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JT thanks local media for 11 memorable years

Seth Levit, the executive director of the Jason Taylor Foundation, just popped into Dolphins camp on business and part of that business was to pass out letters to 30 or so selected members of the media which Jason Taylor wanted to reach out to.

Taylor, now with the Washington Redskins, wanted to thank those media members who covered him throughout his Miami career -- an unnecessary, but very classy move. Taylor wrote those members of the media a letter.

Here is the one delivered to me:

Dear Armando,

I hope this letter finds you well. The last few weeks have been quite a whirlwind for me but now that I am beginning to get my feet back on the ground, I want to take a moment to reach out to some of the journalists who covered me on and off the field throughout my Miami Dolphins career.

While it may sound like rhetoric, I sincerely feel as if my 11 years in Miami were some of the most memorable of my life. The amazing moments, sometimes triumphant and sometimes, well, pretty darn awful, all had a major impact on me -- and you were there to capture so many of them. As professional athletes living and working in the public eye, we often complain about the "media" and how we are covered. I know I have done my share. Looking back, however, I am fortunate enough to say that the positive words written and said aobut me far outweigh the negative and because of the hard work you and your peers put in, I can someday sit down with my three children and share with them a very special time in my life.

So I want to thank you, Armando. Thank you for telling me who you think I am and who you think I am not. I want to thank you for providing South Florida fans an opportunity to get to know me in some small way. I want to thank you for supporting my community work and more than anything, for your professionalism. I'm sure you didn't always agree with every decision I made on the field or every statement I made off of it, and there is a good chance that I didn't always agree with every word you wrote or said, but in the end, we both have jobs to do and I'd like to think we did them with a mutual respect.

As a token of my appreciation, please accept this small gift [a leather computer/travel bag]. I'm hopeful that you can put it to good use as you continue to tell important and interesting stories about the players and organization that will always have a unique place in my heart.


Jason Taylor

Anyway, I know many Dolphins fans are still Jason Taylor fans. Figured you guys might like to hear about him. And for the sake of disclosure, Herald ethics policy requires I not keep the bag. Oh well.