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The championship game starting QB [updated]

If you are a Dolphins fan you should thank God for Brett Favre.

That's right. Favre is your friend.

It was Favre's decision to un-retire that eventually landed him with the New York Jets. And it was that trade between Green Bay and New York that made Chad Pennington available to the Dolphins. And Pennington has been a blessing to Miami.

I'm not saying Pennington doesn't have flaws. We all know his troubles completing certain routes. We all know about the guy's arm-strength issues. But the guy is a fine player and is delivering the best QB play the Dolphins have had since Dan Marino.

Favre, meanwhile, was actually booed at times during the Jets' victory over Kansas City last Sunday.

And that leads me to this: If you were the coach of a team, any team, and I gave you the choice of picking one of these two guys as your starting quarterback, which would you start?  Pennington or Favre?

I asked this question on my radio show Monday night and it got quite heated because the Jets fans got angry at me. (I admit, I love to tweak Jets fans). But I'm expecting there won't be too many Jets fans on here so I'll dispense with saying mean things about their team.

I will say, however, that Pennington so far this season is out-playing Favre in many respects.

Pennington's completion percentage (69.3) is higher than Favre's (68.5). Pennington has thrown for more yards (1,710) than Favre (1,611) despite having 33 fewer attempts.

Pennington has more completions of 20-yards or more (20) than Favre (17) and more passes of 40-yards or more (5) than Favre (4).

Favre does have more TD passes (15) than Pennington (7). But he also has thrown more interceptions (11) than Pennington (3). Pennington's rating for the season is 100.5 while Favre's rating is 89.5.

I know that Favre has the stronger arm and has actually played and won championship games. So I assume you will weigh that in your decision. Try to be, as Fox News would say, fair and balanced. And don't just leave a comment with the guy's name and no explanation for the pick.

[Update: Pennington has been nominated for the FedEx Air & Ground Player of the Week honor. That means you can go to NFL.com/FedEx and vote for Pennington so that he beats out the other nominees for the award. The voting will be available online until 11 a.m. Friday and the winner is decided exclusively by the voting so get to clicking.]


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My ideal draft next year:
1. CB(teamed with Allen and Allen)
2. WR (big, strong, some speed a plus)
2. NT (big, stong, fat, slow, pissed off)
3. ILB (to team with Crowder, if he's still a Dolphin next year)
4. Safety
5-7. OT and (depth, depth, depth)

1. Saftey (big, strong, fast, mean)
2. OLB
3. OG
4. NT
5-7. (depth, depth, depth)

Chad is only 3rd best QB since marino.  The best was Harrington whom the Phins should have kept and the second is still sitting on the bench.

Favre is a Hall of Famer for sure!! But I would still take Pennington, especially during their current stages of their careers. Favre may be able to heave the ball 60 yards and pray that a receiver can get it or a DB is out of position, but the key is to manage the offense down the field and stay out of 3rd and 20. Big plays are sexy and fun to watch, but they don't win big games very often. Plus, how far did Favre get before Reggie White came to town?

As far as debating between Favre and Pennington, I think it depends on the situation. Pennington is a better fit here and Favre is a better fit in N.Y. That being said since i am a fin fan I would obviously take Pennington right now. He is MUCH more accurate and doesnt turn the ball over nearly as much, 11 ints for favre 3 for C.P. Chad is a great leader and would never let his ego get in the way of what is best for the team, unlike Mr. Ego with the Jets. Favre really came back under unusual circumstances and with what Parcells and co. are trying to do here that would have gone against the team first mentality being drilled into everybodys head.Not to mention as a dolphin fan I am obviously a HUGE Marino fan and always felt as if Favre kept coming back to play so he could get those records. The Dolphins are a young team that needs a leader to help them grow, and also someone to manage the game and not turn the ball over. Favre has already proven that he is the best at turning the ball and not putting team first, remember HE threw the Interception in OT last year in the NFC championship that led to the Giants win. His ego tried to complete a pass that was ill advised, and for all his great qualities he has never learned how to be patient with the ball.

Favre would have been a better deal now. Two years and he is done. Perfect for Henne and Phins. Do you really think Penny is going to walk away after this season or next?????

wtf i cant belive this entire post is there an archive were we could go back to last week and see all of your posts saying bring in henne the season is over noodle arm etc etc.. Miami won one game last season and im haveing fun watcing these fins since the 91-92 fins when they lost to buff in the afc championship game. Chad penn has not lost a game for us because he dosent play defense. He has made human mistakes and they have been very few i'll take this guy over anybody in f 'ing league anytime anywhere im flying up from south tx to see these guys bum rush the nfl on dec 14 against the 49ers Id give anything to lose my voice for my phins 8 games a year there in ur stadium i consider u guys lucky and i read so many negatives from u guys u guys should be apreciative of what you have in your backyard. Im a real phins fan and im loving every minute of this ... And one last thing is it me or does pennington look like one of the contestents from the pick up artist .. .. sorry about my grammer

phin up

Chad Pennington has been a blessing. I've seen so many times where he either quickly gets rid of the ball before the pass rush is able to get to him or he steps to allude it. Our pass protection hasn't been that great this year, but luckily Chad has eyes in the back of his head. I still can't believe we got him without giving up a single draft pick.

It is SO nice having a QB back there who won't lose games for you with stupid mistakes. He's the MAIN reason why the Dolphins have either won or been competitive in so many games this year. Without Chad Pennington, this is a 1-6 team.

Pennington does the best play action of any quarterback in the league.

Great topic.

I haven't seen the arm strength issues everyone continues to dump on Pennington. While the ball may not zip like Favre or Marino in their prime, the recent deep pass I say on the "wildcat" looked just stellar to me. I have never been a Favre fan. More gunslinger than quarterback and not that great at reading defenses. He takes chances constantly living on his armstrength rather than knowledge of the play. It's worked for him in the past and his season with the Jets has been decent. He's always had double digit interceptions and that comes from his wild play. Unfortunately the Jets aren't able to come back from those types of mistakes. What's weird is that Pennington is really the type of QB they need this year. Not the likes of a wild armed banchee.

Pennington I never cared for in New York, but hey I am no Jets fan. Pennington is however more of a team guy that Brett has ever been in his career. The guy is a leader and has shown it more with Miami than in New York. Of course the JETS have spent years trying to find a replacement for him rather than rallying around the guy as their leader. Pennington is extremely accurate and it's one of his key attributes - which helps Miami's young receivers emmensley. He puts the ball where it needs to be. He follows the game plan and has command of the offense and makes great reads.

Farve is/was a grid-iron warrior but he is self centered and proved it with how he dealt with the Packers. Pennington is a quite reserved player dedicated to the "team" concept. For a young team like Miami he has been exactly what is needed. He's proven his toughness, staying in the pocket and waiting for his receivers to get open. He's been the key addition for the Dolphins.

Nice work Mr. Pennington. And... thanks.

I just saw Fox News report that if Obama wins, the dolphins will be sold.

Is this true???

I just saw fox news report that if Obama is elected, then the dolphins will be sold.

Is this true???

ESPN ran some of Amando's: Pennington stats Monday on air, seg-waying into the booing of Farve. Amando this blog is filled with Jets Fan, there would be a 5 million more people in NY if they weren't down here. Karma, the stars, and the football Gods are aligning the last game of the season Miami vs Jets at Giants Stadium as a must win for the Division or Wild card birth. Premature maybe but you've got love the Hollywood storyline. ESPN is aligning our remaining schedule saying the Dolpins will face some of the lowest rated pass defense's in the leauge and Chad's passer rating: which translate into: "In other words it's doable to finish with a winning record. Division title maybe a long reach, Wild-Card well we're one game out just like the Colts at 3-4. In division play were .66% which is good. God we're almost to November and talking playoffs, been a long time coming. Just thought of a great promotion offer "Dolphins Jerseys for Giant fans for the Jets game in NY if they attend the game". The Jersey Miami Aqua/Orange "Pennington #10". Make it a special collector Jersey.

i would have to lean toward the more accurate QB. and i think his name goes without saying. but i'll say it anyway, chad noodle arm pennington. the deep ball is great to have but at the same time (as we saw sunday) if the other team thinks you can't toss it down field, you have the added element of suprise. i choose noodle arm.

Penny better QB rating, 8 fewer int's. Favre got a ring how many yrs ago? He single handedly lost last yrs playoff game. Thrown more int's in the last 5 yrs than any body. Said it's not his job to help younger QB's. Thank you NY Brett's for our current QB. SARASOTA BAY DOLPHAN


With the pros and cons, which you listed well, it's a dead heat statistically.

If I had a superbowl caliber team outside of QB, I'd take Favre for a single season based on his experience.

If not, Chad is more efficient in getting receivers completions to grow their talents and confidence. Chad can be there for a longer haul, too. Favre has very little tread on the tires- he seems close to that point where the wheels might just fall off, like it did with our hero, Danny, in Jacksonville.

Farve is the second most over-rated QB in NFL history behind Joe Namath. Thank you very much Jets for Pennington. It is amazing how consistantly stupid the front office of the Jets can be year after year. It is no wonder that Jets fans have so many psychological problems.

johnnygato- you're an idiot dude. Are you some young kid who never watched Marino? Your argument that "his determination to just sling it" as the reason for the Dolphins never winning a superbowl during the Marino years? So stinking ridiculous. He never had a RB OR a defense. You have no clue you Jets fan. Name one RB Marino EVER had, even half of what Terell Davis was in Denver. You put Marino in Denver those same years, he has a SB ring just like Elway.

Report are in, Pennington over "fumbles" Favre.
Jet's made yet another hugh personal mistake...LMAO!

Joey Harrington isn't playing anymore that is just stupid to think He ever was a Winning QB in the NFL just a bust doubt he ever plays again atleast as a starter


Pennington has been one of the top 5 QBs in the NFL this year. The only criticism anyone can lay on him is his lack of arm strength. So what? Guys with big arms only throw deep a handful of times per game. There may be a route or two that he can't throw, but Joe Montana and many others didn't have the arm strength either. I'd rather have a guy like Pennington than a Drew Bledsoe type with the big arm who can't make the smart reads consistently.
Bottom line: Pennington has been money for us and delivered when we needed it most. He's the smartest QB i've seen in some time, makes all the reads, and his 8.5 yards per attempt is INSANE and is truly the benchmark for all QBs.
One great example of Pennington's smarts was illustrated by Rich Gannon on the telecast against the Bills. They showed a replay where Pennington had a possibly open Anthony Fasano deep, but he opted for the sure-thing David Martin for a 12 yard gain. This was late in the game and kept the clock and the chains moving. Very smart, high percentage play. Favre would have gone for the lower percentage home run attempt for Fasano at the possible risk of his team.

Easy decision.

Pennington... Period.

Farve, Faver, Farver, Favre, however you spell it is "garbage" like someone else said. "Farbage!!" Pennington is awesome and is a main reason we're on the upswing.

Farv-rah would never QB a Parcells team. Too unpredictable and old to change. A 32 year old Favre or 32 year old Penny? Favre hands down but the guy is 39 and will not change.

Dan's interceptions in his final season were the result of a shoulder injury, incurred while bringing the Dolphins back from a huge deficit to beat Peyton Manning and the Colts in Indy. He was named AFC player of the week for that effort.

Those picks were really Jimmy Johnson's interceptions. The "other guy" (as Coach Shula once referred to him by) brought Dan back far too early, mostly out of spite, but largely because he knew that even an injured Marino was the only thing that was going to keep Johnson from riding off into the sunset looking like a blow-dried, blow hard loser. Dan took that team into the playoffs and had a phenomenal effort against the Seahawks. Jimmy's inability to properly prepare his team kept us from competing with the Jaguars the following week.

Posted by: Kent | October 28, 2008 at 12:17 PM

That was very insightfull, Kent. I probably caught (mostly on TV) every game that Marino played but never bothered to record them. But something told me to record that game against the Seahawks because I somehow knew that would be his last good one. Case in point, I didn't even bother to see the next one in JAX...I knew it was over by then. Just glad I have that last good game in Seattle.

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