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To pull the trigger on Roy Williams trade or not?

The situation begs attention: The Dolphins, for all their fine work the past two games, still don't scare anyone in the passing game. It's not so much that they don't have good receivers -- we can agree Anthony Fasano and Greg Camarillo are good pass-catchers.

It's just that Miami has no dynamic pass catchers.

And that is where the name Roy Williams pops to mind.

Williams is the Detroit Lions receiver who becomes a free agent at the end of this season. There are rumors circulating out of Detroit that despite Williams' desire to remain with the team, the club will try to move him before the Oct. 14 trade deadline.

So, of course, we at Dolphins In Depth must jump into the fray and remind everyone of Miami's stated stance in all such matters: 1. The Dolphins turn over every rock for available talent, suggesting they have studied Williams and have at least thought about the idea of reaching out to Detroit to gauge what is fact and fiction. 2. The Dolphins aren't in the business of giving up draft picks, which suggests even if Williams is available wholesale the Dolphins would likely pass.

But that is the point. Williams is probably available wholesale. Sure, the Lions would want a high pick. But he's not fetching a first or second round pick unless a bidding war ensues. Remember Detroit gets nothing for the guy if he become a free agent.

So would the Dolphins give up a third-round pick for a 26-year-old receiver who would immediately upgrade the Miami receiver corps and perhaps help the Dolphins take a giant leap on offense?

Would you?

Personally, I don't see this happening. Too many loose ends to tie, such as getting Williams to agree to a new contract to make sure he doesn't become a free agent next season. But fans should love the idea. It offers your team the opportunity to add a receiver whose career statistics are quite good and include a 1,310 yard season in 2006.

Not too many of those available out there and definitely none available in next year's draft because everyone in that group is unproven.

So what should the Dolphins do?