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Miami Dolphins receivers are awesome!

The headline got your attention, didn't it?

OK, so maybe the Dolphins don't have the most dynamic receivers in the NFL. Maybe they don't scare anyone. Maybe they're just, well, there.

But at least they don't drop passes.

That is the contention of Stats Inc. and ESPN and this blog post by Pat Yasinskas. According to the chart on his blog, the Dolphins are the only NFL team that has not dropped a pass this season.

I did a quick survey of my memory and could not remember a drop this regular season. There were a ton in the preseason so unless you guys can remember one, it means the receivers have definitely addressed one of their preseason shortcomings.


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great you have no jinxed us and we will drop a pass this week thanks a lot armando

There is no pleasing you people.

It helps to have one of the most accurate passers in NFL history tossing the football too. Good job guys! Now let's get Crabtree and/or Roy Williams to compliment our second year QB in 2009.

way to go armando i hope you knocked on wood for an hour straight after you wrote this lol

Armando any news on the blackout issue?

I could've sworn hagan had a drop 2 games ago- was I wrong?

Honestly...who cares? We've played three games, and we all know we don't have a top-tier receiver. We're hoping Ginn will show us something, ANYTHING and Bess to be that diamond-in-the-rough we thought we were getting with Hagan.

Damn you, Scam Scameron.

has the game been blacked out?

A-man -- how many times has the ball been thrown to WRs? Most of the passes have gone to TEs.


Thanks for the info. I love your blogs. Just b/c we don't all reply with ridiculous banter, doesn't mean we don't enjoy them. Keep up the good work!

BTW, you are 1000% better than Skolnick.


Armando... they can't get open either

OK I think I have this figured out, Tony feel free to interupt, the ones that get open can't catch; those that can't get open have soft hands. That's a downward spiraling ying-yang if I've ever seen one.

All we need now are some parapaliegic runningbacks with good hands, and speedster with the propencity to fumble. A quarterback that throws double digit touchdowns to both Dolphins and opponents allike and then there's Penington. Maybe we can combine lineman that draw no penelies but offer defensive linemen red carpet treatment towards the backfield, or perhaps we perfer a hold specialist (double edge there).

Football is the best sport ever because they only play once a week. The rest of the time is for journalist to research wish-wash bs to keep feeding us paranas pointless facts.

We have the most talentless wide-outs I have ever seen in this organization as well as others. This statistic reveals only one thing our guys are not reaching far enough to make tough grabs.

May the spirit of Ted Gin wake up... please
or maybe the coaches will give up on him and just have him returning kick-offs and punts.

Hagan had a couple of drops during preseason, but has barely been targeted in the regular season. I would bet money that the Dolphins receivers combined have fewer pass targets/catches than any other team in the league, thus the stat is illegitimate.

For some reason I read receivers as 'wide receivers' not as pass targets as the referenced blog refers to. In that case, his numbers are completely bogus because I believe both Ronnie and Ricky have dropped passes this season, and I know for a fact that David Martin dropped one.

What's the point? we're 1-2 and that's what matters!!!
It's not like we have the most productive receiving corp or somethin' like that.
my point is: NO BIG DEAL!! next please!!

Sure hope "drop it" Chambers remembers
how he dropped all those easy one's this

That is because Hagan has not been thrown too.

Chad has only made 83 attempts in 3 games about 27 per game, where most of the top QB's have made an average of 10 more attempts per game. That would have something to do with it as well. But i will say Chad is exactly what Miami needed at this point he is a very good and consistent QB who will not make foolish mistakes.....

There is no pleasing you people.

Posted by: Armando Salguero

Now thats funny.

Have we thrown any to wide receivers???? They've pretty much been invisible.

What do you mean, you people? What do you mean you people, huh..Armando?

We don't have wide receivers.

Maybe Ted Ginn should of hung out with Travis Henry this week for more exposure. Whats sad is that Ginn will be an average reciever in the NFL. He is not a good route runner and he will never be a good one either. The trifecta has no faith in him and i trust their judgement. What the hell was cam thinking !!!!! If you look at his college highlights Ted Ginn outran the DB's. He never made spectacular catches or made catches over the middle. Mando I will give Ginn one more year to play like a pro because two people showed me that last year wasnt his fault for producing. Trent srambled eggs Green and Joseph Smith Oh I mean John Beck. Riddle me this Mando why isnt he returning kicks or punts? Thats about as mysterious as the Wildcat formation. Theres this guy his name is Devin Hester. News Flash Special Teams made him a star.


good coaching. good concentration.

Can you believe I get paid to do this. I plagiarized this one line article and then played golf the rest of the day. I'll have an equally intriging piece tomorrow. Can you spell "Pullitzer" !

Silly rabbit imitator. I don't play golf. Folks in my 'hood didn't play golf. Baseball yes, football, basketball yes. Golf? That's for rich people.

Come on, ease up on 'mando. He is a drunken republican, not from the barrio. He also took all political content off both his blog post, the subsequent comments and his bizarre drunken replies.
Just to remind you Armando, democrats are Dolphin fans too you dummy.
I dare you to keep this post up and not display stalinist revisionism.

If the last 4 comments are up in the morning I will eat my hat, well not really but you get the point.

I have to say I can't remember many dropped passes this year. Clear drops that is. However I would like to see some more big plays from the passing game. We're doing okay short and midrange with some run after the catch for 1st downs, but no big plays. We could use a few of those sprinkled in there.

Hey lagfish, way to go! It never fails that someone tries to turn a football blog into a political blog. Keep your politics to yourself and talk about it somewhere else. We don't need to hear your political views here.

You're a Democrat and you're likely voting for Obama. Teriffic! Next!

no hagan on the field = no drops

Yeah No Drops So Far This Year,why 2 Jinx The Fish Armando,how About U Now Jinx Ur Republicans Now By Declearing A Mccain/palin Win..p.s Any One Not Registered 2 Vote Needs To Register By The 6th Please We Need To Stop That Old Man And His Nurse From Getting Into The White House...p.s +1 Wannstadt Sucks

Yeah No Drops So Far This Year,why 2 Jinx The Fish Armando,how About U Now Jinx Ur Republicans Now By Declearing A Mccain/palin Win..p.s Any One Not Registered 2 Vote Needs To Register By The 6th Please We Need To Stop That Old Man And His Nurse From Getting Into The White House...p.s +1 Wannstadt Sucks

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