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Williams traded after all to desperate Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys have completed a trade to acquire much-sought, much-talented Roy Williams from the Detroit Lions, according to a league source and several media reports.

The trade apparently includes multiple draft picks, including a first-round draft pick.

Dallas originally believed it could land Williams for a second-round pick but apparently there was at least one other team trying to land Williams so the price went up.

Assuming the Dolphins were not the other team -- it should not shock the Dolphins didn't get the quality receiver they desperately lack. Miami's brain trust would never give up a first round pick for Roy Williams.

Nor should they.

A second rounder? I would have applauded that, as I'm sure most fans would have. A first-rounder, particularly Miami's first rounder, which could be a top 15-pick? No way.

This is a long-term deal for the Cowboys as they will announced they have reworked and extended Williams' contract when he arrives in Dallas. He will not be a free agent next season.

So it goes ...

By the way, doesn't this make you wonder what the Cowboys are going to do with Patrick Crayton and Miles Austin?

Anyway, the Dolphins also didn't trade for Roy Rogers. Inside joke.


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Hey Amando,

Think Parcells should go after Patrick Crayton. He is now the Cowboys number 4 reciever, in Miami he would be #1.

You wouldn't have traded Roy Williams for Ted Ginn?...he was 9th pick in the 2007 draft. Next years first round pick (between 10 and 15)won't be as good as Roy Williams. Drafting has been a crap shoot...especially on this team. Trade top picks for proven 26 year olds...every time.

They got him for a 1st, 3rd and 6th... waaaay too much.

They got him for a 1st, 3rd and 6th... waaaay too much.

They got him for a 1st, 3rd and 6th... waaaay too much.

They got him for a 1st, 3rd and 6th... waaaay too much.

wow, didnt mean to do that.

Amando how many draft picks does miami have this year? I know there is no way to determine the order. Just the amount of picks.

What's waaaay too much are four of the same posts Finsupremo. :-D

Yes, too much for Williams.

I know we have: 1-1st, 2-2nds in the first 2 rounds.

Phin Up!

I would love to know if we were the other team involved,makes me mad that he went to Dallas they dont really need him that bad,buy oh well gave up to much for him in my opinion.What are the odds that Detroit takes a wideout with one of the two first rounders.

crayton is also 29yrs old too old to be given up nething of value

We have all of our picks plus an extra 2nd & 6th for JT and a 7th for Josh McCown. That's 10. I think there's one more that's eluding me at the moment. A 4th or 5th? Who else did we trade?

Cowboys got jipped on this one, but then again, who do they need in the draft, they are stacked at almost every position except the secondary and quaterback. 1st 3rd and 6th.......NEVER!! Gotta love Jerry Jones. Way to go Pacman, you are seriously screwed up in the head.

Miami needs more help in the secondary..trading a whole draft away would have not been in line with the parcells plan

I'd take Crayton in a heartbeat, but evidentally Hurd is also injured, so I don't see Jones making any additional moves right now.

Ok phin fans lets get over it it would have been nice but that is way too much for him he hasnt proven to be worth that much. Lets try london in the slot he big and athletic for chad, bess is just okay we need to try everythin andas for ginn were just giving him more chances because he was a 9th pick he's not that good phin fan sorry.

at least their draft needs going into 2009 are clear. WRs, DBs are 1 and 2....they could take 6 of those players with the 10 picks they have.

T.O is going to be pissed!!

Well at least we tried to get somebody.....wait no we didn't. I 4got Sparano,Ireland, an Parcells think we have a "pretty good team" that can't stop big, physical receivers and receivers that won't catch anything if they're not called Camarillo. Well at least we're a pretty good team.

Oh yah, we traded Travis Daniels to Cleveland for a 6th or 7th. So that's 11 picks, I think.

Wow, the wheels are starting to fall of the cowboys bandwagon. They are getting desperate !!!


Its going to be fun watching jerry jones dismantle the team that Parcells built. They'll be a 6 win team by no later than 2010.

wr is a HUGE need on this team and typically they take 3 years to develop in the NFL. I still think we should have considered aquiring him before the deadline. Not for what the cowboys gave up but I think if we acted sooner we could have gotten him cheaper. Especially since our draft picks are regarded as more valuable than Dallas'

Still think that the NFL should push its trading deadline back to week 10. Makes for a more dramatic deadline and more moves for teams on the brink, still too early for some teams to sell sell sell.

We have wasted picks in the draft before, but this regime must have a better chance than most of hitting on picks. Surely we are done trading for busts like feeley, culpepper, booker, gordon etc etc !!!

Lets just keep the picks for next year. already this draft looks very promising.

Considering how much Detroit got in return for Roy Williams it's better off Miami didn't trade for him. HE'S ALL YOURS, DALLAS!

hey pete. we have 9 draft picks.a 1st _ 2-2nds- a-3rd-a4rth-a5th-and 3-7ths.the 6th for taylor is for2010. also lost 6th for j.ferg

damn! i really wanted him.

paul, i know we have a ton of draft picks which is why parting with 1 or 2 of them for a developed WR who could immediately jump in and be a #1 seems like a good move. especially given our ineptitude at the position. I said earlier it takes 2- 3 years avg. for a WR to develop in the NFL, and we are obviously goingto need to address the situation in the offseason regardless.

We do not have a receiver problem. We have brandon london, vince wilford and derick hagan waiting in the wing to prove themselves. All of our receivers are talented. The problem is pennington's style of play which is hindering the talent and agressive play of our wide receivers. Pennington is helping us in several ways, but he is killing us in the much needed zip and deepball threat. START THE ROOKIE PLEASE!

bond david bond, you obviously dont know squat about parcells football. He won two super bowls with adequate qbs who didnt turn the ball over. we have a top tier running back in ronnie brown and he is the offense. We do however need a wr who can run routes and get open, which rookies and wilford cannot do. Right now we are dying because of wr's not pennington. he has been the most accurate passer since marino and u are gonna criticize his arm strength? go root for another team idiot, this team is going in the right direction. still need a clear cut #1 receiver though.

I wouldn't start Henne but they could bring him in for certain situations. Maybe a new wrinkle to the wildcat or maybe have him come in on first or second down and throw the long ball to Ginn. Pennington is doing a good job right now doing exactly what the coaches are asking. Benching him would not make sense at this point.

Camarillo is the only wr we have right now who understands how to get open. Ginn is a lost cause and he will not be a fin next season guaranteed. Parcells and Sparano do not like him and he cant get open or even get seperation from the NFL DB's. Look for the fins to keep doing what they are doing now which is working very well, and next year bring in a more seasoned wideout via a trade or free agency, as well as a young wr in the draft. This is a good team now, and they will only get better

Let me start by saying that i'm glad we didnt trade for Roy Williams(too expensive & we have pennington under center).
why everybody is complaining about that trade when our main problem is the defense!!
I'm glad that Bill parcels & co. is in charge and none of u fellas. im sure they know something we dont.
I wonder how much $$ Williams is gonna make in Dallas.
We'll have more options in the offseason,and trust me, bill parcells wont waste his early picks on receivers....

I was hoping the dolphins could've traded John Beck to Dallas since they expressed interest in him early in the season, plus Tony Romo will be out for a month

Parcells doesnt waste early picks on WR'S? How about Keyshawn Johnson idiot? Wow is there anybody who knows football on here? He will most likely go for a DB or WR in the first round, whichever has the best player available, and then go with the other in the 2nd.

Do you see any WR the upcoming draft besides Cabtree worth a 1st round pick or you could compare to Johnson? i dont think so? who's the idiot? clown??

didnt say he should draft a wr, just the best player available at either wr or db. Crabtree looks great so far, and lets not forget we will not be picking in the top ten this draft either. I was simply proving that Parcells has and will choose a wr if its the best player available. What other position is in as dire need for a playmaker?

Did i say "bill parcells doesnt" or "bill parcells wont"????
Im confused!!! educate me

6:53 comment "well have more options in the off season, and trust me, Bill Parcells wont waste hi searly picks on receivers..."

thank you
I rest my case!


rest your case? you never had a case to begin with moron.

I would trade 2 number one draft picks if Ginn is any comparison to the upcoming couple years. I hope this doesn't come to haunt us....really ticks me off is that it was the Cowboys that beat us to it.

Popcorn!!! That's what PeeWee Herman had sitting in his lap in a Sarasota theatre. I can't wait for the Dallas circus to begin. There's only one football allowed on the field folks

Actually that Dolphanforlife comment was from Walker. Love how someone else's name was inserted for mine.

Bill Parcells did not draft Keyshawn Johnson. Keyshawn Johnson was drafted No. 1 by the Jets in 1996, the same season Parcells and New England went to the Super Bowl.

tired of all the complainers we got beat by a team who was better than their record a couple turnovers away from a few victories they were ranked third in the afc behind us and 5th or 6th in defense and were playing for their lives and still we were competitive unlike last year for the most part as much as i would like to see what henne could do he is learning behind one of the smartest and most accurate quarterbacks in the history of football and he is still learning this offense i have no complaints just glad to have a chance each game with the schedule we have the playoffs and beyond is very doable just checkout monday nights game not a lot seperates top to bottom.

Every team in the NFL is a threat for the superbowl or are a couple pieces short of the puzzle. Why Dallas? really? are you guys really that afraid... wait I get it. all the hype you've gotten this year is untrue and your scared people will think your a huge joke... Too late, Owens crying like a baby after every loss took care of that already... pathetic. you know what else is pathetic adam jones hitting a guy paid to babysit him... Jerry Jones you are a true genius. by the way thanks for Ferg and Akin... p.s. I thought it was Patrick Craytons year or will that have to wait till he is 30+

And yes they gave up to much. for The Dolphins as badly as they need a wide receiver to be dominant they also need to keep improving the young talent and give them the opportunity to prove themselves...they are still a raw group I think the biggest thing is to build as a team now with who we have and the focus in my opinion should be finding someone to start next to Bell and look somewhat decent... props to the O-line and D-lines this year... making everyone elses jobs easier

also in my opinion the play calling has been questionable at the end of the Jets and Texans games... I would go as far as saying the coaches lost it and made mistakes in crucial game situations. but I really do like the attitude that they are playing with though

sorry but I have another problem Why is it that I only see Camarillo and Bess and occasionally Ginn Jr at wide receiver? please mix it up and give the tall kids a chance to play and I'd give the KR and PR responsibilities to Cobbs...

what I don't get is that the dolphins didn't have a gaping need at wide receiver until we got rid of Chambers and Welker. but in the end thank you for Satele and Henne. Our receivers could be really great Camarillo plays with tenacity you gotta admire, Ginn Jr. is stupid fast, Bess is Wes-esque and Fasano/ Martin the most underrated tight ends in football

THAT'S RIGHT MANDO!!! MILES AUSTIN!! I've been watching this kid, who looks like an up and comer! Very bright, young, good route runner, energetic and soft hands. Great name too!! May not possess flat out speed but I think he runs a deceptive 4.5. I don't think he'll ever be a #1 but definitely an excellent #2. We'll have to find a #1 elsewhere. Another reason I believe the Trio will have him on the radar and pull the trigger is because of their penchant to raid the Cowboys. What about Ginn at #2 you ask!? Considering his progress thus far, we could be in for a long wait. He's not a natural receiver and runs scared. If we don't trade him then use him as a returner and mix him in at receiver ala Devon Hester. Thoughts, Mando?

MANDO!! You never answer when I ask for your opinion. Asking your opinion is a compliment! Do you think you could make an exception and give me it about the very last opinion written by me on this blog about Miles Austin???
No seria mucho trabajo, hermano.

If you take a look at what the Cowboys gave up, it really was not that much. The Cowboys basically got Williams for a 1st round pick. They traded the Lions 7th for their 6th rd pick and next year they had two 3rd round picks.

Terrel Owens and Roy Williams..the rich keep getting richer. damnit

Hummmm, funny someone said Parcells drafted Meshawn. That would be Rich Kotite! Anybody remember him? Parcells rarely drafts WRs or RBs in the early rounds, I think the exception is Terry Glenn, he of the famous "she" comment...

Parcells will stick to the plan. Build from the inside out. We will see CBs and LBs and possibly someone Parcells views as a great talent at any position (including WR). WR will be the last piece and hopefully one will blossom from later round picks. Trading 3 draft picks for Roy Williams is a move by a team thinking it is one piece of the puzzle short. Wannstedt thinking... Whoever said Jones will drive the Cowgirls into the ground hit it right on the head.

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