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Williams traded after all to desperate Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys have completed a trade to acquire much-sought, much-talented Roy Williams from the Detroit Lions, according to a league source and several media reports.

The trade apparently includes multiple draft picks, including a first-round draft pick.

Dallas originally believed it could land Williams for a second-round pick but apparently there was at least one other team trying to land Williams so the price went up.

Assuming the Dolphins were not the other team -- it should not shock the Dolphins didn't get the quality receiver they desperately lack. Miami's brain trust would never give up a first round pick for Roy Williams.

Nor should they.

A second rounder? I would have applauded that, as I'm sure most fans would have. A first-rounder, particularly Miami's first rounder, which could be a top 15-pick? No way.

This is a long-term deal for the Cowboys as they will announced they have reworked and extended Williams' contract when he arrives in Dallas. He will not be a free agent next season.

So it goes ...

By the way, doesn't this make you wonder what the Cowboys are going to do with Patrick Crayton and Miles Austin?

Anyway, the Dolphins also didn't trade for Roy Rogers. Inside joke.


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T. Ginn vs. R. Williams? The Cowboys sent the 6th rd pick they got back from the Titans because Pacman was stupid again. The 3rd round pick was an extra from a trade, plus, they get the Lions 7th rd pick. Let's recap: for a 2009 1st round pick the Cowboys get a WR who will be playing this week? That's ok T. Ginn will come around.

Pete in otown, nothing like sticking your foot in your mouth with the Parcells drafting Keyshawn Johnson comment. Kotite drafted Keyshawn Johnson, not Parcells. Parcells also didn't want to draft Terry Glenn in the 1st round. Parcells' history shows he likes to draft franchise type players with 1st round picks. QBs, big lineman on either side of the ball, pass rushers, shutdown corners etc. Not WRs.

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