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Live blog from Bills at Dolphins today

It is another lovely, humid day at Dolphin Stadium and today we will answer the question that has become most apparent about YOUR Miami Dolphins this season.

Do they always play up to the level of their competition?

As you know the Dolphins have two wins and four losses entering today's game against Buffalo. The Bills are leading the AFC East at 5-1.

That shouldn't really worry you because the Dolphins this year have played better against better competition. They whupped New England and dismantled San Diego -- two teams that played in the AFC title game a season ago and are considered playoff contenders this year.

Yet Miami lost against a winless Houston and against a Baltimore team that had lost three consecutive games. Neither of these two teams are considered playoff contenders.

So if they act according to script, the Dolphins should play well against the Bills today. Buffalo is, after all, considered one of the most complete teams in the conference and perhaps the entire NFL.

Anyway, we shall do a live blog today as every game day. It will begin in the comment section here then jump to the comment section of the new update posts I put up every quarter. Pregame you can also catch me on 790 The Ticket [790theticket.com for those of you not in South Florida].


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Go Mando

this week is also going to let us know if the Dolphins are gonna be a headache in the AFC East or a bunch of headcases. Im optimistic and see a hard fought game that the fins win 20-16. Defense is gonna be pissed after two horrible showings in Houston and against Baltimore. With a win here and next week in Denver, we have a very favorable schedule the rest of the way, and can be a pain in the neck for bubble teams in the afc. Go Fins!!!

As I travel to Finland today, I go with high hopes for a well fought battle. hahaha!! I'm just hoping we show up today against the Bills. I don't say this because I think the Fins suck, I say this because the Bills have had our number for quite a while now. With the "here one week, missing the next" Fins, I'm just hoping we content today. If we win, I have that pencelled in as a "miracle". If we content and stay in the game, I'll be happy.

How can I watch the game from my pc?

the only win i care for this year are division wins. a good sign this year will be not finishing in last place in the division.

http://www.justin.tv/thedarkside_tv (bluemoon)


Looking forward to a great game! I better not see that douche bag dolphan4thetimebeinguntiltheystartplayingpoorlytheni'lljumpship here today.

Any word on who are today's inactives or what jersey/pants combo we are wearing?

How Many Catches Will Ginn Get? The Only Thing Ted Brings To The Stadium 2 Day R 2 Pairs Of Cleats And Jock Strap And 3 Family Members

How Many Catches Will Ginn Get? The Only Thing Ted Brings To The Stadium 2 Day R 2 Pairs Of Cleats And Jock Strap And 3 Family Members

whats going on everyone

None, he stinks.

Hello Mike in Houston. What's up Bro

We should change our colors to pink after this games!!!!

So Mando is trying to block me out?

Pink like the flamingo.

Pink is too manly for these pansies dan.

Jillian Barbarees In Fuego

list of inactives out. At WR, they're running 5 WR's, with Hagan in. Wilford is the odd man out.

We need to run the ball all day long! Lay of ted ginn he is a deepthreat without the qb with a big arm mind u chads been great..i will keep my eye on jason allen finally playin today


WR Ernest Wilford

FB Casey Cramer

CB Joey Thomas

OG Shawn Murphy

DL Lionel Dotson

OT Nate Garner

DL Rodrique Wright

why is this game from london on

coin toss: Buffalo wins the toss and defers. Dolphins get the ball first.

Dolphins wearing all white. Bills in all blue.

wheres the game on? cbs or fox, i dont see it

L.m.a.o. Ginn A Deep Threat Hahahahahahahahaha

hell ya there we go

Dolphins go deep to Ginn!!!! About time.

that completion goes for 45 yards.

Ginn had to wait for it but nice job!


Holy S@#t

Another six yard pass to Bess.

I'd say the Wildcat is about done.

The Bills are back on their heels. confused. McGee looks like he's hurt.

Throw it again!!!

i think ricky is going to have a big game today

The first guy always seems to get a hand on Ricky and slows him up.

Wildcat again. Brown rushes again. Picks up 3-4 yards.

"L.m.a.o. Ginn A Deep Threat Hahahahahahahahaha

Posted by: lll mikey | October 26, 2008 at 01:06 PM "

Eat your words f.a.g...along with the rest of you MORONS

we need 7 here

Big third and goal play here. Throw it!!!!

The blog is slow today. Taking forever for posts to show up.

"L.m.a.o. Ginn A Deep Threat Hahahahahahahahaha

Posted by: lll mikey | October 26, 2008 at 01:06 PM "

Eat your words moron, along with your buddies that hate

Passing TD!!!! Fasano from Pennington the play-action pass. Nobody even covered him.

Yeah, double pot, my bad

alrighttttt!!! good way to start! chad looks accurate and there has been a Ginn sighting :-)

offense did thier job now its time for the defense to show up

see we need to play good teams we do better

I know the blog is slow today. Hang in there guys.

nice drive

how can i watch the game on my laptop?

I don't get this kicker, can't get it to the end zone at all.

ginn over 100 yrds receiving today?

First drive looked good.

Strong work Fins! "Dolphan"...I don't think Mando will be covering your Ravens here today...

That pass from Edwards to Lynch was a lot of running for a 4 yard gain.

Now we will see if the secondary can tackle someone

Way too open from Edwards to Lee Evans.

damn i hate the bills

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