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On Wilford, Hagan and today's live blog

If you read my column that ran in today's paper and is on the website, you would see how coach Tony Sparano believes he has three receivers on the roster whose roles are well defined. Beyond that, Sparano said, "the waters start to get muddy."

How muddy?

Well, today Ernest Wilford and Derek Hagan are both inactive for this game against Houston.

Anyway, we'll be blogging live starting in the comments section here. We'll move to a new post at the start of every quarter and jump to the comments section there.


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where can i find game on line today?????

still waitin for it to show up on justin.tv but its not there yet. I hope it shows up. GO DOLPHINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Shows it every week

Well if we lose today the decision to have those 2 guys inactive is going to weigh like an anchor around sparano's neck

I am sorry, but you have to have either Wilford or Hagan active. You got to see if they can do something.

By the way, remember the damn Jets game where we had nobody with the ability to go get it in the endzone at the end of the game.

Not good, boys.

Well, London will get his chance beyond STs.

Wilford is a the biggest (maybe only) Trifecta bust. Got his (6mil) and quit trying -- generally means he doesn't really enjoy football. Got a feeling Pennington doesn't really trust Hagan either...

Tough match-ups for Dolphin's DBs today and Texans have an excellent TE.

ty,,,,,,,,,we better win this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not Sure If This Is A Must Win,but It Would Show The Vegas People To Show A Little R.e.s.p.e.c.t! Houston Favored By 3...

Go Fish

Just as a reminder of Travis Johnson's disgusting act when he talked crap over an unconscience Trent Green. I hope Miami gives him some physical play back or makes it hurt even more by sending these guys to 0-5.


How can Steve Slaton have success in this league?

Need more production frm Ted Ginn Jr's family

They should throw a wrinkle in where they line up in the wildcat and then switch to a regular formation and throw deep.

OK, guys the Dolphins win the toss and defer. here we gooooooo.

must win game

I do not like this deferring stuff

Houston establishes Andre Johnson on first down. That is the key matchup for Miami on D today. The secondary vs. Johnson and Walter -- two big WRs.

Come on, Steve Slaton?

i dont like the start.

Slaton got a couple of good blocks, one on Bell, one on Will Allen.

yes. interception!!


Joey Porter aint playing around!

Ayodele EXCELLENT athletic move to run his body practically all the way around to make the INT

will we see alot of the wild cat today?

No huddle on third down.

the pass from Pennington was behind Fasano. Incomplete on third down.

we had the rb open on that one

Hmm, 3rd & 1 and we don't run?

i didnt like that call.

wasted interception

Penny had a checkdown eh to Brown?

by the way, I'm told ESPN's Mortensen reported the Lions not going to trade Roy Williams while Glazer reported on Fox they're open to trading him.

slaton was very good in west virginia

That is the second big running play to the right side that Houston has had success with.

run defense looking shaky

another first down

Mando, you keep pushing Roy Williams. Do you know something you're not telling us?

geez. i have a bad feeling about this one

TE Owen Daniels beats Channing Crowder in coverage for a first down pass.

Texans in passing mode now on second down.

they are picking us apart already

I love Andre' Davis. I wondered why the Dolphins didn't try to sign him in the offseason. Good returner, too.

should have ran for the first

our o needs to put a long drive together to give our d some rest. if we keep going 3 and out its going to be a long day

ANOTHER ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yes interception again

Another interception. Andre' Goodman gets this one. And the crowd is hating on Matt Schaub.

now lets run the ball


WOW...Goodman actually got a pick...amazing

thank goodness for goodman because channing powder was beaten

That felt like it was a setup for something we haven't seen yet.


Too easy

wow. a new rinkle


That was something we had not seen yet.

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