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Live blog from Bills at Dolphins today

It is another lovely, humid day at Dolphin Stadium and today we will answer the question that has become most apparent about YOUR Miami Dolphins this season.

Do they always play up to the level of their competition?

As you know the Dolphins have two wins and four losses entering today's game against Buffalo. The Bills are leading the AFC East at 5-1.

That shouldn't really worry you because the Dolphins this year have played better against better competition. They whupped New England and dismantled San Diego -- two teams that played in the AFC title game a season ago and are considered playoff contenders this year.

Yet Miami lost against a winless Houston and against a Baltimore team that had lost three consecutive games. Neither of these two teams are considered playoff contenders.

So if they act according to script, the Dolphins should play well against the Bills today. Buffalo is, after all, considered one of the most complete teams in the conference and perhaps the entire NFL.

Anyway, we shall do a live blog today as every game day. It will begin in the comment section here then jump to the comment section of the new update posts I put up every quarter. Pregame you can also catch me on 790 The Ticket [790theticket.com for those of you not in South Florida].


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Ted g was open deep many times last week like i said any other team and he would be makin plays down the feild all the time

Fred JAckson breaks three tackles on his way to a 9 yard gain.

D looks as bad as last week so far.

Guess not

Dolphins defense is confused. Terrible waste of a time out.

Its Amazing They Cant Cover They Cant Tackle Means Another Loss,the Wannstadt Curse Continues

Note that jason Allen is playing cornerback and will be in on every dime situation.

i hope the D picks it up

anyone know a site where i can watch game?

For the laptop - NFL.com has a play by play and there is a radio broadcast. I'm don't know if you can watch the game.

Offence looked solid on the opening drive. The D is struggling on the Bills opening drive. This game could have a lot of points.

this secondary is gonna kill us

And the Bills go after jason Allen. Complete to hardy for 14 yards.

Time out to allow 14 yds-here comes the TD

The question will be can our offense keep up with the Bills offense.

wow.. our defense is horrible...

Dolphins bringing jason Ferguson in for third down.

big stop

wow... good stand!

Well, at least Miami held them to a FG. Roth and Bell on the goal line stop.

This secondary worst in history of the Fins franchise.

That Will Be The Last u c of ginn but if u look on the side line ull c ginn along with 4 of his family members

Laptop- Justin.tv

Way to hold them to a field goal...this defense is going to have to cowboy up today. Horrible coverage and tackling on that first possession

No 3 & outs this week, Sparano focused on this.

Ginn with a 26 yard return. Not awful.

Dont go scoring and then give up points to them on the next drive silly fins

its ok we held them we need to score here

Dolphins go with play-action again on first down. Ginn again.

"That Will Be The Last u c of ginn but if u look on the side line ull c ginn along with 4 of his family members

Posted by: lll mikey | October 26, 2008 at 01:26 PM

WOW, you truly are an idiot, aren't you?

is lynch hurt?

The Dolphins trying to soften Buffalo up with first-down passes and wildcat, then will want to run later.

Wildcat still alive...

is lynch hurt?

Posted by: rad radford | October 26, 2008 at 01:30 PM

i hope so

Lynch is not injured. Jackson is a very good player.

hoss it looking

Brandon Landon on the reception. Third and 1.

Ricky ran 40Yds for a loss of 4...

Ronnie runs in the pile and gets that first. Ricky always bounces it out.

Did you guys see the crackback block by Pennington on Donte Whitner?

what a block by pennington

Yes I Am,got To Pick On Ted,2 Of His Family Members Work 4 Me...

Nice block by Pennington on a busted play...special teams coming through to force Buffalo to work the field.

good thing he didn't get trent greened on that one



I guess those tackiling fundamentals didn't work...

Where is the tackling!!

Shitttttttttt!!!! Will twisted his Knee!!!!!!!!!

Why in the hell cant anyone in this secondary wrap their arms and tackle-allen is hurt


Porter with the sack two minutes after the ball is snapped.


I Take Back Every Thing I Said About Porter Hes Kicking A#*


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