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Lions: Roy Williams not on the trade block

Those of you -- like me -- that would love for the Dolphins to get aggressive about their stunning ineptitude at the wide receiver position and perhaps pull of a trade for Detroit receiver Roy Williams, there is good news ...

... and bad news.

Detroit general manager Martin Mayhew said Monday the team is involved in exploratory talks with other teams about "a handful" of players as the trade deadline approaches at 4 p.m. Tuesday. That is the good news.

The bad news is, according to this report by Tom Kowalski of Michiganlive.com, Williams is not one of the players being shopped -- at least that is what Mayhew said.

Sad sigh. Groan.


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Too bad. Sucks for us.

Rogers or Williams?

Mando, ask Tony S. next time you see him why not go for a 2 - pt conversion after the Dolphin TD that gave them a lead in the 4th Quarter. If you make it you have at worst a tie if you don't make it then you lose by 2 points...

who is rogers?

Rogers? Who is Rogers? I thought this article was about Roy Williams?

I think he meant Williams, not Rogers. Charlie Rodgers was on the Lions but he turned into a complete bust. The team just sued him for like 8.5 million dollars and won.

Mando, please ask Tony Sparano why he doesn't do everything the way the fans think he should do it the next time you see him. Actually, wait until after the game because if they win we will want you to tell him how great he's doing but if they lose we will second guess all of his decisions at which point you can ask him why he didn't do what we thought he should do. We have great points because we sit on our couch and drink beer all day so obviously we know exactly what's going on. But for now please ask him why he was wearing that shirt yesterday. I'm sure if he was wearing something different Hill would have had one of those dropped interceptions.

I dont think it matters anyway. I dont think the Phins are going to trade anything. I think they are going to wait to see what they can get out of the next draft before making any big trades.

Mando, please ask Sparano why he didn't go for two because if he did our defense would have all of the sudden got better and stopped Johnson. Also for the billionth time please ask him why Jason Allen isn't playing. I know he isn't good enough in the whole coaching staffs eyes but sitting here in my living room watching him in on 5 plays a game (and not seeing him practice),,HE LOOKS GREAT!

Armando, remember this, the more second guessing questions you ask the coach the easier it will be for you to get interviews with him. So please go in and rub salt in his wounds because I'm curious about meaningless questions regarding a game that has already been decided. Thank you, signed, 'ridiculously stupid Dolphin fan'.

Actually I think the 2 point conversion doesn't matter. If the phins would of gone for 2 than they would have 29 points. But when the Texans scored at the end they would of kicked the extra point so still would of won by 1. I think the math is right.

You want the truth? You can't handle the truth. PLAY THE @#$#*%# ROOKIE NOW! To win in this league, you must be able to go deep early and often. In that way the dolphin coaches will be able to cool it with the same excuses when we loose; "see what had happen, was"!

John Beck is going to Dallas for a 7th round pick. No word yet on whether his family will join him or stay here in Miami with Ted Ginn Jr's family.....

I believe The Tuna keeps those first 3 picks(2009) in his pocket! No need to give up young talent now. We are not even a legit playoff team yet!

This regime won't rush itself into anything......just look at how Green Bay does it!
Ron Wolfe and The Tuna are pretty tight.


There's a Ginn Family Reunion this weekend too
with Cam Cameron coming to town!

profootballtalk reports that Dallas and the Lions are involved in talks concerning a Williams trade.

It will be a big help to our secondary if our big defensive backs would get their hands up and slap down a few passes; I noticed that a lot of the passes are flying a few inches above their heads. I am glad we lost this game now because I think that a lot of good will come out of it; namely putting the game out of reach in the first half so that the opposing teams have no desire to try and make a comeback. Let's hope that the coaches don't make the same foolish mistake they did with our lost to the jets and wear the team out in practice where the defense has no rushing power; the cornerbacks have no legs and the offense has no push, because no one has any energy left for the game. What we saw against houston is what we would have done against arizona if the team had not been worned out in practice.

Why not Beck for Williams? Detroit could use that!

I think that maybe I could play receiver. I've shown in the past that I can catch really well and I am never near the other team when the ball is in the air hence I can get open! And a double bonus then we could move Ted Ginn's family to the secondary!


Roy Williams is starter, a no.1 receiver! Beck on the other hand is a unproven quarterback. Wishful thinking!






You idiots.....

Roy = Roger


Mando if I had a red pen!!!!!!!!

Man proofread your 3 sentence paragraphs before posting!

I wondered this same thing which was posted earlier. Why did he not go for the 2 pt conversion? It was pretty obvious we needed to be ahead by a touchdown and the extra point did absolutely nothing! Please ask Sparano this question because I about flipped out when I saw them going for the EP.

Mando, ask Tony S. next time you see him why not go for a 2 - pt conversion after the Dolphin TD that gave them a lead in the 4th Quarter. If you make it you have at worst a tie if you don't make it then you lose by 2 points...

No trade. The NFL has an unwritten rule that no team can attempt to get better after the 5th game, as it would then mess up the Network's plans. After all, they have all they can manage just trying to fit in as many Dallas Cowboys, Jets, and Patriot's games in.
Geez, If Fav-ruh played for the Cowboys, it would be an every week thing.
Back OT. If our secondary had played well in the first place, our receiving corp wouldn't be the issue right now.
Williams WOULD be nice, though. Won't happen.


So I wrote great "article's?" Do you mean I wrote "articles?"

Ever read the Bible? Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

To everyone else who caught the Rogers miscue by me: Thanks for correcting it and understanding I am human.

"Ted Ginn is a Baltimore Raven", oh well I can dream. Hope we use the fact that Cam is on the other sideline to motivate us back to .500. What he put us all through last season deserves a smashing of biblical proportions. What about activating Armstrong from the P squad Mando ?

Hey Mando, heard any griping(players,coaches, or collegues) about the fourth down defensive call that had Crowder going over to his right to double a WR, thus leaving the middle wide open for a QB draw? Ridiculous call IMO...the game was handed to the Texans, whomever made that call.

If you were a real journalist you would know that Detroit wants AT A MINIMUM TWO (2) First round picks for him, not this garb you've been spreading about them only wanting a 3rd rounder...Where did I find this info you ask, why on the Detroit Lions website, I'll leave the reading up to you...

EDIT to my usual please fire the following players

Please fire the following players:

W. Allen
J. Allen

and the A. Salguero guy that thinks he is some sort of a journalist...

Mr742, why get rid of Pennington. He's the best we have had since 1995 Marino. THe guy is playing amazing football. He will do until Henne is ready. Chad Pennington has no star WR's, imagine what he could do with a TO, Moss, Andre Johnson, Bolden, Chad Johnson, Jennings or even Roy Williams.

Armando please ban this mr747 idiot. The earth is a dumber place with him in it.

I for one am happy that this trade is nearly dead in the water. The Phins have a lot of picks right now, and they should use as many as possible on draft day to either get new players or to trade into positions to get the people they want. Williams will be expensive both monetarily, and in picks.

Just be patient Fins fans, things are finally starting to look better.

ranger180 is right I've waited this long and chad will be ready soon.WR's get it quicker than QB's.Lets draft the best we can in 09.

Armando, just keep doin the good job.None of us are peeerefffeecccttt

i just cant wait til sunday when the phins destroy baltimore. i really see thier great defence getting picked apart by pennington( although distributing the ball through different recievers). not a big running day. i see ronnie running for 70 and ricky for 40. maybe one huge play from the wildcat that results in a TD

dolphins win 24-17

*pennington: 23/31, 263 yards, 2 TD's, 1 int
*fasano: 4 rec, 60 yds
*ginn: 3 rec, 38 yards
*camarillo: 5 rec, 57 yards, 1 TD
*brown: 16 car, 70 yards, 1 TD/ 3 rec, 35 yards 1 TD
*williams: 11 car, 40 yards/ 2 rec 17 yards
*all other recivers: 6 rec, 56 yards

No problem. We didn't have Williams in any case so we are crying about milk we haven't spilled.
I don't find the receiver inept, more like inexperienced. Please don't say Ginn is inexperienced. Last year was an experience but not a learning experience.

Management will improve the position when they can.

Parcells & co. is a huge upgrade from past regimes but still, they have made their share of mistakes.

Their judgement that the secondary didn't need any help was a biggie.

Another was at WR. They knew we needed help but picked (Wilford) the wrong one.

Too bad about Williams, he would have made an immediate impact. But due to the current philosophy of not trading draft pics, it wasn't going to happen anyway.

Why are people still going on about a 2 point conversion, it would not have changed anything. Texans would have just kicked a field goal and won anyhow. But since you want to second guess the game, here is what they should have done.

They should have kneeled down on 1st and 2nd down and forced the Texans to use their timeouts, then run up the middle on 3rd down to run the clock down. Kick a field goal and its over. They used poor clock management on the last drive and gave the Texans back the ball with too much time and too many timeouts. They will learn from that mistake hopefully.

What's wrong with people's math skills? The score after our last TD is 27 - 23. That puts us up by 4 (27 - 23 = 4). If we go for 2 and get it, the score is 29 - 23. That puts us up by 6 (29 - 23 = 6). If Houston scores a TD, the score is 29 - 29. If Houston kicks the extra point, the score is 30 - 29 and they win by 1 (30 - 29 = 1).

On the other hand, with the score 27 - 23 after our last TD, we kicked the extra point, the score was 28 - 23. That put us up by 5 (28 - 23 = 5). Up by 5, Houston cannot tie or win with a field goal, so they have to score a TD, just like the scenario above.

The only scenario where us getting the 2-point conversion would have mattered is if Houston scored the TD and ties the game at 29 - 29, and then missed the 1-point conversion. That is a highly unlikely scenario, although not impossible. If that is what people are ripping Sparano over, I think they need to look at the bigger picture. It's just improbable a scenario to worry about. I bet every team's chart of when to go for a 2-point conversion does not include this scenario.

Tuna will upgrade when the right things are available at the right time. This is, after all, the first year. People are bashing them for "mistakes" in not upgrading the recievers and secondary.

Lets not bash them for what WE think they didnt do, but compliment them for what they did do that the other list of coaches couldnt.

They can only upgrade so much each off season. They started with what they thought needed to be focused on first, next off season they will be able to work on the recievers and secondary, while looking to add depth to the stronger areas. Be patient.

So all the Roy Williams crap you were trying to push in your blogs and on the crappy job you did replacing lebatard went for not. Write facts and quit making up stories/rumors. I would love for you to be right just once.

we need a shut down corner and a big play wide receiver. we can't get overly dissapointed with this season. most were hoping for 6 wins. i think we will get that. next season we should expect a playoff contender.

Why not let Williams go to Dallas? Then we can trade Beck for Austin which could make Austin expendable. With Penny up front and Henne waiting in the wings we don't NEED Beck. Let's get something for him. Face it... we NEED a WR!!!

Williams, Williams, blah, blah, blah...

Who Cares? There are no instant fixes. This is true rebuilding and it's being handled the right way. Beef up the trenches, find a QB for the future. We couldn't fix everything at once because EVERYTHING needed fixing! We are WAY ahead of schedule. We're not making a run at the playoffs this year.

We need two more drafts like the one we just had to fix this. I for one do not want to morgage our future to try and win now. What do you think got us into this mess? Look at the Jets and Farve. What kind of a future do they have? Do we want to be the Jets? How did N.E. do it? The same way we are now.

We're not a player away and there are no instant fixes.

For those Pennington bashers, it wasnt his fault that we lost this game. He kept us in this game and brought us back to put us in position to win it.After the first two weeks he has gotten in his groove and done pretty well with a young offensive line and WR (or lack of)that he has to work with. Everyone knows that our secondary sucks and can't defend the deep ball throws and that should have been an issue covered at the draft and free agency.

We do need a big, physical wideout but I think we can do better than Roy... how about Anquan as a FA this offseason???

Even if we do get a big, fast WR, can Penny throw to him over 25 yds accurately? We can use a WR, but will he be utilized with what we have right now? If we get a WR it will obviously be for the future... which is Henne.

I agree that Pennington is the best QB we've had since Marino, but getting a great receiver will not do much for us. Pennington simply can't throw it hard, so getting a guy that could get open deep would do nothong for us. Have you seen all five games? The longest pass (in the air) has been the 30-yarder to Cobbs, ant that wan, by the way, was thrown short. Even more so, at the end of the game, we needed a 60-yarder (which most of the QB's in the leage can throw) and we called for a lateral play.

I guess the best thing we can do is keep throwing these short passes that with Penn's accuracy will allow us to keep moving the chains.

Dude: I care. If you don't care, just check out and don't tune back in with this team for two or three more years when you expect them to be rebuilt. Meanwhile, fans that love the team will stay in touch and care every single day.

It is shortsighted people like you that give Dolphins fans a bad name. Even if the Dolphins get Williams and don't win NOW, they can win in any of the five or six years afterward when he is still younger than 32 years old. This isn't a short-term fix that is being discussed, it is for the good of the team longterm.


Please ask Tony, as to why Jason Allen has been groomed lately to play corner....and why hasn't he gained any real game time experience going up against opponents big recievers? He is the ONLY DB on this team that could have competed athletically and size wise to Andre Johnson. Why wasn't he on the field man up on him? He is gifted athletically and he played corner for Tennessee when UT was good in the great SEC. He has talent. Why isn't he given the chance. Our 5 foot nothing abuck 80 CB's have no chance stopping these gifted wideouts. It doesnt make any sense...because they said they would turn over any rock...well what about the rocks already on the roster? He has made plays when given the chance. He caouldnt be any worse than Andre Goodman, could he? These CB's need to fear the reaper...but they dont seem to play as if their jobs are on the line....cut one of them maybe to show that they are replaceable. Because they all are replaceable! Will Allen is a very nice cover guy, but he is not a big time playmaker...not a pro bowler....not to anyone except Dolphin fans!

Armando, just heard on ESPN that Roy Williams was traded to the Cowboys.

POUND! You are cracking me up, dude. So true, too.

Ok, I'm an idiot. I meant Johnathan. Not Pound. Johnathan, you are cracking me up. Sorry, first time on here. I'm a dumb n00b.

My take:
-Ronnie taking a dive at the 1 yard line is not smart when you're behind. Westbrook took his dive when the Eagles were winning(great play). You score when you can score. If you don't have confidence in your defense, then you aren't a Super Bowl caliber team(which we aren't yet). Those two wins spoiled everyone!
-No need to go for two after last TD. The odds of making the 2 point conversion AND Houston missing an extra point are very remote. If Houston scored quickly, a field goal would have won it.
-Ted Ginn is not a bust! I believe Trifecta is holding him back until Henne takes over next year or the year after. Why waste him now. CP can't throw it that far anyway and they can continue to develop him in practice. Did you see who was set to return the last Houston kickoff on Sunday? Ted Ginn!! They know what they are doing people. He is their game breaking wild card and they know it. I'm not saying he's Jerry Rice, but he's a weapon. Patience pays off in the long run. Just drink your beer and enjoy watching football and see how good we are next year after another offseason that will bring us a WRs, DB, and ILBs. Go Fish!!

One more thing. I do agree with everyone that Jason Allen should be playing!! From everything I've seen, he's better than Lehan and Goodman(maybe).


I think you misunderstood my comments. I wasn't saying I don't care about the Dolphins- I was saying I don't care about trading for Williams. The reason? He'd cost too much.

He was just traded to Dallas for a 1st, a 3rd, and a 6th. That would have cost us too much because Parcells is rebuilding through the draft and we need those picks, and the right FAs when the price is right.

If we were a player away that might be different, but we're not. We're in this for the long haul. That was my point. That's not shortsightedness.

Right now we are in a more advantageous posistion than we have been in years. We've got a handful of stud players who are only going to get better and we've got picks and the cap is in good shape.

In two years we'll be back on top of the NFL and slapping other teams around.

If we had gone after Williams right now we'd still have a pourous secondary who couldn't shut other teams down and we'd be out almost half of our draft next year.

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