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The championship game starting QB [updated]

If you are a Dolphins fan you should thank God for Brett Favre.

That's right. Favre is your friend.

It was Favre's decision to un-retire that eventually landed him with the New York Jets. And it was that trade between Green Bay and New York that made Chad Pennington available to the Dolphins. And Pennington has been a blessing to Miami.

I'm not saying Pennington doesn't have flaws. We all know his troubles completing certain routes. We all know about the guy's arm-strength issues. But the guy is a fine player and is delivering the best QB play the Dolphins have had since Dan Marino.

Favre, meanwhile, was actually booed at times during the Jets' victory over Kansas City last Sunday.

And that leads me to this: If you were the coach of a team, any team, and I gave you the choice of picking one of these two guys as your starting quarterback, which would you start?  Pennington or Favre?

I asked this question on my radio show Monday night and it got quite heated because the Jets fans got angry at me. (I admit, I love to tweak Jets fans). But I'm expecting there won't be too many Jets fans on here so I'll dispense with saying mean things about their team.

I will say, however, that Pennington so far this season is out-playing Favre in many respects.

Pennington's completion percentage (69.3) is higher than Favre's (68.5). Pennington has thrown for more yards (1,710) than Favre (1,611) despite having 33 fewer attempts.

Pennington has more completions of 20-yards or more (20) than Favre (17) and more passes of 40-yards or more (5) than Favre (4).

Favre does have more TD passes (15) than Pennington (7). But he also has thrown more interceptions (11) than Pennington (3). Pennington's rating for the season is 100.5 while Favre's rating is 89.5.

I know that Favre has the stronger arm and has actually played and won championship games. So I assume you will weigh that in your decision. Try to be, as Fox News would say, fair and balanced. And don't just leave a comment with the guy's name and no explanation for the pick.

[Update: Pennington has been nominated for the FedEx Air & Ground Player of the Week honor. That means you can go to NFL.com/FedEx and vote for Pennington so that he beats out the other nominees for the award. The voting will be available online until 11 a.m. Friday and the winner is decided exclusively by the voting so get to clicking.]


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If we're discussing just this season I would take Pennington. Farve returned for all the wrong reasons. I see him playing in NY and it just doesn't look like he is having to much fun.

To me I would rather have what we have now...Chad P. is accurate and makes good decisions with the ball...Hasnt turned it over much this year, and going back to week one Favre just seems to be throwing the ball up in the air and HOPING that someone with that ugly green will catch it....

Brett Favre is looking like Dan Marino before he retired. Throwing interceptions for touchdowns because he still hasn't gotten used to the fact that his arm strength is not what it used to be.

Chad Pennington hands down. Dolphins are looking to the future. No sense in spending money on a QB like Favre just so he can enjoy playing football cause the old man refuses to retire.

it depends if we are in win now mode you have to go with Favre...
The dolphins are and where in rebuild mode so you go with Chad P.
plus favre looks selfish and bitter he dosent seem to care much about the team. I cant picture him being a mentor to a qb or wideouts.

I have critized chad p. but the guy is smart and consistent. farve seems more like boom or bust. That being said favre is a way better quarterback.
But i hope the dam jets lose the rest of the way.

The Jets suck ALMOST as much as their fans...Trust me, I am in NY...


Tough one.....

But I'd take Chad right now. The NFL has changed over the years: successful teams have QB's that are REAL team leaders, accurate, tough, smart, and efficient.

We saw last year that a gunslinger(Favre) doesn't have the same impact as a gameplan manager(E. Manning) in the playoffs.

Teams need QB's that won't turn the ball over in close games.

So I'd take Chad over Favre because my team would need a guy that can protect the ball and implement the gameplan to perfection in close must win games.

"Fumbles Favre" is a joke! Great to see him go down as a loser jet!!

turn your CAPS lock off stupid

I would take Pennington every day of the week this year. Pennington doesn't hurt us. He is accurate and smart. He doesn't make bad decisions. Favre is a loose cannon. Plus having Pennington sets us up for the future as he is teaching Henne about leadership and decision making. He was an excellent pick up and was the missing piece to the puzzle that would propel the dolphins to get back to a top notch team in the next few years. Go Dolphins! We are on the way back up!

For the long term, no doubt. It would be Pennington. He still has several quality years left and may not have actually reached his peak, while Favre is an old man in NFL circles and he may even be washed up before the year's over with, never mind the future. It was a huge mistake by the stinkin' J-E-T-S to release Pennington.

Dan's interceptions in his final season were the result of a shoulder injury, incurred while bringing the Dolphins back from a huge deficit to beat Peyton Manning and the Colts in Indy. He was named AFC player of the week for that effort.

Those picks were really Jimmy Johnson's interceptions. The "other guy" (as Coach Shula once referred to him by) brought Dan back far too early, mostly out of spite, but largely because he knew that even an injured Marino was the only thing that was going to keep Johnson from riding off into the sunset looking like a blow-dried, blow hard loser. Dan took that team into the playoffs and had a phenomenal effort against the Seahawks. Jimmy's inability to properly prepare his team kept us from competing with the Jaguars the following week.

Who would have known that Pennington went through all that off-season conditioning? I always liked Pennington, but before he came here I thought he was injury prone. I also knew he couldn't throw over 25 yds due to his injuries. Favre on the other hand is a Super Bowl Champion, but let's face it... he's not the FUTURE for ANY team! So without knowing when Favre will retire or how long he'll leave a team hanging on that decision in the off-season, I'm thrilled we got Pennington. Penny will teach Henne who IS our future, while Clemens in NY has a big question mark above his head.

Farve had an unreal 6 touchdown game. No one does that. So lets make it a normal game for him. 4 of those touchdowns were a wide open guy that anyone could hit. 2 were pure talent. If Farve only gets 2 touchdowns that game he is 11-11 this year. Pretty crappy. Even if he gets 3 touchdowns he is 12-11. Farve is garbage.

Take Chad Over Brett,chads A Total Team Player And Is Better Suited To Teach A Young Henne Then Brett Is

Marino's determination to "just sling it" with his gimpy leg and immobility were his demise. That's why Elway is wearing 2 Super Bowl rings. One of those had Dan's name on it, but it didn't happen. Sorry, but Jimmy has 2 rings and Marino will go down as the greatset QB who never won anything! Like Joe Namath says in that commcercial "We did it". Dan can NEVER say that.

Let Me Also Add That Without Chad Not At Qb Miami Might Be Matching Last Years Inappatude ,they Would Propably Be Battling The Bungles And The Toothless Lions For Bragging Rights For #1 Draft Pick,think Of Mccown Or Beck At Qb,and Then Thank The N.y. Jets

I have been Pennington's biggest critic this season so it is only fair that I ADMIT CHAD PENNINGTON PLAYED LIKE A MAN AGAINST THE BILLS.

In a championship game though I would take Favre here's why: Favre has 41 4th qtr come from behind victories in his career. In a championship game there is a 50-50 chance we will be trailing in the 4th qtr and Brett has the ability to come back.
When we were down 10 points to Baltimore we all knew we had no chance to come back. Against Houston trailing late Chad P was intercepted and then the Houston defender fumbled it back to us and we were able to go on and score only to lose on the final Houston drive, still were it not for the fumble it would not have been that close.

I have to agree with all the post so far

Chad has played well and even in the games we lost he never gave up and always kept his head up which is great influence to a young QB.
Lets face it Penny never had a shot in NY. Jet fans are horrible and if there not winning there booing

All the crap they where talking about Farve before, super bowl this super bowl that and now there booing the man......Nice fans!

Farve has played well but also has been inconsistent were Penny has been solid not great but solid

I would rather have solid play from a QB than a great game here or there

So my pick is Penny
Because he is a good leader
A better teacher than Farve
and is much smarter QB than Farve

to go off topic I saw something interesting today I was looking at the AFC standings and noticed that there are only 6 teams with better records than Miami it seems like the AFC Playoffs spots are up for grabs still (I know its early so haters please dont get excited)the only reason I bring this up is because it feels nice to be in the middle of the pack again instead of the bottom and if you look at the rest of our schedule I don't see why we could not be 8-8 or even 9-7. I know its early but its nice to have hope again instead of that feeling of disgust from last year when at times it looked like we did not know what we were doing. I know we probably wont make the playoffs but its nice to be comperative again and heading in the right direction.

Good work trifecta!

Go Phins!

I think Chad P is the best pick for Miami. We're rebuilding and he is a good mentor for the young QBs.
But if you are good enough to win it all THIS year then Favre is my choice. He still has a great arm and has won more playoff games.
Also you win games with TDs not QB ratings.
The big problem with this theroy is that the jets still SUCK.
And they don't deserve a player like Favre.

Let Me Also Add That Without Chad Not At Qb Miami Might Be Matching Last Years Inappatude ,they Would Propably Be Battling The Bungles And The Toothless Lions For Bragging Rights For #1 Draft Pick,think Of Mccown Or Beck At Qb,and Then Thank The N.y. Jets

When he was with the Jets, i used to dislike Pennington more than the Mets, but now with the Dolphins, the guy is SOLID. he may not have the Favre arm strength but he makes the right decisions. and as far as championship caliber, Pennington has more playoff victories than any other Jet in their history, and Bret Favre is captain choke artist in the big games. yeah he has one super bowl win but he has also lost a bunch of playoff games with boneheaded throws!

Chad P any day of the year!

Jimma can go to his grave with the knowledge that he failed with the Dolphins, and that despite his petulant efforts to undermine the player he was most jealous of, it is Marino who won the lifetime respect and love of the fan base. Jimma can NEVER say that.

Pennington. I'll take higher completion % and fewer INTs over deep TDs. Listen, long bombs may get you on the Sportcenter highlights, but they don't keep your defence off the field - and that's what we need. Long drives that rest our defense. Favre is all HYPE. He may have broken all of Marino's records, but he's going to also break 300 interceptions. THREE HUNDRED. Favre is so over-rated it's ridiculous.

Id take chad. In an important game you need to run the ball, manage the game and limit turn overs. Not air it out and pray.

Armando, I listened to your show Monday nite. It was excellent. I appreciate the fact you ripped the Jets fans.

And for my money its Pennington all the way.

Hey SS... he can say that in Dallas and Miami for U of M.

Pennington for the following reasons.

1. He has made his teamates better players. A true leader makes the folks around him better. Pennington has taken average WR's and TE's and made them stars this year (ie. Fassano and Camarillo).

2. Pennington is a better teacher and more willing to help out the Dolphins young QB's and WR's. How much time do you think Farve spends with the Jets young QB's going over x's and o's.. I would guess not much.

3. Pennington has made a bad team average or even good. Farve has made a team that was supposed to be good, average.

Pennington is a team guy, Farve is a me guy. Farve should have stayed retired and went out on top, instead he is getting booed and will finish the season playing golf instead of playing in the playoffs.


You talk about Penningtons INT against the Texans like Penny threw the ball to the defender. If you watched the game, the ball hit Fassano in the hands and he tipped it to the CB. That ball should have been caught. I totally disagree with you that Farve is better at bringing a team back.. Pennington is much better at moving the yard sticks, Farve will bring you back, but as his 11 INT's suggest he'll also lose the game for you.


Favre is a HOF QB but is well-known on the Packers for not helping develop his competition. If we only had one spot--QB--then, maybe, I'd take him. Pennington will serve us well, now, and in the future. He will work with Chad Henne on development, style, technique, and overall NFL savvy. Favre is not that guy and never will be. For the needs of the Dolphins, Pennington is a God-send.

Favre dies by the same sword by which he lives; do you recall the wounded-duck pass he threw in the game vs. the Phins? He got lucky--but he will throw that pass again, and again.

We are quite fortunate to have picked up CP. Can you imagine how this team would look had we ventured into the season with our projected starter from OTA's? Hmmm. Penni looks better and better, doesn't he?

If I had a team that has an outside chance to go all the way this this year with the right arm -- let's say Baltimore or Arizona if Warner went down -- I'd take Favre. He's less consistent than Pennington but does have a greater upside. Going into any game he at least gives you that chance.

But neither the Dolphins or Jets are in that position. The lotto dream is just to make the playoffs.

So for these teams -- that means Pennington is by far the best choice. Favre is gone in a year or two anyhow. Pennington is a leader who is teaching this offense how to play smart football. Favre ain't smart, just gifted. That's pretty impressive in some games, but what is left when he's gone?

But then again, maybe Favre is the right choice for the Jets. Their main goal this year is to sell seat licenses at the new stadium. We are idiots -- concentrating instead on winning games in the future.

I constantly read & hear of Chad Pennington's arm strength, or lack thereof. Those same commentators seem to almost concede that he is the most accurate passer in the history of the league. But they also insist on his lack of ability to take the Jets to the next level before coming over to the Dolphins.

What you seldom hear is that Pennington seldom if ever worked out a strength training program to increase his arm strength while with the Jets...until just prior to leaving the Jet franchise. At that point he began a rigorous training program with one of the best trainers in the country at increasing arm strength & productivity at the quarterback position.

The results were monitored just prior to joining the Dolphins, which indicated increased velocity of short & intermediate passes as well as longer range on deep route passes. He has a higher range of motion which would increase longevity of the rotator cuff & shoulder/elbow ligaments, & is now enjoying an even more productive career in Miami when coupled with playing behind a more solid offensive line & a better overall corps of running backs than in New York.

In other words, it is no longer accurate to say that he has questionable arm strength or that we can expect the same decent but not stellar results with his play. The Dolphins have one of the better offensive lines for him to play behind, & perhaps the best running back corps in Brown, Williams & Cobbs.


I know this isn't a clear answer, but it all depends on the team around them.
In a situation similar to Green Bay's last season, where Farve lead his team to a 12-4 record while throwing for over 4,000 yards and 28 TD's in the process, Farve would be my pick. The team around him (Greg Jennings, Donald Driver, and the rest of the firing crew) helped give him a standout season.
Now, concerning Pennington, let me preface this by saying that I'm one (or was one) of the biggest supporters of the Henne movement, because I thought (and still believe) he can do more than Pennington. But, if we think about it, the Dolphins lost 2 games by a combined 7 points, so the Dolphins record could theoretically be at 5-2, which can be attributed to Pennington's solid play. Pennington has given the Dolphins a good opportunity to win at least five of their seven games played. Not bad for a team that didn't even have a chance to think about a win in any game last season.
And in this particular situation, where Pennington can dink and dunk passes to two good targets in Martin or Fasano, or check down to two more-than-capable running backs in Brown and Williams, Pennington is my pick. And, of course, if that's not working, he can set up wide and let Ronnie Wildcat all over the field.
To me, it's not a matter of talent between these two, it's a matter of which situation best fits them. Right now, Pennington is in a pretty solid situation.

Oh, sorry Armondo...I would take Pennington this year, but Farve in any year prior due to the upgrade of Pennington's arm strength compared to Farve's age & longevity this year, & Farve's HOF play compared to Pennington's lack of arm strength in prior years.

Neither QB is the same this year...one has gotten better & the other worse.


Favre has always been over-rated. Yes, over-rated. Look at his career numbers in terms of efficiency. When you throw 40-45 passes per game you are going to have some TDs but it also shows up in his NFL History record of INTs as well. Just like what happened last Sunday. Just like what happened in the NFC Championship last year. He throws the ball up for grab and that is not quarterbacking.... that is being lucky sometimes and sometimes not so lucky. It is that simple. He is also an attention lover and a cry baby. Pennington is a much better QB and I would rather have him. At least I can plan a game around him instead of hoping to get lucky.

Please cut the following players:

W. Allen
J. Allen

I would have played Henne but if I had to choose one or the other I would rather have Favre, plain and simple he knows how to win and has a bigger arm; I dont quite see Penningtons mention for the HOF just yet(like we ever will)...$0.01 is the biggest joke the JETS could have ever played on the Dolphins.

You know what maybe as an edit I should make the introduction to my posts more like -

Please cut or trade the following players during the offseason...

What do you guys think? If everyone in the NFL is as hyped about $0.01 as you guys we could probably get a 2nd rd pick for him from the Chiefs...

If I had a great team and was in a "win or else" game, I'd pick Favre. We know he has the goods to deliver in a big game (despite last year vs Giants).

If I had a good team and was building something, I'd pick Pennington, less of a gunslinger.

So, for the Fins right now, Pennington is the better choice. For the Jets at the beginning of the season (thinking they had a chance, ha ha) Favre looked like the better choice. Glad it worked out the way it did.

But there is still part of me that wants to see what Henne has to offer.

Go Pennington! playing like a league mvp again...

Pennington hands down. He is truly a team player and cares about team first. Id rather have the more accurate guy with the weaker arm who is willing to put team first rather than the selfish, self-fulfilling...you get the picture. Example...Favre RE: helping the rookie Aaron Rodgers "its not my Job to take him under my wing or teach him anything." Chad Pennington upon arrival to Dolphin stadium for first preseason games: teaching and making suggestions to Chad Henne AND John Beck. Class act, team player...take Penny any day. And mR742 you can do whatever the hell you want cuz the longer you keep that heading up and these kids keep playing well we can see how wrong you are.

Great....this is the same question and starts that ESPN had up yesterday. Great job being original.

Re: Jimmy Johnson...

I remember Dan's last year, and I also remember that we had a game against Dallas on the road. Jimmy RUSHED Marino back into the lineup a week or two early in order for him to play that game way before he was ready, just to get back at Jerry Jones. Result? Horrific loss, with 6 interceptions. That is why Dan played poorly the rest of the year. He wasn't healed completely. This, after Marino begged JJ to come back at the end of the previous year when JJ quit the first time, only to come back when we had to promise Wannstedt a job as his successor.

I have tried to defend JJ, but the fact of the matter is this: he was a great college coach who was lucky enough to get the personnel gift of the century when he traded Herschel Walker that help Dallas win their Super Bowls (even after JJ left). He was an OK pro coach, but he was not the supreme coach that many, including himself, believes him to be. He also held us hostage for forcing Wannstedt on us - and he CLEARLY was a lame coach in Chicago. That set this franchise back a decade.

Oh, and back on subject, I would take Farve would be QB if he were younger, but since he is not, I will take Pennington.

I don't know much about Favre's rapport with the other QBs on the Jets, but one thing I will say for Penny--he's smart, and he makes good decisions. He also knows his limitations and plays accordingly. Favre, on the other hand, relishes his role as a gunslinger, and makes all sorts of throws that make the coaches cringe. Sometimes that works, and sometimes (like that awful season GB had a few years ago) it doesn't.

In any event, if you're building for the future, and you want a QB who can take care of business AND mentor AND provide a good role model for how to make smart decisions come game time--there's no contest, Penny wins.

Frankly, I don't know if the 'Fins would be better or worse TODAY with Favre as QB. I am confident, however, that the Dolphins will be a better team 5 years down the road because they had Pennington guiding Henne in '08 and not Favre.


Excellent points kwg

ESPN asked the same question with the same stats last night. Way to be original. But so I can answer in both places I would rather have Penny.

You can tell Pennington loves to win and takes his QB role seriously. When the time clock expired causing a delay of game penalty against the Bills you can see from his expression how bothered he was by it, claiming the clock was not set correctly. LOL, he looked like he was about to cry. He definitely has heart.

I think the phins may not be extremely talented but they have a fire burning inside them. They all want to win. Especially Joey Porter. Its's the forth quarter and still pushing those offensive linemen back into the QB's face like the game just started.

Go Dolphins!


Not saying this because of me of course beeing a miami fan but im going with Chad,never a big Favre guy.Chad is playing the best football of his life right now not to mention his numbers looked good even in the past games we have lost too,he may not have the big arm but he is very consistent and does not turn the ball over as much as Brett does.In my opinion Chad should have a spot on the pro bowl team but I dont see that.

I would take Pennington. I think he is more about the "team". I think Favre is more wrapped up in his own image of a "gunslinger". Won't it be nice going into next year's draft needing to draft a qb?

Farve is good for one year, maybe two at the most and he is playing for selfish reasons. I'd rather suit up Chad and bring up the other Chad slowly.

It makes me giddy to see Pennington complete both those occasional floaters and pinpoint passes against other teams like he did against us for so many years. I agree, Pennington is the best QB here BY FAR since Marino.

He's actually a lot like Griese the way he plays and thinks. He's not a selfish player who is worried about his passing numbers and just wants to win and get better. He will probably be a great head coach some day. I can't wait to see him light it up after we get a big, physical receiver who is playmaker.

How about some real analysis instead of this garbage. Do your job!

From Joe Q

only thing this team is consistent at is being inconsistent. Except in one area; heart. These guys don’t give up. I can’t tell you how many times this year I thought “Oh, well. Here we go again” expecting the team to fall apart like past years, but they simply don’t let it happen. A lot of that probably has to do with Chad Pennington. Since Marino retired we haven’t had a QB who had the ability to quickly drive the team down the field and answer with points. He can do that. You can talk about his lack of arm strength all you want, but the guy finds a way to get it done and avoids costly mistakes. I thank the Football Gods everyday that Mangini (aka Dave Wannstache II, trying to buy his way to the SB) let him go. I can’t imagine how painful this season would be without him.

Game Notes/Comments:

1.) Ted Ginn – Breakout game. He had the luxury of playing against an injured CB, but he still made some tough catches and continues to show great hands. He often struggles against press coverage, so I’m not getting overly excited about this game because McGee was often playing 7-10 yds off of him. Still, you have to take advantage of opportunities when they’re given and Ginn delivered. Next week he’ll have the good fortune of not having to play against Champ Bailey, who is injured, so maybe he’ll make it 2 games in a row.

2.) Jason Allen – I noted a few weeks back how I thought J. Allen would have to find a way to play corner because he wasn’t tough enough to play safety. Maybe after this week he has found himself a home. It was clear after the past couple of years that he can’t play safety because he simply doesn’t want to stick his helmet in the stomach of a charging RB. He’d much rather let the guy run by him and grab his ankles. That’s ok, I guess, if you’re a corner vs. a safety. His coverage was solid. He allowed come completions, but what CB doesn’t. His coverage of Lee Evans was the key reason for Porter’s safety because that is where Edwards was looking to go with the ball. He has excellent burst out of his breaks and good ball skills. If he can build on this game it will go a long way to easing our pressing need for picking a CB with the 1st round pick next year.

3.) Press coverage vs. soft zone – I’m not sure if J. Allen’s move into the lineup facilitated this change, but the team played a lot more man to man and press coverage vs. prior weeks. It’s clear that W. Allen is battling a knee injury, so maybe that’s why we’ve been playing so much soft zone. Either way, the mixture of zone and man helped the pass rush and helped the CB’s be in position for some pass breakups.

4.) Andre Goodman – 2 pass breakups. Nothing great, but for him I’ll take it. He did have a pass interference call, but he seemed to be in better position playing press man vs. the soft zone of previous weeks.

5.) Vonnie Holliday – I’ve been waiting for Vonnie to show up and did in a big way in this game. He was stout at the point of attack in his run defense and made a ton of other plays. He had a nice tackle on a draw play in the first half, had a hit on Trent Edwards where the ball just got out, he forced a holding call because he would have sacked Edwards and late in the game he had a nice stop on a screen play. That’s the kind of production we need out of a veteran DE.

6.) Joey Porter/Matt Roth – In previous weeks I’ve been critical of Porter in his run defense, but he was on his game Sunday. He was strong against the run and had a great pass rush. Matt, on the other hand, probably had his worst game of the season. A couple of Lynch’s big runs to the outside were allowed by Matt’s bad decisions. Once getting too far up field and on the TD run allowing himself to be sealed inside.

7.) Crowder/Ayodele/Bell – These three players are our leading tacklers and they should be. However, they need to get better. The defense is designed for plays to be filtered to these three players and they often make mistakes that are costly. They miss the majority of tackles on defense. They often over pursue plays or fill the wrong gaps. Bell is better than the two ILB’s, but he’s far from perfect. In that series to start the 3rd quarter my notes were littered with “Ayodele misses tackle” “Ayodele blitzes, misses QB, 10 yd gain”, “Bad gap control by Ayodele, 10 yd gain”, “Crowder & Ayodele on wrong side of defense and missed tackle by Bell”. On the TD run to end that drive, it was Matt that let Lynch to the outside, but it was like a slip and slide as Ayodele, Crowder and Bell over pursued and went right by him as he cut back and scored. Crowder and Ayodele are more effective when they’re run blitzing, but their read and react ability and decision making on running plays is questionable. They need to get better in order for our run defense to improve.

8.) Satele/EK/Mathis – The center and right guard continue to be our weakness on the O line. Satele had some nice blocks, especially on the screen play to Ricky, but he needs to get better at sliding off a double team of a DT and picking up a blitzing LB or stunting DT. It’s causing break downs that can get the QB killed.

9.) Plays that need to be ripped out of our play book; reverses inside the red zone and sprint roll outs. I don’t mind running a reverse at mid field, but in the red zone? This has happened a few times this year and never works. Get rid of it. Sprint roll outs where Pennington sprints right after receiving the snap is a bad play. Pennington is probably 0-10 on these plays. He’s fine if you want to run play action fake left, bootleg right, but kill the sprint out play. Please!

10.) We need to find a bread & butter running play. Last year it was Hadnot pulling around to the left, but this year we’re all over the place. We need to figure it out to improve our running game. The Bills had 8 in the box the entire game, so it’s no surprise we weren’t overly successful. However, we still need to find something that works consistently.

11.) Tyrone Culver & Lousake Polite. – These are two guys that have barely been with the team, but played well on Sunday. Culver had a couple of pass breakups playing safety in the dime package and did some nice things on special teams. Polite was very effective out of the FB position. It might be bye..bye for Cramer.

Up next: Denver (4-3). This is the game I want to see our coaching staff get it right. Denver is ranked 30th against the run, giving up 155 yards per game. If we come out in 4 WR spread formation to start the game I might have to find a ledge. This is the team we need to pound the ball and be smart with play action on 1st and 2nd down to jump to a lead and keep the ball away from Jay Cutler.

If we can win this one we have the next 3 in a row at home with at least 2 that we should be favored against: SEA (2-5), OAK (2-5) and NE (5-2). Of the final 8 games, 5 are against some of the worst teams in the league (record wise) with either 2-5 or 1-6 records. And the 3 with winning records are NE, BUF and the NYJ. We’re 2-1 in that group already.

We know they have heart, but can they become a consistent winner? We’re going to find out in the final 2 months of the season.

Hey SS. Where's Marino's ring? Oh yeah, I forgot, Elway is wearing it.

I'll be the 1st to admit that I wasn't sold on pennington at all until this season. I'm not going to sit here and lie about how I was excited about miami signing him, and how I felt he'd turn the team around. I actually said something like," oh boy. we're getting another broken-up, washed-up, scrap heap QB." but i'll be the first to admit that he's become the most reliable player on the team.(including j.porter & r.brown) no more do I hold my breath, or close my eyes everytime the ball goes in the air, cause' I know that almost 70% of the time it'll be complete. I still hate his arm, but a dead point was made when it was stated that henne will benefit greatly from 2 or so yrs. behind CP. then when henne steps in with his superior physical skills, to go along with some of the jewels CP has left him, miami WILL be back in the playoffs!! GO PHINS!! draft a WR & CB & OLB on the first day!!

Pennington will always be a J E T S QB to me and now Favre is one too. I'm tired of having a JETS QB. I want a home grown Dolphin's winner!!! Give me Henne or give me death!

BRETT FAVRE. Um, DUH! Hello people, this ? is not even worth debating.

Pennington HANDS DOWN. He is doing exactly what we need him to do, and a little more. He is awesome at managing a game and not making a lot of mistakes (cough, cough, like Favre). He helps keep the offensive on the field because he dinks and dunks down the field instead of trying for the homerun all the time. I wouldn't mind him remaining the starter until it's obvious that he's lost his stuff. By then, Henne should be ready. I lover where this team is headed!!!

gato..plug Marino in for elway and you get the same rings...Marino never had a running game and you can blame shula and johnson...

If I remember correctly that 4x loser Jim Kelly had a defense, a running game and came up winless too.

ARMANDO Stats are overrated. Yes it is proven that Chad can dink and dunk with the best of them. However, Brett has the ability to make plays all over the field and has proven to do so and continues to do so. Brett has the ability to keep drives going when faced with third and long. Chad not so much. And by the way how many playoff games has Penny won by NOT throwing INTs and playing it safe with his dinking and dunking? Yeah I'd rather have Favre and his gunslinging, get after it, take some chances, ways rather than the play it safe and try not to lose route.
Well that's just one mans opinion. GO PHINS

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