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To pull the trigger on Roy Williams trade or not?

The situation begs attention: The Dolphins, for all their fine work the past two games, still don't scare anyone in the passing game. It's not so much that they don't have good receivers -- we can agree Anthony Fasano and Greg Camarillo are good pass-catchers.

It's just that Miami has no dynamic pass catchers.

And that is where the name Roy Williams pops to mind.

Williams is the Detroit Lions receiver who becomes a free agent at the end of this season. There are rumors circulating out of Detroit that despite Williams' desire to remain with the team, the club will try to move him before the Oct. 14 trade deadline.

So, of course, we at Dolphins In Depth must jump into the fray and remind everyone of Miami's stated stance in all such matters: 1. The Dolphins turn over every rock for available talent, suggesting they have studied Williams and have at least thought about the idea of reaching out to Detroit to gauge what is fact and fiction. 2. The Dolphins aren't in the business of giving up draft picks, which suggests even if Williams is available wholesale the Dolphins would likely pass.

But that is the point. Williams is probably available wholesale. Sure, the Lions would want a high pick. But he's not fetching a first or second round pick unless a bidding war ensues. Remember Detroit gets nothing for the guy if he become a free agent.

So would the Dolphins give up a third-round pick for a 26-year-old receiver who would immediately upgrade the Miami receiver corps and perhaps help the Dolphins take a giant leap on offense?

Would you?

Personally, I don't see this happening. Too many loose ends to tie, such as getting Williams to agree to a new contract to make sure he doesn't become a free agent next season. But fans should love the idea. It offers your team the opportunity to add a receiver whose career statistics are quite good and include a 1,310 yard season in 2006.

Not too many of those available out there and definitely none available in next year's draft because everyone in that group is unproven.

So what should the Dolphins do?


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Roy Williams has only had one year over a thousand yards. 817, 687, 1310 and 838 yard seasons and has never had more than 8 TD's. He has also only had one 16 game season in 4 years. His 1310 yard season was under Mike Martz pass happy offense. He is probably better than anything we have but not necessarily a franchise WR.

Definitely a 3rd if he wants a long term contract. The guy is loyal to want to stay at the shithole named Detroit. Isn't Housh around 30? Thats a little old in my opinion. I'd trade Beck and Wilford and give them a 3rd. Great way to get rid of the leftovers.

TJ is arround thirty and so is Beck.. So Beck and a 6th rounder for Roy if he is willing to agree to a long term deal.

now this is what i call fantasy football.

My offer would be a conditional 4th that could go up to a 3rd rd pick. Plus I would throw in Jason Allen considering that his contract is probably larger than Williams and too big for a 3rd string DB. If they push then I throw in Wilford or Hagen. In looking at what is going to be available in the draft, this is a move that has to be looked at seriously.

The trifecta won't do this. He is a cancer..So is tj..We don't need to be looking to up grade our receivers as long as Penny is the qb...He can't get it to Ginn in the rare times he is open..I am not complaining I love Penny but I say wait till next year when Henne is more in the picture..

Roy Williams a bust? Are you nuts? Look at my Career. He is 26 and is no Charles Rogers/Troy Willaimson/Mike Williams.

TJ a good trade player? Did you spend the night on the bye week with Ricky tempting him with your ganga? He is 31.

If they want Beck great. Give it up. If they want the Taylor package give it up.

Not only do you get a receiver who is better than anyone on our roster but you also raid another talented player from a bad team we play later in the year.

This trade could be the difference, between dare I say, a playoff spot and not. See how this weekend goes with Houston. If we win pull the trigger. You have KC, Detroit, Oakland,and St. louis on the roster. A win or two against the usual suspects and we could be in unexpected territory.

If not, I am still available...

Listen guys, there isn't much available this offseason at WR. Outside of Roy, the only other guys worth mentioning are, TJ, Bobby Engram, Devery Henderson, Hank Baskett, Jabar Gaffney, Sam Hurd, Brandon Jones, and Amani Toomer. I think T.O. is a restricted FA too. Honestly, there isn't much of a shot at TJ. Henderson isn't a #1 in my opinion, and really neither is anyone else on this list that we could possibly get. On the other hand, DB's look pretty good. Chris Gamble, Dunta Robinson, Namdi Asomugha, Sean Jones, Dawan Landry, Brian Dawkins, Phillip Buchanon, Kelvin Hayden, Bryant McFadden, and Justin Miller will all be availble after this year. Obviously some of these guys will be franchised tagged or resigned, but there is a better list here than at WR. My point is... trade for Roy if the price is right and shut up. Also, keep in mind that we have to re-sign Vernon Carey and Channing Chrowder. Look at the d-linemen available too. Albert Haynesworth, Julius Peppers, Bertrand Berry, and just for kicks Terrell Suggs (DE/OLB).

Are you kidding me? Is this really even up for debate?!!
ANYTHING other than a first round pick is a homerun for miami with the potential he offers to fill our needs. There is only upside in this deal unless the guy is demanding an absurd contract next year which I dont see him doing. Not only is he only 26 and a class act with no "thug" issues but he's in his prime. The guy is 6'3 with great speed & jumping ability and he is one of the better recievers in the league at going to get the ball when its in the air. He gets great YAC but even more so he is the perfect downfield threat miami has to have to stretch the field and support our running game. Camarillo and Fasano are posession receivers not big play guys, and imagine with how good Ronnie is running now what will happen when the safties cant cheat up to help stop the run. A 2nd or 3rd round pick is automatic to me, this guy was drafted 7th overall! You know how many people we draft in the 2nd or 3rd round whos names we never hear again!

Mando Are you smoking somthing while writting this???????? What on God's green earth makes you think they wouldn't franchise Roy in a heartbeat after the season if they don't get a deal they want. Especially with a brand new GM he will be looking to get value with a pick. A 3rd will never happen. We know we would have to renegotiate his contract but, they can easily get what they want with a franchise and if no one bites they have a good reciever in the end.

I agree with Chris. I said it before and I'll say it again. A 2nd rounder works for me, or a package of a couple lower picks and maybe a player. Anyone else who disagrees is flat wrong.

Please cut the following player -

(Crocker is slowly making this list; look forward to seeing him here soon)

No we dont make the trade, we just had probably the best draft in the 20yrs Ive been a Dolphins fan, build on that...recievers are a dime a dozen I think the set we have now is fine its the man throwing them the ball that I am most concerned about.

I didnt get a chance to watch the game until last night and I was lauging at how Pennington would lob the ball and the recievers would be sliding down to the ground in order to catch it inches from the ground...next you hear the announcer saying "thats why Pennington is the most accurate passer in the history of the NFL, he knows just where to put the ball..." when probably 4 out of the 6 times it was said the reciever would have been far better off and able to get those all important YAC's had Chad been able to lace them the ball...I'm not sold on Pennington, never will be he could win the SB and I'd still be calling for his head.

To the people that say trade Henne...tisk tisk... Remember Pennington has only played one full season in his entire career, the man is a disaster waiting to happen which is why The Big 3 brought him in; stability now and a seemless no pressure situation for Henne to slide in as the starter *WHEN* Pennington gets hurt.

Personally I'd rather see the pick spent on another RB in the third of this years draft.

LOL mR742 i believe this is the same ignorant post, different blog

Getting a guy like Roy Williams in exchange for a 3rd or 4th round pick seems like a good idea. The Dolphins should secure a long term contract with Williams to make sure they don't lose Williams services and future draft picks.
The Dolphins receiving corps doesn't scare anyone and getting Ginn some help may speed his development into an elite receiver(look at Santonio Holmes, his former mate at OSU, with Pittsburgh).

Do any of you actually think that BP would trade a pick for a player without signing a contract FIRST?

AL Davis is in Oakland NOT Miami!

A big fat no vote on trading for Roy Williams. His contract demands will be astronomical. I also understand he can be a malcontent in the locker room.

In the meantime, I hope the trifecta stays on the path they are currently on. They had a great first draft. They made some very good trades. I like that they have built what seems to be very good team chemistry. I believe rushing this by adding a high priced guy like Williams, or any of the others previously mentioned would be a mistake.

If you don't believe me, look at what TO is up to in Dallas.

A 3rd round pick would be good value and Roy Williams makes us better. But that's as high as I would go. Being that Miami has a 1st and two 2nd round picks we can part with a 3rd for a good WR in his prime.

Roy Williams is in his 5th year and has only one 1,000 yard season so the Lions can't act like he's a Randy Moss type because he's not. He's had some injury issues and rarely plays an entire season, but he can make big plays and he does have 29 TDs playing for a bad Lions team. Miami's WRs combined don't have 29 career TDs.

Wilford - 14
Hagan - 3
Camarillo - 3
Ginn - 2
Bess - 0
London - 0

That's 22 combined TDs from our 6 WRs. Williams would make us a more explosive offense but there are some who feel Roy is not the toughest guy around. Who knows if Parcells and Ireland are even high on him.

If we did go after Williams and got him for whatever, who would Miami release at WR? I would say probably London but it should be Wilford who has really done nothing since he's been here. I know his salary is an issue but he looks like a bust free agent signing unless he turns it around real fast.

the contact would have to be put in place and ready for him to sign if the trade is made. cant take a chance with this young team to start losing draft picks again. we need as many as possible to keep this team moving in the right direction. if a contact is agreed upon then trade the third round pick. dont even think about it.

Roy Williams for a 3rd rounder is an absolute No Brainer. Anyone that has his age / potential / skills has a high value. We have the cap room, and grabbing him for a 3rd gives us a legit #1 WR that would allow us to put Ginn in the slot and do our returns.
More importantly, Getting Roy for a 3rd rounder gives us a need position and allows us to use our higher 3 picks next draft (#1, and the two 2nd rounders) to draft a quality FS and OLB.
I'd be one happy DOLFAN to see us make this move!

Maybe a fourth. I think what most aren't considering is the money you would have to pay him(he won't come cheap). So, it's really like giving up a pro bowl player(that you could sign for the same cap$,) and whatever pick you surrendered for him 2nd,3rd or 4th. Remember NE only gave up a fourth for Randy Moss in his prime.

I'd love to have either TJ or Roy Williams. I think they are both worth the 3rd round pick. I'd definitely give up Beck for either one as well. Obviously the Trifecta will make a decision and I have faith it will be the right one. They've done well so far. I did hear that Mike Martz in SF covets TJ like there is no tomorrow!

Ding Ding Ding, let's play GM. Boldin, Houshmandzadeh, Williams. Boldin is 28, Housh 31, and Williams 26. Boldin has had the most injuries and Williams the least. All will want Larry Fitzgearld money. Four years 40 million 20 guaranteed. Williams may be the value WR of the three, key word maybe. Now look at the team Vernon Carey, is close to being a pro-bowl offensive lineman, and plays left or right. He's earned the 49 mill to 55 mill range for 5-6 year contract. He's a free agent and has done said he's not,"Scared to Test the Waters". Channing Crowder is another free agent after this year he's said,"He understands it's a business." His father played in the NFL and for the Dolfins. I believe Parcells believes he can get a great WR with the Jason Taylor pick. unless there is fire sale in Detriot or they've seen a player on the roster they want, Greg Camarillo, John Beck etc. I don't see it happening. Between Carey and Crowder I'd rather see Carey signed he was a #1 pick at 17 I believe. Watch the number of running plays going off his left shoulder when he turns the Defensive lineman to the outside, and 4 of these running plays were for TD's with Ronnie Brown. I'll bet Parcells has a plan for the money under the cap, and the available free agents. I'll just watch it unfold, I'm glad he's there and I don't have to pull the trigger or leave the gun in the holster. Roy Williams would legitimize our passing game, Housh just turned 31, and Boldin is a beast running back in a WR body. In Parcells We Trust.

I would start by offering our third-round pick. If they want a better pick, I would offer Washington's second...if the Lions will take back Ernest Wilford's contract.

TerpFinFan and the rest of you guys need to read what others wrote before you... Including the many things I wrote above. As far as Randy goes... He was terrible in Oakland, not to mention upset and lazy. Roy is a completely different situation outside of the fact that he's upset about losing. Nobody is questioning whether he can still play as they did with Randy Moss. The money is a different situation too... Roy will likely receive Lee Evans type money which is fair compaired to what he will fetch if his numbers go up at all and he becomes a free agent. Do any of you really want another Ted Ginn? I'm sorry Ted but you were takin ninth overall while guys like Dwayne Bowe, Desean Jackson, and Eddi Royal have come out of the draft guns blazing!!! I'll take Roy Williams thank you very much.

I wouldn't want the Dolphins giving away any picks no matter who it is. Build through the draft, thats the way to go and they'll need every single pick to do so. Its only been two games, lets not go crazy and start thinking Superbowl.

If we were just building through the draft then the Dolphins wouldn't have A. Fasano, Akin Ayodele, and Jason Ferguson. That also means that the Pats wouldn't have Wes Welker or Randy Moss. Just so you all know... All of those trades worked out perfectly.

For a 3rd you have to,but Bill is the man to make the move and he is not one to make a trade.Also you have to consider how much cap we will have if we make the deal and re-structure Roy's contract we may have to re-sign Vernon if he plays well and give Ronnie an extention if he continues to play the way he is,and dont forget FA and the draft if we get a top 10 pick let alone a top 5(I dont see that)then there go's more money.As for the beggining statement as to our passing game not scaring anyone well we are not doing to bad for what we have,even with Roy I dont think teams will be scared our D needs to keep playing well,and our offense is running the ball well and Pennington is putting up decent numbers and not turning the ball over if we keep playing like this then we will start scaring other teams.

"Whatever" and "Rideshare" have the right idea. We were 1 and freakin 15 last year. Tuna and his Helpers have turned the corner and have this team moving in the right direction by not giving away picks. If I remember correctly, maybe I don't, but they didn't give away any picks higher than the 4th round this year and got TWO starters for it(Fasano and Ayodele). RW is definitely better than anyone we have now, but I'd bet that even if Tuna wants him, he's going to hold out and try to get him "CHEAP" or not at all.

There are times you trade draft picks and times you don't. I wouldn't trade our 1st or 2nd round picks because that is really where you build through the draft. A 3rd round pick for a good WR in his prime is an easy trade in my opinion.

The Lions have to start over. Matt Millen created a mess there and the new GM needs to start over. They have some young QBs, a young RB in Smith and a potential pro bowl WR in Johnson. After that there isn't much talent on the team. There are some solid players but not enough. They need more draft picks and they can't pay Williams next year anyway. They should get what they can for him and start looking towards the future.

I'm not sure we'll go after him but it wouldn't be the worst thing either. Roy Williams does have talent and easily becomes our best WR.

I'm getting the feeling we're not going to re-sign Carey because he's likely to get a 5 year 40+ million dollar deal and I'm not sure we want to invest a 100 million on two tackles. It's easier to find a RT than a LT and if we do let Carey go elsewhere we'll make it a priority to find a solid RT in 09.

The Phins need help at WR and another rookie is not the answer. We need to find a proven veteran. Roy Williams could be that guy. We're going to have to cut ties with Wilford at some point unless he starts to get on the field and make plays. That hasn't happened yet and I don't see any signs of that happening. He has 1 catch for 15 yards this year.

lololol why??? we need pass guys who can catch ball and hit the end zone..and not worry if TV camera is on them..lots of good pass catchers out there..who ever is open gets ball..if ginn, or other guys cant catch the ball, and run with it..then why use them anyway..trade them to teams going nowhere, and pick up unknowns..that help ya team win..theres guys out there that need a break..to prove they are better than what you have now!!..1 guy super star with out a lot of catches, is out there. and teams dont know it..some players play better when they have unknown guy ready to help team win over and over again.you have tried to make guys better on your team, but sometimes it dont work, ya get a guy whos hungry, and he wins games for you..have yet to see anybody on wildcats do it game after game..whats OB and BIG john Say, its time fer change..and they dont know what they are talking about..did the wildcats give away a great young pass guy to N.E. Wes Welker..and other kid went to chargers..time fer tuna to get a couple of 2nd and 3rd yr guys, who have potental..some guys play better with other teams..anyway..AND I dont care what Dallas says..give wild cats 1 more yr and and suppriano will make team out them .. GO Fins.

I had know idea the crack/cocane was that high of a grade in the South Florida area. Detroit's going to give up it's best player for a 3rd round pick? Are you serious? Miami squeezed a 2nd rounder out of San Diego for Chambers, but Roy Williams is going to be had for a 3rd? Just ignorant. At least research it or talk to sources, or even steal other peoples stories and inside info such has Chris Mortenson, John Clayton, and Pat kerwin, who all have said that if Williams is traded, it will be for a 1st rounder or a 2nd rounder and something else. Wow, the people at the Sun-sentinel must feel like rocket scientist after reading your blogs

Jon, calm down. Chambers was traded during a playoff run in 07 which elevates the value. The Chargers were making a run at a championship and came close in the AFC championship game. Randy Moss was traded for a 4th round pick during the offseason in 07. He's an even better WR than Williams.

The Lions need to rebuild like we're doing. Calvin Johnson is regarded as their best player by the way. He has more talent than Williams does. Not that Williams isn't talented but the Lions don't want to invest 40 or 50 million on another WR. Calvin Johnson makes that kind of money being the 2nd overall pick in last year's draft.

If the Lions don't trade Williams, they get nothing in the offseason when he voids his final year and becomes an unrestricted free agent.

Before you throw around the ignorant word, know what you speak of.

I think for a 3rd round pick it would be a great deal, if we could sign him as well... If it was much more than that I would pass. He is young which is very good, and we wouldn't have to wait for him to adjust to the pro game. It all depends on the cost, and if he is a good teammate or not. I do have a feeling he is going to go for much more that just a 3rd round pick.....

^^^ GET TRIED ^^^

"I think for a 3rd round pick it would be a great deal, if we could sign him as well..."

MickFins, we'd obviously have to be willing to sign Roy Williams and make him happy. You don't trade a draft pick and a 3rd rounder for a player and let him walk the following year.

Well, thank God that Bill and Jeff are in charge and not the blogosphere. Do you all read what you write? I would say out of every 100 thoughts posted on this blog there is one that is logical.

Roy Williams is very talented, but not the Lions best WR out of the 45 they have draft this decade. He is 26 which is very young.

Our receiving corps has a total of 5 career TD's with the Dolphins. Roy averages 6 a year. Think outside of the box. As great as some of you think Camarillo, Ginn, Wilford, bess adn London are - none of them will be out Williams for a spot.

Boldin is not available and TJ is 31 which is old for the NFL. Old increases the risk of breaking down. Just ask Marvin Harrison and Joe Horn.

For the Moron who rips Pennington and claims to be a fins fan grow a brain cell. Over the past two games Chad is complete almost 80% of his passes. Do you remember Green, Frerotte, Fielder, Feeley, Lucas, Culpepper, Drunkenrapist, McCown, McNown and the other Flunkies we have had since Wannstache ran out Marino? If you can't formulate a rationale thought, keep that fact to yourself - don't brag to others...

Houshmandzadeh is in his prime and playing the best football of his life. I would sign him as a free agent in a heartbeat. He's in great shape and has at least 3-4 more good years in him. He'll make us better on offense right away. Look at the progression of his numbers. He's on a really bad team right now and he's better than every WR we have.

Whosyourmama has Carson Palmer throwing to him and not Jon Kitna and co.

TJ is on a team that has been picked to win their division the past 3 years - the Lions think post-season means clearing out your locker after week 17.

TJ is on a team that spread the ball around to talented players taking advantage of single coverage The Lions haven't protected the quarterback since Wayne Fontes was there.

If the Bungholes trade anyone it will not be the only player who shows up to work now and avoids the police blotter the Lions show life by firing Millen 6 years too late.

BP is always looking for improved talent. That is why the roster keeps churning even now. If they find a reciever they want, they will do it regardless of how much it costs Wayne Huizenga. trust them, they got us to this point...

The Bengals have been picked to win their division the last 3 years? By who, Mr. Magoo?

TJ is an unrestricted free agent in 09. The Bengals can't stop that unless they franchise him and pay him at least a one year deal worth the top 5 WRs in the league. Talk about a team that needs to start over.

If I'm the Bengals GM I fire Marvin Lewis and start over. That team is a mess.

Yatil Green , get your facts right "Wannstache" didn't run Marino out it was Jimmy Johnson.

TJ has been the #2 receiver hi swhole career.

He is 2 inches shorter than Williams.

he is 4+ years older than Williams.

Both are in the top 20 of performance receivers in the NFL - none of our guys are.

If you signed each to a 4 year deal - Williams would be 31 when the deal ends and TJ would be 35.

receivers in their 30's aren't in their prime, they are in the twilight of their careers. Jerry Rice and TO are the exceptions. Marvin Harrison, Horn, Holt, Eric Moulds etc.

Go with young when all things are equal. Parcells has proven that stance. Just ask Zach, Jason, etc...

As far as Cincy, not only have they been favored to go to the playoffs, they actually did. You might remember Palmer tearing his knee - in the PLAYOFFS...

Jimmy started Dan for the entire time he was the coach of Miami - all the way through the devastating loss in the playoffs to Jacksonville where we lost 63-7. You may remember Oronde Gadsden doing the OG in the endzone. Jimmy quit the next day and named Wannstach as the coach. Wannstach asked to have the ability to move Dan along and was given the authority from Wayne. Dan then contemplated going to Minnesota before retiring.

Dan did not like playing for Jimmy, feeling that jimmy took the ball out of his hands way too much. But they both finished their careers together with Dan wanting to continue for at least 1 more year and he would have if Wannstache hadn't run him out. Look it up, the facts are all correct...

Yatil, I don't care about size and 4 years difference. TJ is better than Ocho Cinco right now. He's one of the best WRs in the game. He makes us better right away and we don't have to give a draft pick to get him.

Picking up Roy or TJ would be great, they are proven recievers. But if we do get in a bidding war for them, and have to go through the draft. There is a kid out Texas Tech who has it all, his last name is Crabtree. He is fast off the line, great hands and is a deep threat.

Roy has put up pretty impressive numbers, on a bad team, with Journeymen QB's. TJ has put up great numbers, with CJ on the other side, taking double coverages, and with one of the best QB's in the game. I am in agreement with the ask Harrison, and Horn comment about TJ's age, as well as Jon's assessment that many of you are smoking some good rock if you think that Roy will go for a third.

That said, I would definitely trade one of our twos, and perhaps a player for Roy. Age, talent, and opportunity are coming together. As for character, he has said that he would like to stay with Detroit, even though they are such a horrible team. If we could translate that loyalty here, through winning, and a good contract, we could be set at WR for years to come.

Mr. Bungle,

The guy who let Chris Henry back on the team and signed Cedric Benson needs to be let go first.

Marvin Lewis said in his press conference Chris Henry would never be welcomed back.
The GM undermines him constantly.....Its Cincy's front office thats needs to be fired.

They had their chance to ship Chad Johnson and blew that as well....

That being said, TJ who's ya momma would get my vote to be lured to Miami....rather than Roy Williams!

you guys sound like Wanny & Speilman trading picks for players. How did that work out for us before? "Oh yea" not very well

besides we already traded a 6th to dallas

daryl in Charlotte, fair enough!

Who is Cincy's GM?

Mike we currently have a 1, 2a, 2b, 3, 4, 5, 7a, 7b and 7c in the 09 draft. We can make some trades if it helps improve our football team.

Mr Bungle,

I believe Paul Brown is making those personel

"I believe Paul Brown is making those personel decisions!"

There you go. But Marv Lewis has not done a good job. Cincy is notoriously cheap and they suck the life out of contracts. They don't pay people who are no longer there. Coaches, players or the beer guy.

Yea, Cincy is a mess!

The Raiders are running neck and neck with the Bengals for league worst..

Thank God Im a Dolfan!!!!!

You'd have to be a moron not to inquire, but their asking price is way too high. If Moss went for a 4th rounder coming off a horrible year, no way should Williams go for more than a 2nd coming off a great year.

I would do one 2nd round pick for Williams and an extension.

STL, CIN, OAK, HOU and KC look like the top 5 in the 09 draft.

Miami... 8-8 looks real possible. I hate making those types of predictions because we still have 12 games left. Can we go 6-6 over the next 12 games? I think so, maybe even better than that.

Truthfully, Lions would be nutz to let him go. as would cincy to let TJ go. But there is a reason why bad teams are bad teams. We had head cases in Wannie and Speilman and they have their group of nuts too. Our benefit is a good owner. Oakland, Cincy and Detroit have lunatics as owners who think they can be gms, coaches and probably even players.

What do the following teams have in common? Rams, 49ers, Seahawks, Raiders, Texans, Ravens and Chiefs? All of them are on the Dolphins remaining schedule. If we are a legit #1 WR away from beating all of them, then why not? They are a combined 7 and 23 and the best of the bunch there (Ravens) was Greg "don't call me Rich" Camarillo's favorite team last year...

Man you guys are nuts. I'm on Yatil Greens side on this one. Mr. Bungle, you and I have been here since way earlier on in the day and I have no idea why you're moving onto the Housh bandwagon. TJ is an awesome wr, but he isn't gettin any younger and as Yatil pointed out that hasn't helped many wrs in the past. Plus, it's been mentioned many times before that Parcells is building this team around guys who are in their early to mid twenties. Look up the average age of the guys on our team.

I don't know why this is such a difficult concept for people to get. We had a successful draft this past year by the looks of it so far, but that doesn't mean that it'll happen every year. When a proven, young, player comes your way for a decent price (who plays a position of need by the way) you take it 9 times out of 10! That tenth time is reserved for crazy bastards like Adam "Pacman" Jones and Ray Carruth (one and the same if you ask me). If the deal is reasonable you do it because you don't know what you're really gonna get in the draft, and free agency is simply a bidding war where there are no real winners.

Santana25, I don't remember ever seeing your name before until today, but that's on me. All you have to do is watch TJ play.

Parcells has always liked veteran players so I have no idea where you're coming from there. That being said, Parcells is not the head coach, Sparano is. We don't know how this team will go about doing things yet. We're only 4 games into to this thing.

Mr. Bungle... I know Parcells likes veteran guys, but look at what they are doing right now. Ireland and Parcells are building the team around veteran guys who are still young. Williams has been in the league for a while and has all the physical tools that teams covet. This is not a knock on TJ who is known for his smarts, agility, and big play ability. The issue is more centered around what the wiser choice is between trading for and signing a guy like Roy for a reasonable price and getting him now, or witing till the offseason and competing in a bidding war for TJ with the rest of the league. Besides, Roy would be putting up the same kinda numbers as TJ if you were to put him on a decent team with an o-line and a QB.

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