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Live blog of Dolphins vs. Ravens today!

Today is Cam Cameron Memorial Day at Dolphin Stadium.

The Dolphins will play the Baltimore Ravens in what is a rematch of Miami's lone 2007 victory. Ironically, the coach who won that game for Miami is now the offensive coordinator for the Ravens. Ironically, that coach has a reputation as a great offensive play-caller, yet it is the Dolphins that enter the game with the more dynamic offense.

Speaking of the Wildcat package, I happened to catch parts of the Alabama game Saturday afternoon. The announcers said former Dolphins and current Tide coach Nick Saban prepared his team for the Wildcat offense last week. He did it by practicing for it during 10 minutes on three consecutive days last week.

Voila. Prepared.

Saban told the announcing crew the way to stop it is to show multiple fronts against it and blitz it. Interesting.

On another front, receiver Terrance Copper, who had a Dolphins In Depth moment a few days ago because he was available is, well, not available anymore. He re-signed with the Saints on Saturday. The Dolphins meanwhile go into today's game with their same 'ol receiver corps. We'll see how they do today.

Anyway, we'll have a live blog today. I'll update this post later with any pertinent pregame news -- like Paul Soliai getting suspended for today's game -- and then we'll start the live blog in the comments section. We'll hop to the comments section of new posts every quarter.

See you in the comments section at kickoff.


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Go Miami!!!!!!

I hear Cam wants to meet with Joey Porter before the game just to "shake hands and make nice". Cam says Ray Lewis is such a nice fellow and enjoys having tea with him on their off day.

Cameron better leave Dolphin Stadium the way he left so many times last year, as a loser.

i say ronnie goes for at least 100 yds today. and porter has a big game. i hope im right

Lets Give Cam (cant Win)cammron A Nice L For Him To Go Back To Balt.with 2day,also I Could Make An Offence Look Good If I Had L.t. ,phil Rivers And That Offencive Line That" Cant Win"had And Lets Not 4get The Recievers He Had Over There,lets Face It ,hes A Loser And Will Always Be A Loser,the Guy Makes Wannstedt Look Like Lombadie,i Feel Sad 4 Baltimore A Great Citie That Doesnt Deserve A Loser Like Cam Cant Win Cammron

What did So-lee-eye do? He has a few decent games and then screws up and gets suspended? Loser....

Anything on Ty Law ?

With the luck we have as a team, we are going to have to watch Cam running around like a school girl after this game. I do not know why, but I cannot stand that guy.

"Cam Cameron IS a Baltimore Raven."

Defence Will Be The Key Here Kids,lets Hope The Defence That Showed Up For San Diago And New Eng. Not The Ones That Showed Up 4 Arizona And Houston,the Defence That Made Shaube And Warner Look Like Hall Of Famers....go Phins I To Hate Cam(cant Win)cameron....

I want to see Cam screaming on the side line like Homer Simpson with he's tounge coming out of his mouth. LOL

Anybody just see Mortenson report that Wayne wants to sell the team prior to Obama becoming President because he feels capital gains taxes are going to go up.

Our economy is screwed by the way.

One of the many issues they are examing this year is if Soliai fits into the future as a #2 NG. Whatever the reason, getting suspended isn't exactly the best way to make your case for that.

Makes me even more certain we pick up a middle-filler as a FA or with one of the first three picks.

Defence Will Be The Key Here Kids,lets Hope The Defence That Showed Up For San Diago And New Eng. Not The Ones That Showed Up 4 Arizona And Houston,the Defence That Made Shaube And Warner Look Like Hall Of Famers....go Phins I To Hate Cam(cant Win)cameron....

So Long Wayne,wish Ur Bald Head Never Graced Our Landscape,make Sure U Get Ur Millions Like The Rest Of Ur Money Hungry Excutives Think U So Deserve,hey Wayne How Much Money Is Enough,ur Already One Of The Richest,maybe When U Make It To Where Ever U End Up At The End Of Ur Life They Dont Take Cash Or The American Express,farewell Pin Head

i don't see why you guys are concerened about an offensive coodinator that couldn't get a loaded offense in San Diego into the playoffs, coached a 1-15 dolphins into the history books as one of the worse teams ever and has the ravens on pace for an early end of season.

Nick Saban was saying how to stop the wilcat?
now he's a genius?? I'm just glad he ain't here anymore, cant stand him!
I think the wilcat is overshadowing Ronnie's talent lately, i mean i'm glad the way the wilcat has made other defenses struggle but it's Ronnie who's made the big plays, and the OL.

Mando keeps talking about recievers but if we had a cb and fs that could make plays on the ball we would have beat ny and houston wtf is terrance copper gonna do lmao

Teddy that was dead on. Yerimiah Bell and Chad Pennington blew that game for us. You mean to tell me the man can't throw a hail mary pass. Boy what a joke

The Harbaugh Family are bunch of jack asses...I am sure he and Cam will get the last laugh as we never come through in such situations...ie- Culpepper last year etc.

The Harbaugh Family are bunch of idiots. However, I am sure knowing our luck he and Cam will get the last laugh because we never when "hype" games- ie- Culpepper last year.


Do you think Cam said "hello" to the Ginn Family today?

any live streamin links for the game?

Any links to stream the game live online? Go Phins!

Cam is not going to coach the offense this game he wants to observe and let the water boy call the plays. Also, let's all help Cam by making sure he Fails Fast Forward. LOL

Inactives are:

QB John Beck (3rd)
WR Ernest Wilford
RB Casey Cramer
G Shawn Murphy
T Nate Garner
WR Derek Hagan
DE Rodrique Wright
DT Paul Soliai

Ramsterone that is awesome. I love the "observation" comment.

Remember when Cam had the bad clock management in the opener last year, but lucked out and still got a TD?

I wonder if Cam will run the Statue of Liberty or run his own Wildcat...?

Come on Fins- Step up!

Go Fins...

This should be one hard hitting game...looking forward to it.

anyone think the wildcat will have a receiver this week as the qb



there's a bunch of others on justin.tv

What a brutal announcing crew this week.

Im guessing one of the defenses will score today and whichever one that is will win the game.

It is worse than a Big Ten Network crew.

anyone else get the feeling that there is something there that they arent telling us about the Wilford situation? He still has got to be more talented than Ginn and Bess?

for the record I hate bill parcels and think he should be kicked out of football. The guy was an average coach a crappy gm and has only one 1 superbowl. He is no better than that overbloated idiot who left greenbay to stroke his ego in seattle.

OK folks, here we go ....

Mando--as many times as I've argued with you, I must say that the Herald's decision to tout Cote's live blog 'above-the-fold,' and to make one search for your's, is pathetic---Cote cannot hold a candle to you.

Ted Ginn is back deep to receive the kick. Finally!

hey dolphan4life, u are an idiot parcells won in 86 and 90, moron

god job ginn about time

See Ginn Run!!!

where has that been all year

lets see the water pistol work

I think Ginn wins the kickoff return job the rest of the season now.

Pathetic Crowd.

I'm changing my name to Fasano fan.

You guys know, no doubt, that the Ravens have not allowed a 100-yard rusher in 24 consecutive games, the longest streak in the NFL.

First down!!!

Playaction fake and go long to Ginn!

change ur name to whatever u want youll still be an idiot

Casey Cramer out today. You'll see a lot of Martin or Fasano at FB.

if we can get 1 or 2 big plays from the wildcat i think brown will have 100 yds

Joel, agrred, a first-down playaction pass would be perfect.

Ginn was open on the stop and go down the sideline.

They do it but apparently the WR's can't get open again.

thank you New York Jets!!!!

Finally Pennington showing the balls he did in pre season

If Pennington isn't the QB, we may not have a win yet...so accurate.

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