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Live blog of Dolphins vs. Ravens today!

Today is Cam Cameron Memorial Day at Dolphin Stadium.

The Dolphins will play the Baltimore Ravens in what is a rematch of Miami's lone 2007 victory. Ironically, the coach who won that game for Miami is now the offensive coordinator for the Ravens. Ironically, that coach has a reputation as a great offensive play-caller, yet it is the Dolphins that enter the game with the more dynamic offense.

Speaking of the Wildcat package, I happened to catch parts of the Alabama game Saturday afternoon. The announcers said former Dolphins and current Tide coach Nick Saban prepared his team for the Wildcat offense last week. He did it by practicing for it during 10 minutes on three consecutive days last week.

Voila. Prepared.

Saban told the announcing crew the way to stop it is to show multiple fronts against it and blitz it. Interesting.

On another front, receiver Terrance Copper, who had a Dolphins In Depth moment a few days ago because he was available is, well, not available anymore. He re-signed with the Saints on Saturday. The Dolphins meanwhile go into today's game with their same 'ol receiver corps. We'll see how they do today.

Anyway, we'll have a live blog today. I'll update this post later with any pertinent pregame news -- like Paul Soliai getting suspended for today's game -- and then we'll start the live blog in the comments section. We'll hop to the comments section of new posts every quarter.

See you in the comments section at kickoff.


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unbelievable. Baltimore? Come on.

Can Will Allen ever catch a ball? He needs to be cut, he's terrible.


Just a few points, pennington is finished. His noode arm will only get worse once the travel to cold weather sites. Flacco is a rookie from Delaware. Henne is a rookie from Michagan, started four years and has a gun. Like Flacco. The receivers are open, noodle arm can't get the ball there. The jets have the same damn offense, but now have a QB to get the open receivers the ball.

When you don't try to throw the ball on 3rd down near the goal line, you know your QB stinks.

Why is Will Allen still on this team? I've seen better hands on a clock. Every time we drop an INT, the other team takes advantage and scores. Our DB's are the worst.

What the hell is goin on with Miami?

We have no pass defense.

Fans in Miami are pathetic!!!!!!! how the hell do you have half an empty stadium? Bandwagon people if I ever saw them! You could here Heapppppppppppppppppppppppp when he caught the ball!!!!!

Pennington is ass! Now do you guys believe me? He ruined the moral of the entire Jets team while he was NY. Such a weak arm. Never takes a risk. He gets beat on conservative plays, that is the worse at least take a chance.

DEFENSE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The defense has played decently, it was that INT for a TD that cost us. Hey Armando, is it me or is the defensive line missing today? That kid Starks seems like he is going to be special.

DB's are too weak....please get someone who can catch a ball

I said it after the first week that this secondary was going to lose us games all year. I just don't see any dif in this years secondary play from last years. This team has none, not a one play maker in that secondary. They had one good game and that is it!!!! So one must conclude that, that game was a fluke and what you are seeing right now is a team with the worst secondary in the NFL.

can ginn catch? try him in the secondary

They need the start the half witha three an out or it is all over.

I miss the days of Sam Madison and Patrick Surtain

same old db's........the only good secondary person whiffs on gamebreaker player...so go figure


I'm out, the game is off, and I'll be going outside to beat my dog for the next hour.

i am voting Joe Flacco for the pro bowl!!!

Armando stop praising Y. BELL.....How about this Armando. When was the last time Y. Bell made a play.

Ginn can run, his catching and beating db's is still in doubt!!! you know cameron engineered this, he knew he would be an offensive coordinator for the Ravens, thats why he pushed for Ginn to be on the Dolphins. He knew he wouldnt be able to beat them down field, that's also why he took Beck. I rank him behind shula!

Has anyone else showed up today besides Camarillo?

my bad, Cobbs showed up too.

they build momentummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!! and then WC for NOTHING!!! grrrrrrrr

Finally TD for the Fins

Finally our defense gets a three and out

still a secondary away from being a real team. really? joe flacco is carving us up?

D for Miami is terrible today, they're making Flacco and Co look really really good. :(

The worst secondary in the league by far!!! We can't stop a 3rd and 10 in the fourth quarter and down by a TD? We're making the Ravens offense look the Colts.

D for Miami is terrible today, they're making Flacco and Co look really really good. :(

We have to get a shut down corner.

why in the hell is Cobbs playing so much....
remember the two wins was all ronnie and ricky
Sparano stop the men crush

again in a two weeks the dolfins can not get the run going and they don't win
two wins over a 100 yard running two loses under a 100 yards. don't run we can can win. i don't think so

hay look ronnie brown has two more yards rushing than chad p and we still don't have 100 yards rushing GO FHINS

hard to run on Baltimore. it was the free touchdown given up by the offence and the D's inability to stop the Flacco-led juggernaut in the 2nd half.

Damn Cam Cameron was better than any dolphin coach today!!!

hay look mcgahee hay 105 rushing and they win there is something to a 100+yards rushing GO FHINS

Glad to see we are back to normal, losing as usual, the defense sucked, the offense sucked, and Cam The Loser Cameron came out looking lile a big time winner, way to go fins

we will beat the bills HA HA HA GO FHINS

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