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Live blog of Dolphins vs. Ravens today!

Today is Cam Cameron Memorial Day at Dolphin Stadium.

The Dolphins will play the Baltimore Ravens in what is a rematch of Miami's lone 2007 victory. Ironically, the coach who won that game for Miami is now the offensive coordinator for the Ravens. Ironically, that coach has a reputation as a great offensive play-caller, yet it is the Dolphins that enter the game with the more dynamic offense.

Speaking of the Wildcat package, I happened to catch parts of the Alabama game Saturday afternoon. The announcers said former Dolphins and current Tide coach Nick Saban prepared his team for the Wildcat offense last week. He did it by practicing for it during 10 minutes on three consecutive days last week.

Voila. Prepared.

Saban told the announcing crew the way to stop it is to show multiple fronts against it and blitz it. Interesting.

On another front, receiver Terrance Copper, who had a Dolphins In Depth moment a few days ago because he was available is, well, not available anymore. He re-signed with the Saints on Saturday. The Dolphins meanwhile go into today's game with their same 'ol receiver corps. We'll see how they do today.

Anyway, we'll have a live blog today. I'll update this post later with any pertinent pregame news -- like Paul Soliai getting suspended for today's game -- and then we'll start the live blog in the comments section. We'll hop to the comments section of new posts every quarter.

See you in the comments section at kickoff.


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Is Patrick Cobs a Wide Reciever now

Dolphins coaches love Cobbs. Honestly, I didn't see it until recently. But he's obviously valuable.

cobbs is our second best receiver, hahaha

big hit from brown

I love Pennington. Hesure can manage a game.

Did you guys see the hit by Brown on Ed Reed?

Brown gets injured on INT's he shouldn't be laying the lumber.


Which wide receiver is inactive?

Keep Ricky on the Bench until he is needed please

Harrington to Booker...the memories.

wilford and hagan

Hard hit. Brown looked like he was destined for a score.

We are not even using wide recievers

Hey Mando and Dolphans: Nothing But Positivity From Me Today!

bad pass

Fasano and Pennington not on the same page. They discussed it after the play.

Needed 7 there.Damn

3-0 That's cool.

Master, that is impossible from you. I say you go negative before halftime.

Can anyone wake me up after we go on kick coverage. It is such a train wreck I cannot watch it- EVER.

Water pistol messed that one up

good drive should have gotte 7 though

ok defense lets get that ball back against this horrific ravens offense

Cobbs with the ST tackle too...

I fret like a worried woman per opponent kick return.

hopefully our D steps up big today

Condren, signed on Tuesday, contributes right away with a special teams tackle.

It would be nice to have an opponent start a drive inside the 20 once in a while.

Special teams need to get it together, i dread watching them

Good run support by Andre' Goodman on first down.

No McGahee today?

My bad Mandy...Thought it was Cobbs

This offensive set looks familiar, doesn't it?

the stadium is empty

Is TBS showing the Bills/Chargers game? Maybe CBS can show the Steve Harvey Show.

anyone know where i can get an audio stream. paise is not working

Offsides against Miami.

So stupid

Good Effort D

video stream: http://www.justin.tv/mikej1224

Charlie Anderson has made as many plays as I have.

Flacco on the quarterback option. Quarterback option?

eliminate those penalities

Joe Flacco looks like Kip Dynamite.

Flacco obviously is working the snap count -- drawing two offsides, one of which Baltimore accepted.

The D is itchin' to get that rookie...How's that for a play by Crowder

wow 18 yard reception

Not often do I root for Florida vs. Miami, but go Channing.

Bell is lagging again

Interesting play. There's Cam's first TV moment of the day.

come on guys this is not a good team offensively

Cam is only pretending to call plays.

For crissakes Bell tackle his ass!!

Roth is really getting better

Cam didn't know Roth could make that play!!

Typical Cam naked bootleg/pitch/toss junk.

Roth never gave up...

Moving Roth to LB was a good move. He's having a good season.

Dolphins have to watch the snap count.

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