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Dolphins likely won't face old QB in Houston

Sage Rosenfels was one of the 10 quarterbacks I mentioned in yesterday's post that served as a bridge between Jay Fiedler and Chad Pennington the last six years. He's in Houston now. And he has started in place of a sick Matt Schaub recently.

But he's not starting against the Dolphins on Sunday.

Schaub, while still a little weak following a viral infection, is expected to be back at practice Wednesday when the Texans begin preparing for the Dolphins.

"Yeah, he should be fine," Houston coach Gary Kubiak said. "He's feeling a lot better [Monday]. I think he's still a little weak [Monday] but I think he'll be fine. He'll be back on the field Wednesday. I don't see any reason not to be."

Rosenfels played well enough to help the Texans lead Indianapolis 27-10 with four minutes to play Sunday. But then he suffered a three-turnover meltdown that opened the door for the Colts' rally and eventual victory.

The Dolphins must not underestimate the Texans, a team they have never beaten.

You can read where the Texans stand and find out they are not the disaster of a team their 0-4 record would suggest. They have some excellent players, most prominently in my mind being Andre Johnson the former Miami High and University of Miami star. (Go Stings! Go Canes!)

Anyway, it is clear Kubiak has a lot of respect for the Dolphins and will try to pass that level of respect to his players.

"I see a lot of Dallas when I watch them, defensively with what they are doing," he said. "And of course, Tony [Sparano] and Bill [Parcells] were together so long in Dallas, you know, the way they built that team very, very quickly. And then they're sitting there with two great, great backs.

"But you have to give them a ton of credit for what they've went and done here in the last two weeks. They've found something with their football team that's giving people fits and it's our turn to deal with it this week. They've done a heck of a job. Tony is a good football coach."


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Cant believe that the Dolphins are 3 point underdogs against a 0-4 team. I really find it hilarious how absolutely nobody gives us any respect, and me personally I hope they keep snubbing us, obviously fuels our fire.

I'll take the "underdog" label any day. Keep this team humble and on its toes...the biggest pitfall in front of us over the next 12 weeks is COMPLACENCY.

Can't wait for the game - GO PHINS!!

Like one of the players said: you don't get respect, you have to go out and take it.

i just hope goodman is not covering andre johnson man on man. hill will have to be there as well as bell is going to have to key on their running back.

u r correct mando, houston does not play like a 0-4 team. they had indy beat then made some really dumb plays (rosenfels diving)?

we will have our hands full. got to keep the pressure on their offense and hold the ball with our offense, no mistakes and penalties.

this will tell us where we really are. play like we did against the chargers and we win by at least 10.

Winnable like every week but 0-4 Texans will be more hungry, less over confident (and not jet lagged) than Chargers.

Horrible match-ups at both WRs - similar to AZ. Allen and Goodman didn't play that well against SD. They'll need better pressure than they generated against Chargers. And, Jake Long will have his toughest test. Mark it.

Nice to get another win with 5 out 6 games @ home following.

I believe that player was yeremiah bell

Any chance the Dolphins would be interested in Roy Williams?

Ok, this talk about the Texans not being so bad is, well, a trap.

They have allowed an average of about 160 yards rushing per game and had at least 30 points scored against them in their four games.

I'm not worried about the supposed WR/DB match-up issues on both sides of the ball. R&R are going to ram it down their throat to the tune of 200 yards rushing.

I feel sorry (well, not really) for those betting men giving the Texans points.

Enjoy the underdog status, because if we beat Houston on the road to send them to 0-5 and we go 3-2, we probably won't be the underdogs too many more times.

Chris, I thought Goodman played well against San Diego despite that one play against Jackson. I saw #21 flying around breaking up passes. Rivers was only 13-28 for 159 yards so the secondary couldn't have played that bad. DBs are going to get beat from time to time, we can't expect perfection.

Houston is a good team, their record makes it a trap game in their house. Look at their 4 losses Steelers, Titans, Jaguars, and Colts. Jacksonville and Indianapolis losses were only by 3-4 points. Colts and Steelers are less than 3 years removed from superbowl wins. Trap game I attribute the beginning of the downward spiral for the dolphins on opening day when Houston came here and beat us in 2003, on Sept 7 21-20 on a last minute field goal. Beginning of the end for Wannstedt, as he was ushered out Bates became the interim Saban was in the wings. I've drink a lot of Kool-aide since then. I consider this a big game, we ain't a fooling anybody this week we'll need our A+ game to escape with a win. FYI: Dom Capers was the Texans head coach who Saban Brought in for Defensive Cordinator when Capers was let go. We've never beat Gary Kubiak the current head coach. New Day, New Players, go Fins!

If they believe their own hype, they are in trouble.
Texans are a tough team and I am sorry, but we are NOT THAT GOOD...yet. Progress is being made, but let's be real for a moment. We are still a 5-7 win team AT BEST, and this is one that can quickly bring us back to reality. We need to have realistic expectations and understand that we are building a winner over time. We should not be surprised if we throw a stinker in this one, let's just be patient and excited about what Sparano and Parcells are doing here.

Stefin, the Steelers, Titans, Jaguars and Colts have all shown holes in the armor despite some of their records, especially the Titans who seem to win every game without doing much on offense. They are well coached. Yes the Texans have lost to some good teams, not so sure about the Jaguars this year, but we also beat two good teams. We've never beaten the Texans so that's another factor.

David, how are we a 5-7 team at best? I agree the Texans are better than their record shows but so were we last year at 0-4. They definitely need this game and it won't be easy but I'd just keep riding the wave we're on until we do lose and come back to reality. I don't get when fans predict losses that haven't happened yet when we're playing so well.

It's all about coaching though, David. The new mentality and the new staff is finally getting good preformances out of players formally referred to as hopeless. I'm much more optimistic than you. Don't count the Dolphins out yet, they could still go 8-8 or better. At any rate, this major upswing has spectacular implications in years to come, no one can argue with that.

If you boys want to beat the Texans like my boy Donovan did 24-10 on Week 1 of the 2006 season, just listen to good old Mrs. McNabb.

Send dat Mario Williams, Matt Schaub over to my house. I'll give em some Campbell's Chunky" Baked Potato with Cheddar & Bacon Bits. Campbell's is voluntarily recalling a limited quantity of 18.8 ounce cans of "Campbell's Chunky" Baked Potato with Cheddar & Bacon Bits because they may contain pieces ('bits') of hard plastic that present a choking hazard and may cause injury if swallowed.

Mrs McNabb has several cans with the special code on the bottom of the can:
JUL 08 2009 CT DT ● BZ ● 07097 XXXX

Then you boys a be winnin' like my boy Donovan. He crazy like a man who head be on fire.

Send dat traitor ND Kalu too he done gone from Filly like a traitor. Git dat Morlon Greenwood
over here too, if you like.

Houston is a team that is better than their record, but they are not a great team. Great teams would beat the Steelers, Titans, Jaguars and Colts! We have a long way to go and now we have a little momentum and swagger. Beating the Texans will still not make us a favored team, but it will be a requirement on our road to greatness. We gotta keep our heads in the game and take one team at a time. I definitely agree not to overrate Houston. I hope we play with more fire than we did last week... and that was a lot of fire. Matt Roth was a man on a mission. Did ya see his eyes? I don't think there was ANYONE that could have stopped him.

Mama McNabb... send some of that bad Chunky Soup over to all our upcoming opponents. I know you may be running low now that you have Lane Kiffin, Scott Linehan, Matt Millen, and the entire Seattle Seachicken team at the table!

Mrs McNabb, funny. good character.
Dolphins are not in a position to take anyone lightly. This coaching staff seems to be the smartest football wise since Shula got the boot. Cam is an offensive coach and good at it, more likely Sparano's IQ doesn't match Cams or Sabans but... this guy knows what he wants and is getting it.

Watched Matt Roth this last game. I just had the impression that Chris Long couldn't have played this position much better. Roth was supposed to be a Nick Saban 2nd rd bust. This dolphin team is in rebuilding mode and contending.

If Buffalo doesn't get QB Edwards healthy and of the field, they will battling NE for div cellar at end of season. Miami will get 2 or 3 in division... Don't read too much into 2 wins, season is 16 and REgretably stated Pennington has only one season that he didn't miss playing time due to injury.

ms mcnubb,

i want sum dat sup to sto fo da winta, 'cause fins gonna kep me da watchin usins whop sum mo assums tills dcemba

Matt Roth looks crazy at times.

Matt Roth is crazy sometimes. I like dat.

Go Phins, beat Houston for the first time ever.

I believe we can do it.

We beat N.E then S.D. and end up being 3 point underdogs to the 0-4 Texans. 1-15 is still hanging over our heads. No respect. I hope we go into Houston and smash them right in the mouth.

We're becoming a team. Let's make a statement.

I also believe that the Phins should not fall into the trap of taking this one lightly, and I don't think the coaching staff will let that happen. But I also think that the Texans will be reeling from that devasting loss last week-end, being up by 2 TD's w/ four minutes to go, I mean that is going to take more than 1 week to let go of!! I think our timing is great on this one, It would have been tougher if the Texans had won big, with momentum going into this coming weeks game. Losing beggits losing, and winning, to more winning, unless a team gets over-confident. My Take, anyway

It's funny that somebody said that the texans have 4 losses vs steelers, titans, jaguars and colts and yeah, those are pretty good teams.
But what about giving credit to the dolphins due to the fact that they beat the patriots (dont say they didnt have brady, he dont play defense) and the chargers ( were favorite to win the AFC) and im sure it aint no fluke, i dont think they're gonna make it to the playoffs but an 8-8 record isn't out question.
i like our chances vs houston, i really think we could beat them on the road.

I agree with the last post. Texans have got to be hurting,and its hard to get up for practice when things are sour. Not to mention that the blame game starts, shaub is suppose to start. I am not sure on that,viral infections tend to linger when you are pouring out energy all day in the heat. We can win this game if our special teams starts playing better, and our secondary will stop giving up big plays on 3rd and long. We would have to continue to play as well as we have on offense and D-line. Punt returners need to catch the ball and quit letting it hit the ground for a 20-30 yard loss. Bess looks good,but needs better blocking. On the fumble he had,we had guys right there that missed blocks, or else he could have busted that run. The other weakness is 3rd and long on defense. Seems we dont get the pass rush on this down and then our coverage just gets lost on deep routes.I am not satisfied in giving up long td's after stopping them on the run. Some say thats going to happen,well I say,yes it definitly will with that mind set. Make the adjustment and shut down the long ball, let ronnie eat the clock for long drives for td's, stop houstons running game, and play penalty free football. Miami-27, houston-16 GO MIAMI!


It's Schaub, with a C. I'm very disappointed in you. First, you don't know the scores of Fins games. Now, you don't know how to spell the opponents' names. You're slippin dude.

We(Dolphins) have a dominant offensive and defensive line and will force our will on the other team. Make sure you have your next home game ticket VS Baltimore because once we beat Houston, the house will be rocking at Dolphin Stadium.

Dolphins 31 Houston 10

im gonna be at the fin game here in houston 12 rows up from the goal post im trying to figure out what to put on my sign to get air time..

c had
b eats
s chaub

ive got that so far any ideas guys???

How about...

Sparano's Team

How about...

Sparano's Team

C ant
B e
S topped

3-pt dogs?

C lueless
B ook
S pread

Please cut the following players:


Thank you!

I like being the underdog...The tables have turned Miami has shown they are for real...Miami 21 Houston 17 get used to close games that the D wins...!!!

I live here in NE Pats (re: patsies) area, just south of Boston, MA - but am a life long dolfan...it is so good to see back to back wins, and i really believe this team is turning a corner when it comes to confidence, and team play, especailly on the defensive side of the ball, although i have to admit that i am still scared of our FS/SS play, especailly evident in that game against the Cardinals...but i am looking at a W this wknd, and another against the "Joe Flacco" Ravens week after that...then crush the Bills for a 5-2 record...GO FINS>>>

I'll be at the game on Sunday. First row corner End Zone...I'm still trying to come up with a good sign, but I think I will get aire time because of the Bright Orange Ronnie Brown jersey and the bright orange hat I'll be wearing...I've been to Houston the past 3 years only to see my Phins lose...This is the year...GO PHINS!!!!

Mr742- WHY would you cut Pennington? He has brought some much needed stability to the QB position, has been a key part of the Wildcat offense, and certainly has brought some much needed experience, patience and excitement to our Dolphins. To even suggest letting him go right now is ridiculous.. Just my opinion though.

houston is a dangerous 0-4 team. it's not like we're playing detroit, st louis or cincinnati. the texans could easily be 2-2. but i like our focus and concentration and think we will come home with a ''w''.

Im thinkin more like 11-5 and a little halftime meeting with "Rosalita" at 2009 SB....cant underestimate the beatings just administered to Pats and Bolts...if the Jets or some other has beens had done that, people would be going nuts..thats two manly performances in a row this early in the season..WAIT TIL WE JELL in DECEMBER...most of these guys havent played 16 games TOGETHER...and they have already beaten the likes of RIVERS, LT and THE PATS in FOXBORO!!!!! wtf guys and wake up, this is the real deal...WORST TO FIRST has happened before

There are about 3 of you that have any kind of sense, and the rest of you are just dillusional. You beat New England without Brady, and a QB that hasn't started a game since high school...Wow. You beat the Chargers without Merriman...Wow. Look at who the Texans have played and how close they played them. You are crazy if you think you are going to come to H-Town and punch anybody in the mouth. Stop playing the "we don't get any respect" card. You were 1-15 last year, and you haven't earned any respect yet.

as a realistic finfan gotta agree with KO

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