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Dolphins likely won't face old QB in Houston

Sage Rosenfels was one of the 10 quarterbacks I mentioned in yesterday's post that served as a bridge between Jay Fiedler and Chad Pennington the last six years. He's in Houston now. And he has started in place of a sick Matt Schaub recently.

But he's not starting against the Dolphins on Sunday.

Schaub, while still a little weak following a viral infection, is expected to be back at practice Wednesday when the Texans begin preparing for the Dolphins.

"Yeah, he should be fine," Houston coach Gary Kubiak said. "He's feeling a lot better [Monday]. I think he's still a little weak [Monday] but I think he'll be fine. He'll be back on the field Wednesday. I don't see any reason not to be."

Rosenfels played well enough to help the Texans lead Indianapolis 27-10 with four minutes to play Sunday. But then he suffered a three-turnover meltdown that opened the door for the Colts' rally and eventual victory.

The Dolphins must not underestimate the Texans, a team they have never beaten.

You can read where the Texans stand and find out they are not the disaster of a team their 0-4 record would suggest. They have some excellent players, most prominently in my mind being Andre Johnson the former Miami High and University of Miami star. (Go Stings! Go Canes!)

Anyway, it is clear Kubiak has a lot of respect for the Dolphins and will try to pass that level of respect to his players.

"I see a lot of Dallas when I watch them, defensively with what they are doing," he said. "And of course, Tony [Sparano] and Bill [Parcells] were together so long in Dallas, you know, the way they built that team very, very quickly. And then they're sitting there with two great, great backs.

"But you have to give them a ton of credit for what they've went and done here in the last two weeks. They've found something with their football team that's giving people fits and it's our turn to deal with it this week. They've done a heck of a job. Tony is a good football coach."