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Ravens lead Dolphins 17-6 going to 3rd quarter

The Dolphins had a tough time in the second quarter, seeing a 3-3 tie erased before their eyes as the Ravens got touchdowns on both offense and defense.

The Ravens turned an otherwise routine pass attempt to Patrick Cobbs into a 44-yard interception return touchdown by Terrell Suggs. The Dolphins fought back with a field goal by Dan Carpenter, his second of the day, but that wasn't quite good enough to keep them close.

The Ravens responded with a TD drive in the two-minute drill, scoring on an 11-yard pass from quarterback Joe Flacco to receiver Derrick Mason.

The first half was the worst half of football by the Dolphins so far this season.

Quarterback Chad Pennington has completed 8 of 15 passes for 96 yards. He misfired on the interception that was returned for a score.

Ronnie Brown has been contained as well. He has 16 yards on 100 carries. Greg Camarillo has three receptions but dropped a TD pass.

OK, join me in the comments section below for the resumption of the live blog.


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Congratulations to Master for making it through an entire half without ripping someone or getting negative.

You are now released Master. Go for it.

our d-linemen have disappeared since that first series

ok d come out and give us a three and out fire up the offense they need help

The real Dolphins have shown up. I guess we can remove the team picture from the sides of the milk cartons. This is the performance we've come to know, expect and loathe these last far-too-many years. I can't take this anymore.

fireeverybody will you stfu. you just sound stupid.

Maybe Ginn could be a good db as well?

Bring on Henne...I have seen enough of noodle arm!!!!!

they better give it to ronnnie more and haveginn returning punts.

the turnover has killed us

What chaps me about the Fins is they never have the heart to come back in such situations.

d has to make some plays here

Phins D needs to make a big play here! the offense needs all the help it can get cuz it stinks today.

I think I threw up in my mouth a little bit...

Nice adjustments so far by Miami's defense.

3 first half possessions from the ravens and they are up 17-6

great job clogging the middle guys

not what i was looking for d

get the ball back guys! fumble or dare i say an int

this is going to get ugly

I cannot believe Joe Flacco has a 119.7 passer rating versus Miami.

They've already given up...Good job guys

just terrible. armando, any new news on a cb? ty law?

this is just pathetic. im done.

oh come on d

Wow, like 4 guys in the backfield and they D doesn't make the tackle.

the Dolphins blitzed and Willis ran right past all the blitzers.

What you talkin' Willis?

This is what happens when you run a 3-4 defensef then inactivate 1 of your only 2 Nose tackles. Boy the NFL Dolphins are a joke

D line needs to show up and stop the run! need to force flaco to pass the ball...

let me guess run

Nice halftime adjustments

why is rodridue wright inactive?

3rd down is our problem.

cue the paper bags buys

F@cked up Coaching

You won't believe this but there is actually a chant of Heeeeeeap in the stadium. Amazing. By the way, the crowd is awful. Dead.

this is pathetic

wtf a long day

Right down the field WTF

Running right through us.

about time

Well the secondary's gettin tons of tackles, cause they're runnin' right passed the first 2 levels

I can't take this. Flacco? McGahee? My God, how bad are we?

The best thing that can happen to us is a ravens TD.

Channing Powder aint SH$T.

The Ravens offense is a juggernaut!!!

just awful. armando, anything on ty law?

ravens are playing pattycake with the dolphins horrible defense.

Come on everyoen, lets have some confidence in our team to come back...We can do it, we just need to play better and Im sure the players know this

We make Flacco look like Manning.

The saddest part about this is that the AFC east has been up for grabs for 2 weeks

good start to second half

I know everybody hates Cameron, but he's calling a pretty good series right now.

farrington07, shut up.

Unibrow misses a wide open TD.

good thing flacco sucks or we would be down big

I guess Cam is a genius

Heap was so open. Chris Crocker is not getting it done.

thank god flacco blowsssss

we got so lucky

Wide open and Flacco misses

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