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Should Dolphins exchange Hagan for Copper?

Soon after the Dolphins traded Chris Chambers to the San Diego Chargers a year ago, then-GM Randy Mueller told me it was time for Derek Hagan to step up.

"He's like many young receivers," Mueller said. "He's inconsistent. But the time has come for him to show us if that is what he's going to continue to be or if the flashes we see in practice can translate to games."

The flashes have not translated and, in fact, Hagan seems to have regressed. Hagan has been inactive the past two games, which means he caught no fewer passes in those games than he did against the Jets and Patriots -- games for which he was active but had zero catches.

So here is the question: Isn't it time the Dolphins simply get rid of Derek Hagan?

The reason I ask this question is that there is a suitable replacement on the market for him right now. That would be Terrance Copper, who was released Monday by the New Orleans Saints. Copper is 26 years old and his career statistics say he has 46 career receptions for 600 yards and 6 TDs. But don't get too caught up on the stats. They are quite similar to Hagan's career statistics of 53 catches for 645 yards and 3 TDs.

The difference is Copper plays special teams when he's not catching passes. Hagan does not.

At a time the Dolphins are frantically searching to upgrade their special teams, at a time they need to rid themselves of dead weight and add players that will contribute, I would think replacing Hagan with Copper would be an idea worth considering -- assuming Copper is healthy, of course.

And I am told Copper is indeed healthy.

The point is the Dolphins receiver corps is the worst it has been in recent memory. They have a couple of guys that aren't good enough to be active for games because they haven't enough value as receivers or special team contributors. And that on a team that needs help at both receiver and special teams.

So maybe it is time to exchange some of the dead weight for somebody who will, you know, help on Sundays.

Your thoughts?