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The rest of the Ricky Williams interview

On Monday afternoon I had an interesting chat with Ricky Williams about his bye weekend, his current view of his career, and his maturation process as a man and player.

During that interview I asked Williams about Marijuana and he spoke openly about it. I asked him if he was tempted to smoke again, and interestingly enough, he admitted he was tempted during the bye weekend. I wrote a story about it in The Herald.

But there were other parts of the interview that were not included in the story for space reasons or because, mostly, they had less to do with the theme of the story. So I include them here:

How do you overcome addiction to Marijuana?

"I think you can get addicted to anything. I think overcoming it, you need help definitely. You need a support system and you need some way to remind yourself, one, why not to do it. And two, you have to remind yourself of the positive things that will come if you refrain from doing it."

"It's hard for me to say I was addicted to Marijuana. I'm not convinced I had a Marijuana problem. I smoked occasionally and I had bad timing. I was in a program where there was zero tolerance. And so for me it was a matter of if I was 100 percent sure I wanted to be a football player, it wouldn't have been an issue for me to [not] smoke. But I think a lot of times I had serious doubts [football] is what I wanted to do. So I wasn't motivated not to smoke."

So what changed?

"I think the problem is when you get to a certain point in your career, you see the end of football. And that's when the doubts become stronger. But I've already seen past the end of football and I'm looking forward to getting to life after football. But I also realize the longer I can play and the more productive I can be over time, it makes life after football easier. So I'm motivated to stay here as long as I can."

How much does money have to do with that?

"It has a big part to do with it. It's something I was never comfortable saying, that I played for money. But I'm at a point now where if I wasn't making money, there's no doubt I wouldn't be here."

You sound so much more mature about life than you used to years ago.

"One of the biggest things is over the past couple of years, I've started to embrace and appreciate  family life. So now I understand the decision I make don't just affect me. They affect my kids, they affect my wife, they affect everything. Being around them all the time makes it easier. Before them, I was more about myself and I didn't think too much about how much my decisions affected other people. That comes from maturity."


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Geez.... he was tempted to smoke during the bye week!!!

The team has got to be concerned with that!!

OMG! Ricky Williams said "Marijuana". Wow, there is story.

ricky really does sound more mature. i feel like a proud father after his son is relased from rehab, and has moved past his addiction. ok may not, but im glad he's on the field and not in a tent in tibet. keep up the good work ricky, and when you're done with football give armando an address where i can send you a fat stinky sticky woola to enjoy as you close the door on your football career. one love rasta, peace be the journey.

Sounds like Ricky has finally come to the logical conclusion that he never be able to make the kind of money he makes playing football once he walks away... He knows he needs to make the most of his earning power while he has the opportunity. Yes that would be called maturity.

It also sounds like once he walks away he will go back to smoking weed. Personally I have no issue with people partaking occasionally and think the laws are ridiculous and that's from a person who doesn't smoke at all.

I have always felt people who smoke have to go to a dealer to get it and are then subjected to the source of harder drugs. If they could acquire weed legally less people would come into contact with dealers and there would be less people addicted to harder drugs. Just one person's opinion.

Common Salguero. All of this should have been in the first story. Instead of writing a story just about Williams THINKING about smoking in order to get National headlines, what about including all of these quotes as well...showing that the guy is trying very hard to change and make a man of himself.

I see this very differently. While I am not against a personal decision to smoke pot, as a devoted Dolphin fan I find no evidence in this interview that Ricky is devoted to helping this team win. It seems more to me that he is interested in making as much money as possible the next 2 years and then getting the hell out, not contributing to turning the Dolphins into a contender.

I agree with Adam, you hung Ricky out to dry and now you add part 2?

I am disappointed.

Were you threatened with a lawsuit for picking and choosing what to include in your UNANNOUNCED 2 part "series" that left people to believe that the first part was it?

Without the filler BS in the first installment,these five additional paragraphs would've EASILY fit into your first write up concerning Ricky and his enjoying Hippy Hay and still missing it at times.

I quit cold turkey six years ago after smoking for 22 years and I still miss it at times but my priorities changed and HH has no place in my life at this time but IF I were to win the Lottery,I might would light up at times but I may not.

I know the bye week makes things a bit slow but NOT announcing it as a two part series, with more insight to be included in the second part,certainly left me and probably the majority of readers thinking a positive test is just around the corner.

IF this wasnt intended to stir drama,one has to wonder just how much thought you put into your articles.

This is good stuff Armando. Your breaking story was in USA Today and throughout the web. Good scoop. And this is a good second-day angle.

I have to laugh anytime I read something about one being "addicted" to marijuana. There's no physical addiction and the mental addiction argument is still on going. Our country is too funny in that being an alcoholic is considered having a "disease" but smoking pot once in a while is considered an addiction. What's really funny is that the "addict" broke an all time Dolphin rushing record and was the pro bowl mvp the year he was smoking all of the time. So ofcourse Ricky was tempted, he's only human. The difference is now he has the maturity to realize that lighting up will be harmful to him and his family at this point in time. But when he is done playing football, if done responsibly, there is nothing wrong with smoking a little pot. Gotta go, there's a Budweiser commercial on tv that has cute animals promoting thd consumption of alcohol eventhough there are thousands of alcohol related deaths per year. Too funny.

What did we all think? He wasn't going to admit to thinking about pot? Some people really have to research addiction. Alcoholics and drug abusers think about their drug of choice every day. It just gets less with time. Even ex tobacco smokers think about smoking. The years away take the edge off and make it easy to deal with but the addiction exists until the addict dies.
The article should outline the problem and the demons a person has to fight to defeat the addiction.
Now is there anything wrong with making money? No we all do it. Armando writes, Ricky runs. Ricky gets paid because he does it so well and Armando would get paid a heck of a lot more if he was a pullitzer prize winning writer. Of course we wouldn't have him to kick around and life might be a drag. Oh I am bored, where is that joint? hahaha


If you want to see an athlete participate in team sports, and commit 2-3 years on making the team get better, watch college football.

In the pros, it's all about the money. Especially in this day and age.

As for Ricky, heck I'm glad to see he made it through the bye week without smoking weed. That has to say SOMETHING about how he's changed. Also, remember he's on his last shot, and that the Phins aren't on the hook for a load of cash if he decides to go to the dark side this time. Win/win IMHO.

It kills me that Ricky gets crap for this stuff. Ya he was stupid because he knew the rules...but there are guys in this league that have had far worse problems and its never mentioned. Bret Favre went to rehab for an addiction to Vicodin, which by the way is a class A narcotic. Do people ever ask him how he's doing with that? Did he miss a second of playing time for it? No..because class A pain killers are cool, but a class B substance is the mark of death. Silly...just freakining silly. These guys get stronger stuff injected into them before games.

A non-story as far as I'm concerned.

Mike-Perfectly said.

finbooyah - As long as he realizes that him playing well is a direct correlation to how much many he can make, I don't care what his reasons are.

I don't care if a guy's going out there for fame, stats, money or championships. As long as they find what motivates them.

One thing is alcohol is legal,pot is not.Both give you a high or buzz, I have seen death happen from both. One is plastered all over the sports from tv to billboards,even kids sports stadiums.The other you go to jail and are labeled druggy. Is ricky any diff from the guys just going out for a beer to take the edge off or cut loose,or just want to relax at home? If pot and alcohol were gone, maybe I'd have a few more of my friends still alive.I dont drink or smoke anymore but it kills me when I hear that pot is any different than alcohol,just one's legal and big legal money,but the drink can mess you up bad. I know some of you will be mad about this and I am sorry if I offend you,but I have seen terrible things from both of these two substances and I just wonder why is it worth it. The world's hipocritical view that one man's high is ok and the other's is bad just seems crazy. How does a guy call ricky a human disgrace and then he goes out everyday and gets tanked on a case of beer or liquor.IT'S ALL BAD!

I don't smoke pot, but I did smoke cigarettes for 55 years. I quit a year and a half ago and will not ever smoke again but I think about it every day and sometimes dream about it.

"One thing is alcohol is legal,pot is not.Both give you a high or buzz, I have seen death happen from both."

How in the world did you see a death from pot?

And what's the reason you separated this into 2 parts? Oh, that's right -- to get your first story picked up in every major outlet. Don't really care about Rickey, do you? How selfish. Leave out the stuff that puts those other statements in context. This was slimey, Armando.

Armando, your interview with Ricky is one of the most insightful...and thoughtful...I've read in some time. Nice work here.

how did someone die from smokin' pot?was he driving too slow and got rear ended or did he forget to turn into the parking lot to get some munchies and hit a light pole?

Yawn. Move it along folks. And remember: Only Users Lose Drugs.

Armando, i honestly think that you people from the herald are running out of topics.. you guys are soooo creative, that you picked the dummest topic. also, i'm beginning to think that you're not a dolfan.. why in word would you publish a negative article about your team? this is definitely a negative article towards Ricky, in which it makes him look dump, and he just happens to be the Miami Dolphins RB. it's like writing negative stuff on your blogs about your wife who just cheated on you.. i mean, it would just be a bad reflecton on your character..

It was a good article. Its also good to know Ricky seems to still be the same honest, insightful person he always was. I've said it before and will say it again the NFL had no business punishing Ricky for cannabis use. One third of Americans live in states where a Doctor legally and apropriately would have treated Ricky's well documented Social Anxiety Disorder. And anyone out there that thinks Cannabis is dangerous or addictive, bought in to propaganda not science, probably the same people who don't believe in evolution or that dinosaurs once walked the face of the (round) earth...


It's all for the money...that's what pay's the bills. Let's get real guys, he doesn't care much for football. He has to pay for all the children he has by three woman! And I know first hand he is not much of a father at least not to one of his children. I know because my friend has his son and she tells me all the time he is never around. Go get um Ricky! Pay your bills and start being a father, a real one... GO DOLPHINS!!! David.

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