgo BILL..now if you can wake up coaches, team will win 1 fer BIll. i think.??

Does Jason Allen still play for the Dolphins?

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