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The championship game starting QB [updated]

If you are a Dolphins fan you should thank God for Brett Favre.

That's right. Favre is your friend.

It was Favre's decision to un-retire that eventually landed him with the New York Jets. And it was that trade between Green Bay and New York that made Chad Pennington available to the Dolphins. And Pennington has been a blessing to Miami.

I'm not saying Pennington doesn't have flaws. We all know his troubles completing certain routes. We all know about the guy's arm-strength issues. But the guy is a fine player and is delivering the best QB play the Dolphins have had since Dan Marino.

Favre, meanwhile, was actually booed at times during the Jets' victory over Kansas City last Sunday.

And that leads me to this: If you were the coach of a team, any team, and I gave you the choice of picking one of these two guys as your starting quarterback, which would you start?  Pennington or Favre?

I asked this question on my radio show Monday night and it got quite heated because the Jets fans got angry at me. (I admit, I love to tweak Jets fans). But I'm expecting there won't be too many Jets fans on here so I'll dispense with saying mean things about their team.

I will say, however, that Pennington so far this season is out-playing Favre in many respects.

Pennington's completion percentage (69.3) is higher than Favre's (68.5). Pennington has thrown for more yards (1,710) than Favre (1,611) despite having 33 fewer attempts.

Pennington has more completions of 20-yards or more (20) than Favre (17) and more passes of 40-yards or more (5) than Favre (4).

Favre does have more TD passes (15) than Pennington (7). But he also has thrown more interceptions (11) than Pennington (3). Pennington's rating for the season is 100.5 while Favre's rating is 89.5.

I know that Favre has the stronger arm and has actually played and won championship games. So I assume you will weigh that in your decision. Try to be, as Fox News would say, fair and balanced. And don't just leave a comment with the guy's name and no explanation for the pick.

[Update: Pennington has been nominated for the FedEx Air & Ground Player of the Week honor. That means you can go to NFL.com/FedEx and vote for Pennington so that he beats out the other nominees for the award. The voting will be available online until 11 a.m. Friday and the winner is decided exclusively by the voting so get to clicking.]