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Live blog of Dolphins vs. Ravens today!

Today is Cam Cameron Memorial Day at Dolphin Stadium.

The Dolphins will play the Baltimore Ravens in what is a rematch of Miami's lone 2007 victory. Ironically, the coach who won that game for Miami is now the offensive coordinator for the Ravens. Ironically, that coach has a reputation as a great offensive play-caller, yet it is the Dolphins that enter the game with the more dynamic offense.

Speaking of the Wildcat package, I happened to catch parts of the Alabama game Saturday afternoon. The announcers said former Dolphins and current Tide coach Nick Saban prepared his team for the Wildcat offense last week. He did it by practicing for it during 10 minutes on three consecutive days last week.

Voila. Prepared.

Saban told the announcing crew the way to stop it is to show multiple fronts against it and blitz it. Interesting.

On another front, receiver Terrance Copper, who had a Dolphins In Depth moment a few days ago because he was available is, well, not available anymore. He re-signed with the Saints on Saturday. The Dolphins meanwhile go into today's game with their same 'ol receiver corps. We'll see how they do today.

Anyway, we'll have a live blog today. I'll update this post later with any pertinent pregame news -- like Paul Soliai getting suspended for today's game -- and then we'll start the live blog in the comments section. We'll hop to the comments section of new posts every quarter.

See you in the comments section at kickoff.


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why dont we blitz on that play, geesh

Who is covering the RB?

Make plays who is going to step up and be a playmaker!

That's starks at NG

defense can not get off the field. stop the fourth down conversions

Starks has made some good plays, needs more consistency however.

we should be blitzing every other play on this team

that looks like offensive interference.

ok cam u got lucky on that 4-2 just bring it so we can show u how much of an offensive guru u are

I predict Starks will take over at NT from Soliai in future games. he's more productive and Soliai, not so much.

D is fired up this week!

Lehan made a good play in spite of penalty.

joey porter!!!

What a bunch of Mularkey

Lets see if the D can hold

Rookie sack. Held the ball too long. Porter benefits.

gonna be a long day cam

Cam Cameron didn't know J-Peezy could still rush the QB!!

Big Sack Porter

good D, joey porter

Flacco has already taken a beating and this is only the 1st drive.

Ravens coming with a FG try on fourth and 11. It'll be 47 yards.

what cam no balls this time

Secondary aint sh@t. That should not have happened

good play, then bad play, come on defense

I have a feeling ST's are going to win us the game today.

ok we are tied hope that d stop can motivate the offense for 7

Were we intent to let them get back into field goal range or what? It was pretty damn obvious thats what they were going to try to do.. Bad D calling

Let's go Teddy!

Let me rephrase.. Terrible D calling

Too conservative of a defensive call to let them get that yardage back. Inexcusable. I understand not wanting to get beat deep, but geez.

Reminder: the Live Blog will move to the comments section of the new post that starts at the top of each quarter.

thanks for the info Armando

There should be an NFL After Hours video game. You could pick which player you wanted to be, and which club you wanted to go to.

terrible d call

So now the Dolphins are running the wildcat package with Pennington at QB. Interesting.

Jason Ferguson has injured ribs. His return is questionable.

No one throws the short pass better.

nice short run for ricky have to keep the d honest

Tell ya Mando, Cobbs is starting to impress quite a bit

We need Ferguson.

time for the ronnie and ricky show

without ferguson this could be a long day. time for starks to shine

I know ricky is a hard hitter, but he always seems to go down by the first guy.... Am i right?

We need t/o's today

ronnie and ricky baby

I want want to be Chad Pennington and I want to go to Applebees.

how could you let up that pass when you know they just want to get into field goal range. we have such horrible corners.


thats ok we have to stick to the run

Getting way too tricky.


What the F#ck was that

Why does the blog always move nowadays? Keep it where you start it.


The Fins know no prosperity.

Why do you move this thing now...

It's Henne time....Chad sucks today!!!!!!

man our defense is weak...and I know all of you that hate TED GINN get excited when he get the ball in his hands. Dont lie to yourself. Brady Quinn is still on the bench. thats a bust.....

Chad Johnson has 19 reception, 210 yards 1 TD.
Tedd Ginn has 15 receptions 150 0 td.

Ted Ginn is 23
How old is Chad Johnson.
Give it time you impatient people!!!!

I should have known we'd make Flacco look like a good, veteran QB. Baltimore sucks and we can't do anything. It's over already. It was fun while it lasted.

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