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Ravens lead Dolphins 17-6 going to 3rd quarter

The Dolphins had a tough time in the second quarter, seeing a 3-3 tie erased before their eyes as the Ravens got touchdowns on both offense and defense.

The Ravens turned an otherwise routine pass attempt to Patrick Cobbs into a 44-yard interception return touchdown by Terrell Suggs. The Dolphins fought back with a field goal by Dan Carpenter, his second of the day, but that wasn't quite good enough to keep them close.

The Ravens responded with a TD drive in the two-minute drill, scoring on an 11-yard pass from quarterback Joe Flacco to receiver Derrick Mason.

The first half was the worst half of football by the Dolphins so far this season.

Quarterback Chad Pennington has completed 8 of 15 passes for 96 yards. He misfired on the interception that was returned for a score.

Ronnie Brown has been contained as well. He has 16 yards on 100 carries. Greg Camarillo has three receptions but dropped a TD pass.

OK, join me in the comments section below for the resumption of the live blog.


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wow this team really sucks big time today. should be 24 -6 now

wide open

big stop right there, offense needs to score on the next drive

Crocker needs to be unemployed. Allen is better than him.

Hey Armando, I thought you said "Cam Cameron misses on QB again, Ravens draft Flacco" Flacco's destroying our pathetic defense right now.

got lucky there. our DB's dont have a clue once again.

I am no longer a Dolphan. I will only be on this blog to show you guys how pathetic this team is in hopes that you also jump off the bandwagon. From here on in there will be nothing but negative comments coming from me. Screw these bums

I wouldn't go so far as to call Cam a genius. But he did dial up some nice stuff in that drive.

In all fairness if Camirillo and Allen caught those balls we'd at worst be tied...Of course, that's the problem with this team

Earl, Joe Flacco's keeping the Dolphins in this game. he's missed at least two TD passes already. What game you watching?

Only need three quick scores.HaHaHa

cam is a genius and the corners suck. armando, can you freaking answer me, any news on ty law?

crocker and goodman need to be playing in the CFL!

thank god we have doubled our win total from last year.

to each is their own

dolphan4life, have you ever said anything that wasn't negative...Maybe you should just spare us all and hang yourself

what other wide receiver is playing other than camarillo????

Mando--forgive if you've already said, but what is nature & extent of Fergie's injury?

if we dont score on this drive then game over

ty law ain't coming here! he would rather stay home and eat ribs and drink beer.

biggest possession of the game for us right here

What is positive to say about these bums. I hate cheering for losers. If they start winning I still wouldn't care. Your Miami Dolphins are a joke

we need a score, and I am a dolfan for life. I have confidence in these guys, they will be competitive until the end

Dolphins need to show a little fight on offense this series or this game could get ugly.

camarillo for prez!

Camarillo really is similar to Welker, fights hard for every yard.

boy Chad looks less confident with each play here today

then, as I said, do us all a favor and hang yourself

Look a completion

Water pistol Chad has no zip on the ball. Great high school quaterback he is.

Where is A Armstron. Step up take a sip of coffee your on. I think we can still win this guys !!! Get behind this win COME ON !!!!

remember when we all wondered why coaching staff liked Cobbs?

Cobbs is lookin pretty darn good wow!

just get cobbs and camarillo the ball. lol

wow a pass thrown in the middle

We're great between the 30's!

corn on the cobbs making plays today. need to pick him up for my fantasy team.

Pennington has made Martin look spectacular this year and I had him written off last year

That pass will be picked 80% of the time

wtf ginn caught a ball

cobbs and camarillo are the best receivers in Miami. hahaha

lets go, keep it going team

need a td here.

Told you, not against the RAvens.

3 yd loss


The wildcat is back-door football.

you dont go to the wildcat till a crucial situation? terrible playcalling the last 2 weeks.

A real QB would have had a touchdown. Where did you find this joke of a QB. Wildcat High School Football looses yards. Boy this team is a joke

Ravens D attacking Brown on Wildcat, per the Rdio doodz

did it look like that was suppose to be a pass

need to pass from the cat, ravens are focusing on the run.

field goal i guess

woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!

Pennington to Bess for a TD. it is a game again.

call a pass to Bess-

Nice drive, just what we needed!

ya davone bess. thats all he should be doing. keep ginn returning punts.


Touchdown about f@#^ing time

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