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Ronnie Brown Player of Week again? [With poll]

Ronnie Brown is at it again and you can help him.

For the second consecutive week, Brown is nominated for the FedEx Ground player of the week in the NFL. Brown, who gained 125 yards on 24 attempts against the San Diego Chargers Sunday, is a finalist along with Washington's Clinton Portis and Carolina's Angelo Williams.

Portis had 145 yards on 29 carries against Philadelphia and Williams had 123 yards on 20 carries against Kansas City. Obviously, Portis had the more impressive outing as he had more yards and it came against the NFL's No. 1 rush defense.

But that doesn't matter. What matters is how many votes every player gets from you, the fans. That is where you, the fans, come in. Fans can vote right here starting today through 11 a.m. on Friday. The winner is announced Friday afternoon.

This potential honor for Brown, which would be the second of the season for him, got me wondering ... which player is Miami's MVP at the quarter pole?

I know it is only one-quarter of the way through the season, but everyone must admit the Dolphins have accomplished some unexpected things so far. So take the poll below and let me know who your MVP pick is so far.

After you've taken the poll, tell me why you think that player is the MVP in the comments section.


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I chose Chad Pennington. I don't think his play has been overly spectacular, but the guy really has made only one error in four games — the last play of the game against the Jets. Other than that, he has been an efficient starting quarterback and perhaps more importantly, brought much-needed stability and LEADERSHIP to a young huddle.

some might consider this homerism... but i voted for brown.

i also voted for eli.

mainly because i didn't want to vote for warner and eli has been looking fantastic so far. it seems like their run from last year hasn't stopped.

Ronnie is tied for the league lead in TDs and is 11 months removed from ACL surgery. He has been the lead catalyst for our offense in both wins. He gets extra love from me for that TD pass he threw to Fasano against the Pats.

i don't have one for mvp

You link in Paragraph 3 is broken..

Salguero Rocks!

Ronnie is the talent, Chad is the leader... Which one to choose? People need not forget that Joey Porter is putting up Jason Taylor type numbers (minus the INT return for a TD that comes every year, but theres still time ;). He is at the top of the sack column and has his bye week over with...

Per MiamiDolphin.com -- This week's nominees are:

Coach of the Week -- Tony Sparano
Ground Player of the Week -- Ronnie Brown
Rookie of the Week -- Jake Long

Go Vote!!!!!

As for the above poll -- kinda tough. Ronnie B. is AWESOME, JPeezy has a lot to do with the attitude on the Defense, but Penny is the leader and without him imagine where we would be.

Mando, perhaps you should split this up. Like make a category for offensive mvp and defensive mvp. That would make picking a lot easier.

Also, I've submitted questions to your boy darlington on his forum the past couple of weeks and he never answers. WTF is the kid's problem? Does he know how to read English or is he just too lazy to answer?

Ronnie gets my vote. Without his vision and instincts the turnaround was not possible.
Thank all dolphins and coaches for the 2 game winning streak, we all needed that badly. Now, last two mondays I have worn my best smile and clothes to work.
Mando, thank you for your positive comments.
Thank you
Thank you

While all the Dolphins in your poll deserve to be mentioned and have all played key roles in the Dolphins success, Ronnie Brown has to be the team MVP thus far if you have to pick just one. He is leading the league in TDs and has been a force in the team's two wins!

I voted for Penny. His acquisition changed the timbre of our offense. Before he showed up, no one really took effective control of the huddle, or of the O. He is teaching our two young QB's how to get it done, within his own limitations. If Henne, and Beck can pick up the way Penny goes about his business, they BOTH have a chance to be good QB's in this league. Ronnie's been Fabu!, but I believe Penny deserves a ton of credit. This is coming from one of the guys saying "Here we go again" when we picked him up. Mr. Pennington, I was wrong. It is a pleasure to have you in town.

Had to vote "other" to vote for an Offensive Lineman. I guess that anonymity is as it should be, but nobody would be running, passing or wildcatting very well if the line wasn't making it happen...

I want to give it to Ronnie (and he deserves it), but I think the way the offense is rolling can mostly be accredited to Pennington being a leader, not making mistakes, and showing/teaching the rest of the guys on offense the work ethic it takes to be a good offense. I can't know this for sure since I'm not there, but I'm almost certain that that the impact he is having on this team throughout the week (in practice, in the film room, extra study sessions) is playing a major role in the way we have played the last two weeks....not to mention the great game plans the coaches have put together. And the player who is benefiting the most from Pennington is probably Chad Henne. With all the skills he already has, I'm sure he is learning a hell of a lot more from Mr. Noodle arm himself, which puts us in a good position for years to come. So my vote goes to Pennington.

I'm voting Yeremiah Bell for MVP through 4. This guy has been THE guy on a real good (minus Arizona game) defense. This guy can be seen EVERYWHERE. A lot of times when I look for safeties while watching any game, it's hard to find them make plays. I usually see Ed Reed, Polamalu, Laron Landry and Bob Sanders. Well, you can put Yeremiah Bell up there as well, I see him all the time. As long as he doesn't regress or get injured, he'll be at least one Dolphin in the pro bowl and there are many reasons to back that statement...

There is only one man who should be FedEx Ground Player of the Week...Reggie Bush.


Great stuff today Mando!

No doubt, it's Ronnie Brown. One play exemplifies why Ronnie Brown is the MVP, and that is his touchdown run against the Chargers. First, he hurried the snap as the play clock was almost expired. That type of quarterback mentality in an RB is incredible and is why the Wildcat even works. But then, his stop-on-a-dime side-step to give him a clear path to the endzone on the outside, literally untouched, shows he is a top RB as well. Without Ronnie Brown, the Wildcat doesn't work and the Dolphins might arguably be looking at 0-4. So, assuming the coaching staff is not in consideration for MVP, it's Ronnie.

Hey Armondo! Do the last two games the Dolphins have played remind you of the Presidential race going on over the same period of time? Its like the Dolphins inched ahead of New Engand quarter by quarter, with the patriot fans hoping almost to the end, and then, the Chargers never able to recover from the second quarter points put up by the Dolphins? Yeah, yeah, yeah, we don't want to interject politics and football, unless YOU do it, right?

I am one of the few that chose Anthony Fasano. Ronnie Brown is the obvious pick with the last 2 games being wins and he played exceptional in each. But the fact cannot be ignored that Fasano has been the most consistent play maker on this team so far this season. Unlike Brown, Porter, and Bell, he was even making plays in the 2 losses. And I can't go with Pennington for the sheer fact that, even though he has been consistent and only threw the one pick against the Jets, he has not had an amazing performance as of yet...and he threw a pick against the JETS. Wow do I hate the Jets.

Please cut the following players -


Thank you

Oh yeah...I voted for RB

It's a long way to the play-offs....gotta have faith.Go fins,lol,GO DODGERS!

Team game. Sparano as in other. Courage, tenacity and he believes. A true inspiration and leader.
Look at where we are and where we were.

Yeah, I guess my vote is from my blood. I love the Canes, I love the Dolphins. But when it comes to Canes in the NFL, they always have my vote. Sorry Ronnie, I picked Portis, thats my boy. GO CANES

Voted for Ronnie Brown, he has not only played well but has shown enthusiasm and toughness! Since this is the quarter pole, I think Ronnie is the choice, I do think over the long season Bell may surprise us but he would need to pick up a few interceptions/fumbles and maybe score a TD to overtake Ronnie!

i voted for brown because he is doing most of the scoring, but these 2 wins have very much been a team effort.
brown is a beast! when stopped he always falls forward for an extra yard. his vision looks better than ever. he is following his blocks better. he has quick feet, i saw cuts in traffic i never thought he could make, especially after the knee.
penington,has been a leader. he doesn't make mistakes, he completes at a higher rate than any QB we've had since early marino. 1 int in 4 games and that was a desperation end of game toss. he teaches on the field, and has great play action.
both TE's have done more than we've seen from TE's in a very long time. they both help in the running game and both have made an impact in the passing game.
this very young line has grown very fast! the run blocking has been great and they are getting better at pass protecting.
WR's really are the weakest area. when guys like hagan and willford have made almost no impact, that is a problem. thankfully camerillo and bess are doing ok. ginn needs to be a playmaker.
the D-line has depth, they are stuffing the run and getting pressure. matt roth is starting to make me forget taylor, he has been a great bookend to porter this week and seems to be getting better. now that porter is in the 3-4 defense he is earning that money cam gave him!!
the secondary is still the weakest area on the defense but they are getting better. hopefully they continue to gel as a unit.
coaching. on both sides of the ball they have been making the right calls. sparano, love him!! he's just the right mix of calm and rah, rah. he rewards great play and teaches up mistakes.
front office. what can you say?? tons of hits, only a couple misses. the draft and FA pick-ups have overall been an A. other than willford, and adding 2 RB's via the draft, every thing else is golden. long-great. henne-future star. langford and merling-bookends, starks-line clogger, fasano-go to TE, bess and carpenter-RFA gold. i'm sure there is ever more but WOW! talk about a new look that has worked well!!
i know we are only 2-2 and of those 2 wins i wish one was the jets instead, Hate the jets. but after a 1-15 season i was hoping 6 wins for the season. but now? i feel hope. with the weak schedule, no brady, the overall decline of the AFC? we have a playoff shot.

Isn't it a tad bit early for MVP votes?

I guess I'll chime in....I would pick Ronnie Brown. He has been impressive in back to back wins and the future looks bright. I say keep giving the ball to Ronnie & let him run. :o)

I went with Fasano. I got to see alot of Cowboys games last season and he has the potential to become a big threat TE, he just couldn't show when the 'boys had a guy named "Witten" on the roster.
And Fasano has opened up a lot of options for Pennington, but more so for the receivers. After the first two games, he lead in yards, which means defenses will have to pay attention to him, opening up some opportunities for the wide outs.
I would have gone with Ronnie Brown, but it's the system they placed him, not his talent. He has been stellar of late, but I want to see him post big numbers with plentiful TD's without the Wildcat threat before I name him MVP. I think he can do it, and I hope he can produce.

Did he have the WildCat last year when he was destroying people behind a less than stellar line? He was leading the league in yards from LOS before he got his knee tore up. He waws the only thing worth watching the games for. Why don't you read a nice little article that Tim Grahmm at ESPN wrote showing how he sizes up against other RB's in the league. People who doubt this kids abilities are clueless.

I chose Chad. Sure, Ronnie has had fantastic numbers, but he had fantastic numbers last year, too, before he busted up his knee.

What Chad has brought is a sense of calm and a confidence that you don't need Ronnie to do it all in one play. Chad has allowed the defence to not feel as if they need to carry the team, which they were unable to do last year either.

All of this to say that Chad brings a calm to all players that allows them to do their job without trying to do it all - and he has done pretty well for himself, too.

FASANO this guy had great hands in college, the go-to guy for Brady Quinn. The only reciever(in a dolphins uniform) giving him any competition is camarillo! without fasano this blog topic would be "what's wrong with the dolphins?". i love Ronnie, but we all know what he's capable of and he's not there yet, one or two more games and he he will be unstoppable! i have to admit, i didn't like the decision to sign pennington, but as sure as Parcell's drafted Fasano, he also drafted Pennington. Parcells is the best, it doesn't get any better then having the Big Tuna on board! Dolphans, enjoy it while it lasts. like marino, these rare jewels don't come around that often! not only are dolphans able to enjoy this football season with confidence and optomism(for a change) but this next draft is sure to be everything an offseason could be!

Thanks Wayne!!!! go Dolphins!!!!

Its a close one between Ronnie and Penny...yes Ronnie is tied for touchdowns but Penny has been unbelieveably efficent with the football both guys are the keys to our recent success...those two guys would be my co-mvp's

I think without Pennington playing so well then Brown might not be as successful, but they are both playing so great i do not know who to choose. My sunday's are great again!!!!!

Pennington, without him they are 0-4. When was the last time the dolphins had this kind of consistency passing the ball? Converting 3rd downs via pass? Not throwing interceptions?

Ronnie got my vote, which wasn't easy to allocate, what with Chad, Jake, Joey, and the rest. The reason was, on his own initiative, Mr. Brown - in contrast to, say, Larry Csonka, with his massive bowling-alley-wide holes through which to rumble - was able to pick his way through far narrower holes for excellent yardage. He, and it, were a PLEASURE to witness. Since he worked really well in tandem with "Cadillac" Williams in college, I can't wait to see him, along with Ricky Williams, power their way through the far more gaping holes awaiting them, and all of us Phins' fans, in the future.

The are a few really great impact players so far this season. The one that stands out the most is Ronnie Brown. He has great vision and knows where the best routes will be, not should be. He then explodes into the slot in the line or the open field and finds most probable tacklers trying to figure how he got past them. And it just seems to be getting better with each new touch of the ball.

How about the TUNA! Sure Ronnie is doing great and Howdy Doody (Pennington) looks good. But if the Tuna hadn't pulled the trigger and gotten big horses up front AND EVEN approved the Howdy trade, we be 0&4. I vote "the Tuna"

Can't help but think it's RB. He absolutely OWNED NE and followed up with a great performance against a Charger team that actually stonewalled Favre & Co.

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