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Highlights of Tony Sparano's Monday presser

Tony Sparano just finished a 15-minute press conference in which he discussed the plans for this week and Sunday's 29-28 loss to the Houston Texans.

Some highlights:

Sparano is obviously not pleased with what is going on with special teams. The Dolphins yielded a 70-yard punt return and a 50-yard kickoff return that resulted in 9 points for Houston. Sparano said he counted 11 missed tackles on special teams.

"We have people we take to the game that are core special teams players," Sparano said. "They have to start playing like core special teams players."

Sparano understands his secondary struggles with big, strong wide receivers. That was the case against Arizona and it was the case against Houston.

"We're going to see it some more," Sparano said. "In this league there are a lot of big receivers. Several times our guys were in position to make plays. The thing is when you're in position to make plays, you have to make plays."

The Dolphins did not do that. Sparano said Miami defenders go their hands on the football five times in the last 11 plays. They obviously didn't come away with the ball or even knock the ball away even once in that sequence.

The interesting thing is that during practice last week, the secondary at times struggled to cover Miami's own big receivers -- Ernest Wilford, Derek Hagan and Brandon London. "There were balls, in all honesty, that were caught [on the secondary by those receivers]," Sparano said.

So let me get this right: Two of Miami's so-called big receivers -- Wilford and Hagan -- were not active for the game because they're not good enough in the coach's eyes, because, "it wasn't their time," according to Sparano. And yet they had moments in which they beat Miami's secondary during the week? That is distressing.

Sparano also said the Dolphins should have come away with five interceptions. They actually had two.

Bottom line?

"They played better," Sparano said of the Texans.