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Should Dolphins exchange Hagan for Copper?

Soon after the Dolphins traded Chris Chambers to the San Diego Chargers a year ago, then-GM Randy Mueller told me it was time for Derek Hagan to step up.

"He's like many young receivers," Mueller said. "He's inconsistent. But the time has come for him to show us if that is what he's going to continue to be or if the flashes we see in practice can translate to games."

The flashes have not translated and, in fact, Hagan seems to have regressed. Hagan has been inactive the past two games, which means he caught no fewer passes in those games than he did against the Jets and Patriots -- games for which he was active but had zero catches.

So here is the question: Isn't it time the Dolphins simply get rid of Derek Hagan?

The reason I ask this question is that there is a suitable replacement on the market for him right now. That would be Terrance Copper, who was released Monday by the New Orleans Saints. Copper is 26 years old and his career statistics say he has 46 career receptions for 600 yards and 6 TDs. But don't get too caught up on the stats. They are quite similar to Hagan's career statistics of 53 catches for 645 yards and 3 TDs.

The difference is Copper plays special teams when he's not catching passes. Hagan does not.

At a time the Dolphins are frantically searching to upgrade their special teams, at a time they need to rid themselves of dead weight and add players that will contribute, I would think replacing Hagan with Copper would be an idea worth considering -- assuming Copper is healthy, of course.

And I am told Copper is indeed healthy.

The point is the Dolphins receiver corps is the worst it has been in recent memory. They have a couple of guys that aren't good enough to be active for games because they haven't enough value as receivers or special team contributors. And that on a team that needs help at both receiver and special teams.

So maybe it is time to exchange some of the dead weight for somebody who will, you know, help on Sundays.

Your thoughts?


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My thoughts are do it. Do it now. Do it and don't look back because Hagan has had his chance and proved nothing. Do it.

I agree, the wr's position should of been upgraded in the off-season, this is where i think team parcells out smarted themselves, Copper would be a good upgrade, i'm tired of seeing pennington throwing bombs to rb's

The receivers are really hurting this team and are the truly the weak link. What a disappointment.

We do have a special teams ACE on our team.
But for some reason the coach doesn't put him out there.
His name is Ted Ginn Jr.
How many TD returns would Hester have if he was on the bench during returns..
Answer ... zero....
Coach, you want to improve your special teams,
put Ginn ON THE FIELD!!!

Do it. With the relationship Copper has had with Parcells and Ireland it seems like a good fit. I do wonder though, why couldn't he get on the field with the injuries the Saints had at receiver this year? Kind of makes me wonder...

Just do it

I would not part with any receiver until we see how they play with henne at the helm. When henne is at the helm, it seems to transform all of the dolphins receivers into above average players!

Hagan is definitely on his way out. Wilford isn't far behind and the only reason he's still on the team is because of the money he got paid. But he's been inactive as well.

Miami has to make WR a top priority in free agency and the draft next year. The problem with the draft is young WRs usually take at least a year to develop. So they need to land a solid WR or two in free agency.

Just got through reading about Copper, yes do it. And see what we can get for Ginn and the family and Beck.

Send Ginn to the North Pole, Santa needs elfs this time of year.

It seems like an interesting proposal.
But are we are missing the whole picture?
That being. The Phins have scored over 80 points in the last 3 games. That translates into being very close to being very good. 25 points a game should guarantee wins.

I want a really really good st player, a safety, a cornerback etc etc etc. Scoring points is not a problem. There are many glaring and obvious choices to make to improve the team. We don't need scoring at this time. We need a cornerback or safety, a linebacker, a really good special teams player. Keeping Hagan gives him another year to learn the system.
Last year doesn't count because it was the most screwed up football team I have ever watched.

well i would like to say that if we had smart footabll players on this team we would have won last week ,am i the only one that knew what to do at the end of the game ??? when we had the ball on the 10 yard line going in ronnie got the handoff and ran in for the score,if he was a smarter player he would of stopped and downed the ball on the one,we would of had a first down with 1.30 left ion the clock we could of made them use there 2 time out and if we didnt score on 3rd down we kick a fielgoal,,game over,,bad clock management!!

yes get rid of hagan...please...now...right now! he's been a waste of space since he strapped on the aqua and orange! one of you said that team parcells should have upgraded at wideout in the offseason. well, they did do that with wilford. who turned out to be a bum. it would've been nice to get roy williams but we all know the lions had a snowflake's chance in hell of getting that many picks out of the dolphins. i think next year's draft will be loaded with DB's WR's and one or two LB's. they might even pick up another RB.


I think we haven't given the young kid a chance yet... let him play out the rest of the season then make moves if it is the right one. I'm sick of people hating for no reason from what i've seen, of Wilford and Hagan in their respectively short careers, shows promise of real talent. Finding the right situations to utilize this talent is the coach's responsibility. I really don't get it. they perform in practice but are not thrown into a game to produce for us... why is that?

What I want to know is, when Hagan was active was he not getting open, was he thrown to but dropping passes, etc. People look at the lack of production but I want to see why. Same with Wilford. We're only 5 games in and thats hardly time enough to evaluate especially when were throwing 20-25 times a game. I understand the lack of production but I would like to take everything into account first. The ST play is definitely an area that needs improvement. We gave up waaaay too much field position on sunday and that needs to be addressed. Also, our place kicker sucks at punts. Am I the only one that noticed this? It was so frustrating.

In Wilford's defense, if you look at any of the games that he played he's done everything the coaches have asked of him. which has been only blocking which I found as a dumb move because he also can do something that ginn, hagan, camo, and maybe bess can do and that's catching the ball. Parcell's history shows that he LOVES big recievers so that is what Wilford was here for. Henning's past shows that he only uses big receivers for blocking. I'm guessing Sparano being a rookie coach is probably just following Henning because he's a vet. Anyways, Wilford is being mal-used(I know thats not a word). If given the chance Wilford and Camo can be the 2 big, strong, physical recievers that tear up the other small coners of the league. O yea we should drop Hagan for Copper. I would drop Hagan even for a midget because a midget could look good in praactice but lose sight of their hands during a game so their would be no drop-off

why the hell did we get rid of boomer grisby? wasnt he a special teams machine? Its not like his replacement is doing any better. And Ginn should be playing the slot. He should be used exactly like welker was. part of rebuilding is gettin guys out there to see what they can do so activate wilford and hagan and put both of them blocking on kick returns.

Terrance Copper is available? we'd be stupid not to sign him.

ginn in the slot might make him grow a pair. Get hit a couple of times, he will either break or get use to it either way we get an solution to this enigma.

Ramsterone,What have you got against Santa? You just know Hagan would drop those packages and children around the world would receive broken toys.

whats more stupid? Giving wilford 6 Million. or giving Wilford 6million and not playing him.
I think the latter. this is suppose to be a rebuilding year get him in there.

Hey bond david bond, Henne ISN'T playing any time soon. Are you his boyfriend or agent?
Get over it already.


I think giving Wilford the money was more stupid than playing him only because of his contract... apparently the Dolphins learned from their mistake. They would be more foolish to play him just because he is getting paid than to put the best talent on the field. Make one mistake, not two.

I agree that we shouldn't play any1 because of their contract because I like to see the dolphins win. However, Wilford hasn't been playing bad to the point where they won't plap him like they pay him. I honestly think he can play up to that 6MILLION dollars that they are paying him if they put him on the field to play his position instead of putting him in a position to block for R.Brown, R.Williams and Teddy Ginn and his family. IMHO

My patients is really wearing thin with Hagan. I'm usually one to preach caution, but this could be a move that we should make. Reason being that Copper plays ST as well as WR. From what I've seen, this regime likes versatile players, and Copper fills that need.

my thought is why do we waste a roster spot on a long snapper? isn't there anyone on the team that could do this? doesn't seem like a full time job...


I would trade Hagan for gummybears!

Why would you want to drop one scrub and pick up another


"My patients is really wearing thin with Hagan"

are u a doctor??

Pick him up, what do we have to lose.

At this point, jrod, all there is left is scrubs.

The current regime failed to understand how weak the secondary was. Sparano said and I quote, "I like these guys".

They did understand we needed help at WR but chose to pay Wilford 6 mil and he can't even get on the field.

These guys are an upgrade over Cameron but that ain't saying much.

i understand you would cut your loses and not make two mistakes. But its not like the guys ahead of wilfords are lighting up the score board. if You pay the man cause hes shown ability and potential, thrn y not play him. My point is i wanna see him in the field. y cant he participate in special teams? is it on his contract or something?

I would have given New Orleans a 2nd round pick in 2009 and a third in 2010 for Copper 3 weeks ago.....And I would have outbid Dallas for Roy Williams. Our first pick next year would be in the 5th round though.

Rick Spielman

My patients are wearing colostomy bags

I thought Hagan's special team play was the reason Ted Ginn's two return team touchdowns were called back, I'm sure I'd bet a pie it was at least one for holding but I thought it was two, Bet Ted Ginn remembers.

Camarillo against the Browns for holding, Hagan against the Bills for holding cost Ginn the return TD's. Wekipeda

That's the problem, Wilford isn't good enough in practice to get in there. If you don't practice well you don't play. That's the way it is from Pop Warner all the way up.

two words---- do it

this wold be a great move cooper is a average 3rd WR on the saints pass-happy offense and is still young

Hagan breaks the PAC-10 record for receptions at Arizona State and we're trading him for a guy who can't make the Rams? I say give Duper a call.

Let me get this straight: Hagan broke the PAC-10 record for receptions. Bess was the main receiver for Colt Brennan's passing records. Ginn was the best receiver in college in 2006 but none of the 3 can catch?
They didn't have that problem in the pre-season with Henne throwing the ball.

Braylon Edwards (1 of the 4 receivers Henne put into the NFL) gave an interview on ESPN Radio monday night before the Giants game. He said, "you have give a playmaker at least 10 chances in a game to make plays."
We had what a total of 9 receptions by WRs against Houston? Out of what 11 throws?
If Anquan or Calvin or Steve or Dwayne or TO were on this team we would be saying that they sucked.
Don't urinate on my face and tell me its raining.

Ditch Hagen (he has had years to learn how to catch a football and still can't), trade Ginn (he doesn't even know were he is when he is on the field and with all of his alleged speed can't out run anyone) and throw away Wilford (he never even gets on the field - 6 million to sit on his ass!!!). All three don’t belong as part of this years Dolphins. They have been paid millions for nothing. I think I know why Wilford is not playing - My 9 year old son was faster than Wilford at Dolphins flag camp this last summer and he had better hands and moves after the catch.

The guy led the Pac-10 in receptions yet he can't seem to hold onto anything with us. How much time does he need?!? It's his 3rd season. By the time he's "developed," he'll be 30 for christ's sake!

hello everyone. I know this is off the topic but do you think that Greg C is our new Wes. He seems like it to me lately.

At this point in time, the only WR's who should even see the field are Camarillo, Bess and London. It's obvious that these are the only three football players that even man the position. Haven't seen what London can do as a WR yet, but his effort on special teams alone makes him my #3. As far as having a spread or 4 WR set, I figure out how to use Cobbs in motion to create matchup problems, as his ability and toughness needs to be utilized more often anyway.

hagan has nice size, but is missing an important quality, MOTIVATION! Wes Camarillo is the measuring stick. Ginn levitates toward the excuse of a quarterback lacking arm strength. texans reciever should be a model to him on how to use his speed to get open and create y.a.c.. if ginn lacks motivation then this game should be his final test, in a league where culpepper can come back from worthlessness to beat the team who labled him as such, then GINN should have this one circled on his calander if for no less a reason then to show coach cammerwrong that he was right for drafting him over BRADY QUINN! if this does not motivate him then something is seriously wrong! hagan should be traded for a draft pick, and ARMSTRONG should be brought off the practice squad to replace him. this guy wants it, how could you NOT notice this guy during the preseason! he is a playmaker that can and will make plays! in this league, where one play makes a difference(as we all know) ARMSTRONG will be that difference!

GO FINS!! p.s. hey coach, thanks. your doing a good job! i still don't get that 50 second, 3 time-out kill the clock thing before the half(texans), but weve seen worse, a LOT worse!

Master, Ginn can catch, he can't get open deep. Look at DeSaun Jackson for the Eagles. He's smaller than Ginn and he's burning DBs left and right.

Come on Ginn!

Copper's only problem was that he was the sixth best receiver on the Saints. Here, he would be a solid three, and maybe two the way things are going. Hard to find time behing Colston, Henderson, Patten, Lance Moore, and Robert Meachem. As for Hagan, and Wilford? If they were dedicated to making this team, they would do what they needed to do in practice, to get into the game. They obviously don't care enough to buckle down in practice, so why should we give them any benefit of the doubt? I like the Idea of picking up Copper, and bringing up Armstrong, while dumping Hagan, and Wilford.

I've been calling for Armstrong to play for weeks now. Yes its clear that Hagan is finished as a Dolphin. There will be no miracle game where he lights up the board, he has shown us all he can't get open or catch the ball consistently. Armstrong from what Ive seen deserves a chance to replace Ginn in his role. He is a burner with size and you can guarantee wont be anywhere near as SOFT. Sparano must be so P1SSed off with only having Camarillo and Bess as his best WR talent, after coming from the Cowboys. No doubt he and Parcells, Ireland will attack this area in the draft.

This is a dumb suggestion Armando. The answer for an upgrade at WR is not claiming street free agents. Everyone always complains that the Dolphins don’t have a deep threat then they want us to pick up guys who can’t run. Terrance Copper wasn’t drafted because he can’t run and he was cut because he can’t run. Derek Hagan has better stats in less time in the league and his physical skills are far superior to Copper’s. I can tell you that Copper will be available on the street for a while but if Miami cut Hagan he would be claimed tonight. This is a RIDICULOUS idea that won’t happen!

hagan hasnt proved anything other than the fact he sucks mel kiper was right on when he was drafted he said cant catch doesnt run good routes sounds like hagen

Remember Chad isn't going to be pushing the defense with his arm. It's great for managing the game but it's hard for judging talent. Ginn and Hagan are never going to be known for going over the middle. The position does need a legit #1 but that isn't available. Don't be a fool like the cowboys, for a player from day 1 catches the highlight when it doesn't count and is nowhere to be found when it does count.

ginn is a speed guy, pennington cant utilize that kind of weapon, as he has no arm strength. and hagan is awesome in madden 08. what gives?

pennington can utilize weapons like camarillo and fassano however. I am still wondering why we switch our personell so frequently. we had 2 tight ends in the top 10 in fantasy pts through 3 weeks. you do not see elite teams taking their elite players out every other play. t.o. is in on every offensive huddle. and why is ginn not returning kicks? we know he is a speed guy, we know he can juke would-be tacklers. why not let him return kicks. And I do like the wildcat, the only reason it works is because it gets ricky and ronnie on the field at the same time.

I don't know if it's the answer. Bottom line is that we need serious help at WR and DB positions. They need to be addressed during next year's draft and if there's a FA worth picking up. Get some guys who really want to be aggressive and the best they can be. The WR's we have sure look pretty, but can they fight? The only ones worth keeping are Camarillo and Bess.

The last draft addressed the critical issue of upgrading the players we had on both sides of the trenches. That had to be first things first because that's the foundation of any good team.

I'm amazed at how some of you guys think Madden is on par with real life. It's a video game.

DUMP HAGAN!!! This guy always looks great in camp but can't deliver in the regular season. I've been saying this for years. Adios Hagan!!!

Hey, Terri Glenn is still out there and getting older!

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