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To pull the trigger on Roy Williams trade or not?

The situation begs attention: The Dolphins, for all their fine work the past two games, still don't scare anyone in the passing game. It's not so much that they don't have good receivers -- we can agree Anthony Fasano and Greg Camarillo are good pass-catchers.

It's just that Miami has no dynamic pass catchers.

And that is where the name Roy Williams pops to mind.

Williams is the Detroit Lions receiver who becomes a free agent at the end of this season. There are rumors circulating out of Detroit that despite Williams' desire to remain with the team, the club will try to move him before the Oct. 14 trade deadline.

So, of course, we at Dolphins In Depth must jump into the fray and remind everyone of Miami's stated stance in all such matters: 1. The Dolphins turn over every rock for available talent, suggesting they have studied Williams and have at least thought about the idea of reaching out to Detroit to gauge what is fact and fiction. 2. The Dolphins aren't in the business of giving up draft picks, which suggests even if Williams is available wholesale the Dolphins would likely pass.

But that is the point. Williams is probably available wholesale. Sure, the Lions would want a high pick. But he's not fetching a first or second round pick unless a bidding war ensues. Remember Detroit gets nothing for the guy if he become a free agent.

So would the Dolphins give up a third-round pick for a 26-year-old receiver who would immediately upgrade the Miami receiver corps and perhaps help the Dolphins take a giant leap on offense?

Would you?

Personally, I don't see this happening. Too many loose ends to tie, such as getting Williams to agree to a new contract to make sure he doesn't become a free agent next season. But fans should love the idea. It offers your team the opportunity to add a receiver whose career statistics are quite good and include a 1,310 yard season in 2006.

Not too many of those available out there and definitely none available in next year's draft because everyone in that group is unproven.

So what should the Dolphins do?


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There are other possible WR's out there that I would rather see the Fins go after. TJ in Cinnci for instance. He is also a free agent next year and the buzz is that the Bengals might part with him. What an additon that guy would be. I don't think I would object to the Williams thing either...as long as we don't sell the farm for him. Past administrations made this mistake way too often.


For a 3rd round pick, Yes in a heartbeat, Unless his contract demands are crazy. I think it may require a 2nd round pick to get him and I would part with the Redskins 2nd round pick aquired in the Jason Taylor trade.

For a 3rd??? I'd do it yesterday.

Never for a first but perhaps a second if he extended his contract.

R. Williams or Housh for that matter is what Miami really needs. A proven dynamic pass catcher and a guy with good YAC.

Just think how much stress it would take off the run game and Penny to have a defense needing to double him. The bennifit also allows weaker coverage on Ginn and Bess.

But the biggest reason to add a legit # 1 pro bowl caliber WR is that Chad HENNE will be able to grow faster into his position and Roy can make plays that make up for a young QB's bad throws.

why not? it's better to get a proven performer than a potential performer.

For a THIRD? After we got a 2nd for Chambers, and a 2nd+7th for Welker? In a HEARTBEAT. The guys is a top 10 WR in the league with a solid QB. He's big. He's fast. He's sure handed. And it's important to note as AS said...he's only 26! This isn't a "quick fix"...this would be LONG TERM.

Yesterday wouldn't be fast enough! Like the guy above said...the Taylor 2nd would even be worth it since the Skins look good...it will be a low 2nd.

I really like the idea, but its not going to happen.... We will continue to build through the draft with a couple of key free agent pickups

I would like to make the trade though, considering we wouldnt feel obligated to take a WR in the draft, when there are a lotta good corners and linebackers that will be in the draft

Absolutely!!! For a 3rd?? Tell ya what...we'll throw in Hagan and Wilford to sweeten the pot. In my best Ben Stiller voice "Do It, Do It"!!

For a 3rd yes take him. Make sure you get him under contract first. I doubt you will find a reciver of his quality in the 3rd round.

In a New York minute!!

I think we are rushing the Henne thing, dont underestimate what Penny brings to the table he is only 31 and might have a chance at more than one SB with this young group of growers..if he is protected well by satele, long and the lunchpail gang upfront and doenst get beaten up too badly, he could be our leader for the next four to five years...I say, pick up williams with a pick, then (and im not up on next years draft class)either TRADE Henne for a stud DB, or keep him...I think its penny's show for more than 1 or two years

NEVER trade a qb that you think could be great, for anything... even if he wont play for three to four years.. Aaron Rodgers sat on the bench since 2005, and he was a first rounder.

Being that he is proven already at a position that is so hard to judge in the draft ---why not. We will need a receiver anyway. Why look to luck when we have some proven before us? He's solid with a great attitude. Big, fast, smart, disciplined...hmmm. sounds familiar. I trust the regime will know what is best. so whatever they do, I get it. Although I wish GINN would return more kicks and punts. He at least gives us a threat to go all the way.

Roy Williams is talented, but *all* NFL receilvers are. Fact is he doesn't have the head for the game the way a Jerry Rice, Tim Brown or even Irving Fryar did.

HE's a bust and i would seriously doubt a Parcells led regime would chase him.

TJ Hous, that's a whole nother story> Absolutely go get him.

I was only suggesting the trade of henne if we had a guaranteed future ronnie lott on the board...love henne and the grooming time he will have....any thoughts on whats up with beck?

Oh, hells yes!
A third round pick is almost free.
Seriously, do it now.

Lets send Haqan, Wilford and maybe Wright and a late rounder for Williams, otherwise, I don't see giving a third, at best a 4th rounder, probably a 5th or a 6th and some backups

"definitely none available in next year's draft"

Why do you make such ignorant proclamations? That's why we have scouts and 30+ years of experience making these decisions.

Camarillo may end up having a better year than Williams did in his 1st 2. He's a poor man's Chambers who I wouldn't want back Chambers back for a 3rd. 4th tops for Williams. I doubt Parcells/Ireland bother...and I agree.

Who the hell is on about trading Henne???
Are you kidding me, this guy is the closest we've had to a future franchise QB and now we finally have him you want to trade him, he can sit behind Penny for this year maybe next. Only three weeks ago people were wanting him to play instead of Penny, now he's suddenly trade bait, sorry man but you've rocks in your head whoever suggested this one, as for R.Williams I say yes, trade for him in a heartbeat with a 3 or the 2 from Washington like someone said its gonna be a low 2nd rounder the way the skins are playing, you never know our picks may not be too high either if we continue to play like we are doing.

i dont know man, i heard and read detroit is asking for much more than just a 3rd round choice, i´m not high on giving away picks but if its indeed only a 3rd , we have to absolutely pull the trigger

for a third, definately!

Can we sign him first? Only then. We have won a couple of games, not the sb. I don't know if we are in the luxury position to trade away any draft picks. Beck might be a good trade.
If we don't sign him and lose him at the end of the season and are 7-9 what have we accomplished?
The trifecta plan appears to be working. Why screw with it?
As for Henne? Must be a closet detroit fan who suggested that one.

Yea, I'm sure Detroit will even pitch in to help pay for Wilford's $6 million signing bonus. There is no way Williams is leaving Detroit for less than a 2nd rounder. There will be more teams than the Phins interested. I wish they could snag him though.

i say that even at a 2nd round pick, williams will definately be worth it. not only does he fit in right away with this young team because of his age but he is head over heals better at the position than anyone on the roster and anyone commin in from the 09 draft. the dolphins will bennefit in more ways than they would even hope for the fact that this would put ginn at the # 2 spot, thus taking extreme pressure to perform right away off his young mind, which will then allow him to be the explosive playmaker that he was at ohio state once williams start demanding attention from defences. williams will be the same to ginn and carrimillo(two wes welker type players)as randy moss is to welker , as chad johnson is to t.j, as TO was to terry glenn. none of those number 2 guys would be the same without a dynamic number 1. i think carimillo is a has a great future and with him comin in off the bench the dolphins will have not only one of the best reciever cores but one of the youngest. it would also free up ginn to return a few kicks. need i remind you that this is the same guy that gave devin hester a run for his money week for week back in college? by the time it becomes henne's turn to take the reigns he will be walking into an easy transition

I don't understand why some folks wouldn't do the deal, especially for a third. I would give up the extra 2nd for Williams assuming we could get a contract worked out. Aren't we like $20+ million under the cap? It takes some time to develop the receivers, and having a veteran presence like him on the team would be good too. T.J. isn't a bad idea either, but is Cincy really going to pass on him? They need receivers, especially with 85 being flaky. To me, Williams is a big, physical receiver that can generate some yards after the catch. Seems like this is the type of player Parcells would want, right?

All of you saying "Yes" need to understand that you are giving up a third round pick for 12 games of Williams. That's it.

He will not sign a long-term contract before he's traded, not unless the money is ridiculous. That is the only reason he would go for a third rounder... he will be a free agent. If he wasn't he would cost more, see?

So, no. I wouldn't give up a third round pick for 12 games of Roy Williams.

I agree with Curt up above. A 3rd?? In a heartbeat! I'm not so sure, given the other possible talent coming available that I would even consider giving up the Skins #2 we have next year. But a 3rd in a NY Jets minute...

I'd trade for him in a heartbeat. Would even consider giving up that 2nd round pick since, as someone already mentioned, it may not even be a high 2nd round pick. What I like most about the guy is that he is only 26 years old and about to enter his prime. He would immediately legitimize our passing game and would help not only to open up the middle of the field, but also the running. If I'm not mistaken, he's also a pretty good blocker as well.

I'd trade for him in a heartbeat. Would even consider giving up that 2nd round pick since, as someone already mentioned, it may not even be a high 2nd round pick. What I like most about the guy is that he is only 26 years old and about to enter his prime. He would immediately legitimize our passing game and would help not only to open up the middle of the field, but also the running. If I'm not mistaken, he's also a pretty good blocker as well.

We should pick up...wHoyourmama in Cincy!



Your point is well taken. I did not make it clear in my earlier post, but I would not be willing to part with a pick unless I got a contract hammered out. I made it sound like I would only do this for a 2nd pick scenario. I agree that either way would be foolish if something wasn't set up out for a longer term.

Stick with the draft.


I'm sure the Dolphins will talk about it but Chad Johnson was almost traded for two first round picks this offseason! I wonder what the Lions would want...

I say get rid of both our starting WR's and try to bring in 2 studs that are free agents in the offseason. Like we did in the early 90's when Duper and Clayton both left and the following season Shula brought in Irving Fryar and Mark Ingram. It was a great transition for Marino and he didn't miss a beat. Of course that was Marino............

Why would you trade for an under achieveing receiver on an under achieveing team? Parcells and co. know what they are doing. Let them be. if the guy was worth having they would get him.

Not for a second rounder. However, I might even up it to a third and a seventh... or a third and a sixth.

I say absolutely. Third rounder is a steal, when you consider it takes at least 3 years for a receiver to blossom in the NFL, and he has that experience. He immediately improves this teams ability to go deep on any down, and he could even fit into the wildcat offense as an end around threat.

If the Fins continue to becoming a dominant running team - I think they will - then no receiver is going to come close to 1300 yards in a season. Plus we don't need the headaches. Wilford will come along and frankly, Chad P is getting the chemistry he needs with our guys. Camarillo is becoming the new Welker and Ginn is getting better every game. Fasano runs after the catch then looks to drop a bomb on his tackler.

Receivers come into their own by the 3rd season.

Parcells likes big receivers who play physical. However, I would not part with more than a 3rd for either Williams or TJ. Miami could sweeten the deal for Detroit by throwing in Beck. I would not give up any of the No 2s or the 1st round pick. There are 2-3 big (6-3 and taller) WRs coming out in the 2009 Draft and one of them should be available to the Fins.

Since the subject is here, as far as Chad OC, I wouldn't give anything more than say, 100 shares of Lehman Brothers stock for him.

Glad most of you aren't in charge. The Dolphins will build this team the way THEY want- not the fans.

I would not trade anything over a 5th rounder. The guy is going to be a free agent after the season (in a stacked WR FA class from what it sounds like) so why give a high draft pick away for him now? Sign him after the season.

Roy W ?

He is worth a #3 IF: 1) he agrees to a new contract 2) is he a locker room asset or not

We don't need a negetive player added to the club, so if he is a top guy then yes, give him the $$ and make the deal.

I would not trade anything over a 5th rounder. The guy is going to be a free agent after the season (in a stacked WR FA class from what it sounds like) so why give a high draft pick away for him now? Sign him after the season.

What you all are forgeting is that roy williams does not want to be traded, so if we did make the trade, he would be expensive dead weight for the team. TJ is a better choice; but I still feel that what we have is sufficient; the reason that we can't see it is because the receiving core does not work well with pennington. When henne is at the helm, all of a sudden, all of the receivers can catch and there are several long pass completions. I think henne should be allowed to play one quarter in every game from here on in so that he will continue to be in sync with the receivers in case pennington gets hurt; which is very possible because he does not scramble.

I would want T.J. first off. I would trade Hagan and Wilford and maybe add in a 5th rounder. We do need some athletic, big receivers to open up our passing game. Then maybe when they are double teamed Ginn and Bess, Camarillo will get some man on man.

DONE DEAL. Remember we have an additional 2nd rounder coming from the Redskins (JT). The possiblity of the Fins being out of the top 7-10 draft choices is getting better and better (which means no Crabtree).

Well personally what I think, Is our Recievers we have now are growing and their growing so much that they have No drops on the Season and the only Drop we have is from Tight End Anthony Fasano but we all no how good Fasona is so Right.... I think our Recievers are growing and will Continue to grow I mean c'mon we have Greg Camallio catching Touchdowns he's our leading Reciever this guy has a bright future, Roy will be a major upgrade but I say we way our Options on Free Agent Day but if we do get him that'll be Awsome for both the Dolphins and Tedd Ginn because it opens a lot of things up for him... but we also have to get a Contract on this guy besides that everyone should No that the Dolphins are gonna make a Run at these Big Name Players in Free Agent. Oh yea and lets not forget the Dolphins need to get a Contract on Ronnie before he be as good as gone. I'm Al'T from Miami Florida that knows Sports better than anyone wanna know anything leave an Comment Reffering it to me (Al'T) and ill give you the Right answers Piece..

A third-round draft pick for an All-world talented receiver who is only 26-years-old is about as no-brainer as they come.

Dolphins would be stupid not to make that trade.

How did I miss that TJ was available? Considering that Housh is the only one getting open in Cincy I doubt they would be crazy enough to let him go. Roy is probably the only proven WR we'll have a shot at between now and next season. He's not putting up Housh or Boldin numbers which means he's looking at Lee Evans money at best in my opinion. If the Fins can agree on a contract with him then I would think it's obvious to make the trade. Remember that there are 32 or so teams out there. If we go into the open market of free agency we'll be ripped off no matter who we take. Hence, why Miami gave up on Calvin Pace this offseason. Better to get the guy now while the numbers are down. It's not like Roy is a bumb. We're a much better offensive team than the Lions right now and if you stick a guy like Roy into our lineup he could end up looking like Larry Fitzgerald. Bold statement? Perhaps. Who's our best WR right now? Camarillo? I rest my case.


Put together a big boy sentence, and then maybe we'll take you seriously.


everyone is talking about Roy W. being a underachiever, well when you are on a team that has had a losing record for so long I guess thats what you are made out to be. I think he would be a good addition to our Fins. however, if Parcells and Ireland dont feel , TJ would also be a good addition. I dont know about you all but people are saying that there are no WRs (proven) in this years draft class but Ive taken some time to check out Texas Techs Michael Crabtree he is 6'4 with speed and great hand. With a projected 1800yd season.

One way or the other we keep winning

we could send a DL(wright or dotson) and a 5th rounder, the lions need defensive help bad...

Crabtree will be gone in top 5-10 if he comes out this year. Plus, there is no way to know if his abilities will translate to the next level. The Dolphins have a legitimate chance of making the playoffs this year with the AFC hurting. If he isn't a rental and the contract extension is worth while for both parties then why not do it? That would mean that our 1st rounder could go toward adding a serious talent to our defensive backfield or LB corps.

Id give a 3rd rounder if we he agrees to a long term deal. Detroit might be willing to part with him for a 3rd rather than lose him at the end of the year. Otherwise wait, until free agency. This is a re-building year lets not jump the gun and be patient.

You know this deal has wanstash written all over it hed pull the trigger and make sure it was an AK47. ----- and look where that got us.

Why give up a draft pick at all. Detroit has an area of need we have an area of strength in. They are looking for a young QB to groom. Why not pass them Beck for Williams. It may seem lopsided at first but is it really? RW is FA at the end of the year so u lose him. Beck is locked in for a couple more. JB doesn't have enough volume of work to know if he is a bust yet. You have Kitna to groom him for about 2 years and he has Calvin Johnson to begin developing a relationship now.

I'm on the fence on this one. If he's going to be a free agent this year then we should keep our picks and go after him then. Yes this will mean we'll end up paying more for him but it also means we'll have a chance to see who goes on the trading block in the offseason, it may just be a better player out there available or unhappy with their current contract. I'm in no rush to get back to greatnes. If the current regime does it right will be great for years to come , if they do it wrong its going to be a disaster!! I personally think Greg C is going to be a great reciever, he reminds me of Oronde Gadsden

Armando , who are some of the other BIG name recievers that will be FA's at the end of the season?

are you kidding me?
you can't even use the right word.
you meant weigh, but wrote way.
you meant peace, but wrote piece.

also, if we want him we should trade and sign him now. isn't next year the no cap year because they let the players agreement lapse??? this offseason could be a free-for-all spending war.

damn you santana25, you beat me to pointing out AI'T's weakness...lol

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