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Live blog this sunny day from Dolphin Stadium

The football season that was interrupted at the worst possible time for the Miami Dolphins by a fricken bye weekend is back on today as the team on a one-game winning streak returns to the field against the San Diego Chargers.

Today will determine some important things:

1. Are the Dolphins for real or was that victory over New England a mirage? Understand that Miami doesn't have to win to prove it is for real. Give the Chargers all they can handle and the Dolphins will earn some believers.

2. Can Miami beat a team with an actual quarterback? Phillip Rivers is rated No. 2 in the NFL among QBs.

3. How well does the Dolphin Stadium sod drain and hold up after getting soaked and trampled Saturday during the UM-FSU inundation. I remind you, in case you didn't watch the game or read this blog the past several weeks, the baseball infield is finally gone. We have a football field again!

[UPDATE: The field looks great! It's painted and it's dry.]

4. What fanciful tweaks to the Wildcat package have the Dolphins made with two weeks to prepare?

5. Does the package work in the NFL when the other team has time to prepare for it?

Anyway, I'm looking forward to today's live blog. I will also be on radio at 790-AM and 790theticket.com if you're outside South Florida, from 11-1 p.m. Listen, call, talk, whatev. I'll meet you in the comments section after kickoff.


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A win or close game will solidify the fan base.....

GO MIAMI!!!!!!

Let's hope Miami pound the ball, use our TE's and try 3 or 4 downfield to Ginn.

Oh, and it's about time our secondary come up with a pick too.

Go Miami!!!!

I don't expect a Phin win but it wouldn't surprise me either.

They have FINALLY gotten back to fundamentals, have a QB that limits mistakes, and a coaching staff that has a clue.


Guys and Gals: I have deleted the political posts and the posts complaining about the political posts because the political post isn't there anymore. Unlike most days, I'm here and monitoring the comments because there is a live blog. So any political comments leaning either way will be deleted by me.

Love you anyway!

Sorry Armando U R Right

Sorry Armando U R Right

Post From London, England that is...

My Boy Jason "Bris" Brisbane a local lad from London that has gone through the London Blitz Football Programme www.londonblitz.com is on the Practice Squad of the Chargers so my heart is torn.. but no, sorry Bris. Im still for the Phins.

Its a coming out party for Dolphins WR's today. San Diego will load the box and force the passing game to win.

Likewise on the otherside of the ball I predict the D to have great success against the Chargers running game but this will open up the passing lanes. We need to get pressure on Rivers.

We do this we win. Im hopefull. Really hopefull.

Offensive Coordinator - London Blitz

Yo Dstrock U Out There 2day

Hows L.ts Foot Injury ?

Hopefully our front seven bring havoc to Rivers
and maybe that way the secondary won't get exposed. Im expecting a pounding running game to come up big today.

Oh yeah, the special teams play must improve also.....just be competitive and Im be happy.

Get'em hype Joey!!!!!!

Hows L.ts Foot Injury ?


That post you had the other day about the Defensive/Offensive Line productivity, is that going to be a regular post.

Was very interesting to see the development of both lines..

I hope you do

Offensive Coordinator - London Blitz

lololol yes was great game, for the U. and no baseball diamond to slip and fall on...some 1 trade the Marlins, to East Paduka! They dont have that many fans anyway...do not be dissapponted if little Tuna, (AKA the coach) loses 1 for big TUNA..if they win, that would be nice..but i like idear, that they beat Pats at home..who knows they may play like winners today, but just because they lose, as long as its not 1 of those so called blowouts,that the news guys say was blow out,you know 17-6, is not blow out..the little tuna's are playing, not that great a team, today!!!... they are up and down, and lets face it they are a long way from home..and time change does have something to do with it..end of story..THEY CALL ME RICK.

Dolphins 20 S.d 31

I would like to see some big plays come out of the passing game for once today.

Wont Happen Chad Can Only Throw 25 Yds .....35 With Tropical Storm Winds.

He can throw longer than 25 yards and last time I checked the Meadowlands has some difficult winds to handle. Make some plays, we have not seen it in years.

Just saw that Hagan is inactive. How does this guy even stay on the roster with his lack of productivity. With Wilford and London active at WR, could see some jump balls near the goal line.

Haha politics. You Americans.

Fire up, the Dolphins are out to prove a point today to all the non-believers. Wide awake in Sydney Australia 3.15 am.

Come on Ricky and Ronnie..


hey guys..im in china right now..where can i watch the game!!! thanks



that will allow you to watch the game no problem. enjoy


The Ultimate dolphin fan is here. Let's beat these guys like they stole from us!

There is always a link, I forget what it is, but someone will hook you up, just keep checking.

I am anxious for this game for so many reasons. A big part of me wants to see big things from our offense again. It's just the haunting past that can't allow me to do so. Please play hard phins and continue to give us a ray of hope that we all have desperately been waiting for.

I want to see some sound D and thoughtful play calling. Is that too much to ask?


We have the D list broadcast team again.

Guys Only 12 Games Left In The Wannstadt Curse

OK guys, Tomlinson six yards on the first rush of the day.

Dstrock U On Line?

10 yards by Sproles. It will be a long day if the Dolphins can't stop the run.

Should have taken the ball...why?

Four plays. four runs. All right up the middle.

Hayden, the Dolphins deferred last game against NE also. They get the ball first in the second half.

Screen pass incomplete. Good pressure by Roth. Rivers looks shaken up.

Phillip Rivers is so theatrical.

Rivers had all day to throw on second down but no one open downfield. He is hurt.


Let's Go Dolphins

Another screnn pass -- this one complete for a first down after 11 yard gain.

Sproles up the middle. Clearly the Chargers are giving him more work than usual today. But LT is back in the game now.

L.t The Man 2 Stop

Can anybody tell a BIG play Channing Crowder has EVER made. Seriously.

Rivers pass to Buster Davis who beat Will Allen with an inside move. 16 yard gain.

Chambers lookinng like he used to look for the Dolphins on a 1 yard end around.

The play clock was at zero so timeout by Rivers.

3rd downs...man. Killing the team.

Defense not looking good

I agree Fox. Crowder is a liability at linebacker. He has not lived up to billing.

Well, the last two weeks were fun while they lasted--looks like we're back to the bottom again. Get ready to be miserably depressed.

Could B A Long Day Huh Mando

the defense hasnt looked good against any GOOD qb

Another screen. this one broken up by Andre' Goodman. Guess we know what the SD game plan is today. Screen right, left and up the middle.

Come on D, Fans have some patience you guys need to realise this is the chargers offense


Chris Crocker with pass defensed in the end zone. Good job. FG coming up.

stopp where to go D

34 yard field goal by nick kaeding. Drive was 14 plays 61 yards and took 7:18 off the clock.

can someone please post a link other than the pest guy on justintv..annoying as hell

there is no reason for patience with this secondary - its not very good

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