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Would Keyshawn help Miami receivers corps?

The Dolphins have begun their preparations for the Buffalo game in earnest today.

I can report to you nose tackle Jason Ferguson was not working during the portion of practice open to the media. I can also report that former Jets, Cowboys, Bucs, and Panthers receiver Keyshawn Johnson, currently an ESPN analyst, was at practice.

Relax. He was not in uniform. He was simply visiting.

But this being an interactive blog, I wonder what you guys think of the idea of adding Johnson. Again, it is not happening unless something extremely freaky happens. But do you think the fanciful addition of Johnson, a guy who is 36 years old and has not played since 2006, could be an upgrade for the Dolphins?

This really would not be a commentary on Johnson. It would obviously be a measure of your confidence in the Dolphins' current receivers.

Beyond the question about whether Johnson would be any sort of upgrade, one has to address the issue of which receiver would have to go if Johnson were added. So if you say Johnson would be an upgrade, you have to tell me which of Miami's current receivers -- Davone Bess, Ted Ginn Jr., Ernest Wilford, Brandon London, Greg Camarillo or Derek Hagain -- would you jettison first?

Remember, this is not really happening (I think). Johnson was just visiting with old friend Bill Parcells today. But what if?


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Can't we get OJ??

Dont cut wilford throw his butt in the slot at the freakin goal line and throw the fade. get sum return for your money. U know he has caught a pass before at some point in his life. So he practices like crap. Put him in the game and give him alittle confidence, maybe he will practice better. He drops a TD then cut him. But at least try him in the spot you spent millions on him for.

What cracks me about about the CLOWNS calling Ginn a "bust" is the fact that he has one good day...now, PRESTO>>He's the greatest!! The guy never had a real chance given to him, until today. Pathetic.....

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