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On Wilford, Hagan and today's live blog

If you read my column that ran in today's paper and is on the website, you would see how coach Tony Sparano believes he has three receivers on the roster whose roles are well defined. Beyond that, Sparano said, "the waters start to get muddy."

How muddy?

Well, today Ernest Wilford and Derek Hagan are both inactive for this game against Houston.

Anyway, we'll be blogging live starting in the comments section here. We'll move to a new post at the start of every quarter and jump to the comments section there.


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Our d needs to pick it up!!

Paul Soliai sighting

have to get in schaub's face or this will be arizona all over again

Dial up a blitz or do you play coverage? Bring the house I say.

defense is terrible

10 Reason Why Iam Glad Wayne Huizinga Is No Longer Majority Owner #1 Jimmy Johnson#2dave(i Cant Coach)wannstadt..#3cam(cant Win)cammron#4sabin #5the Gm From 2001 Till The Tuna Fired Him Dont Rember His Name#6 Will Theres A Bunch More But Iam Going 2 Watch The Game So So long A**hole I Hope U Die

we have to get some first downs here... Ds been on the field the whole game

Guys, the live blog has moved to the comments section of the new post. Go now!!

Brandon Lloyd?

Where's Cobb been hiding?

Whohooo, Patrick Cobbs again, amaizing! Now it's not only Ricky and Ronnie Show, we have Cobbs as well! (Remember like Morris, Zsonka and Kiick? keeping the distance of course!)

goodman sucks bad - needs to go

man the differance is night and day with porter from last year to this year

Tough holding penalty.

man not 1 catch by a wr yet - not good

WRs coming in next year will be great and will help tremendously but even without them today they would've won if the DBS didn't suck. We need a shutdown corner and a better free safety. Offense did everything they could to win this game and if the Defense makes a stop they are 3-2.

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