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Another Dan Marino pass record in jeopardy

In keeping with today's theme about passing offense (check out the previous post on Miami needing more passing TDs) I bring to your attenting the fact the NFL this week is making a big deal in its releases that both Drew Brees and Kurt Warner are locked in a chase to beat Dan Marino's single-season passing yards mark.

In 1984 Marino passed for a jaw-dropping 5,084 yards. Let me repeat that: Five thousand and eighty-four freakin' yards!

But through 10 games this year Brees, the QB the Dolphins passed on not once but twice, is on pace to pass for 5,201 yards for the year. Through 10 games Marino had 3,094 yards that fateful Super Bowl season. Brees has thrown for 3,251 yards through 10 games this season.

"Drew is having a great year,” says NFL Network and former NFL coach Steve Mariucci. “He’s a veteran player who gives the Saints confidence. He makes his receivers better and they play hard because of his leadership. He’s also been good for the city of New Orleans and has brought excitement to the fans.”

How torqued are you that Miami indeed passed on Brees twice -- once in the 2001 draft and again during the 2006 free agency signing period?

I still remember Rick Spielman assuring me after that 2001 draft that Brees was good, but not so much better than Jay Fiedler that Miami needed to pick him. I also remember sitting in Nick Saban's office and him saying that he wanted Brees over Daunte Culpepper, but that Miami's medical staff recommended Culpepper so he went with that.

Anyway, Warner is on pace to throw for 5,048 yards this season so he is also making an attempt on Marino's mark. Warner currently has 3,155 yards passing this season which is more than what Marino had through 10 games but still projects to fewer yards than Marino at 5,048 yards. Regardless of the projection, Warner is also on the hunt for the record.

"He’s playing in an offense that he feels really good about and he’s got good players around him," said former Cowboys and current Fox analyst Troy Aikman. "He’s a terrific leader for that team.”

Here's a chart showing the men who have passed for most yards in a season with *Projected:






Dan Marino




Kurt Warner

St. Louis



Tom Brady

New England



Dan Fouts

San Diego



Dan Marino




Drew Brees

New Orleans



Kurt Warner





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Not another one- damn you Farve (but thanks for getting us Pennington BTW)

First. Where's my viagra?

D'oh! Too slow in my old age. I'm cold and wolves are chasing me.

I don't blame Saban for passing on him (he had a serious injury to his throwing shoulder) but I definitely blame Spielman and Wannstedt. I remember watching Brees in his Purdue days and thinking this guy has to be a top 10 pick. Then he fell on draft day and I thought, no way the Dolphins pass on him considering Fiedler was a caretaker QB and the team had no other glaring needs considering who was available where they were drafting. Instead they drafted Jamar Fletcher considering they already had the best corner tandem in the NFL with Madison and Surtain. Oh my! Fletcher couldn't even cut it as a nickel back and Brees, well .....

Salguero Rocks!

No matter. what's done is done and we all know Dan was and still is the best ever...im sure if half his (Marino's) games were played in a dome he would have thrown for 6K!

When Marino passed for 5000+ - the Fins were winning and reached the Super Bowl. Brees is throwing for 5000+ for a 5-5 last place team.

Most importantly when Marino set the record, defensive backs could touch receivers beyond 5 yards, same with the record Favre broke, so these records are not completley comparible, Marino did it when it was much harder with defensive backs having that advantage, they no longer have today

Another example of Nick Saban acting like a weasel. He had complete control over every decision while he was in Miami. When you have that kind of control, you need to take responsibility. You take the blame for the bad and the praise for the good. I doubt Saban would have been praising the trainers had Culpepper succeeded and Brees failed. He would have taken even ounce of credit.

How do Mariucci and Woodson still have jobs with the NFL network. They're both terrible. Both of them can talk for 3 minutes without actually saying anything. With all the former NFL players and coaches who would love to be on TV, it's amazing that these two boneheads still have jobs. Terrell Davis and Marshall Faulk are great with their analysis and opinions!

BTW Mandy...are you tryin to meet your monthly quota in a day? vacation coming?

Oh well I like both Kurt and Drew,give Dan Boldin and Fitz in place of the Mark bro's and put Reggie in the backfield he would have god knows what,but it is what it is.The remarkable thing is that Dan did this in his second year.

It's a shame that Marino passed all those yards over the years and never got a super bowl ring to his credit. He certainly earned it.

Correction Dolfanbolt, when Marino passed for 5000+ yards the rules were the same as they are today. The original "chuck rule", that is where the receiver can not be hit after 5 yards, was put into effect in 1978 so Marino played with the same rules as we play with today. The only difference is that in the last few years the NFL has begun to enforce the rule more since NE mugged Indy's receivers in a championship game a few years back. If anything the accomplishments of today are far greater because of the more sophisticated defenses and pressure packages that offenses face each week. Marino's accomplishment was great but if Brees or Warner achieve 5000+ yards that is also great. But Marino is still the best QB EVER.

"Miami's medical staff recommended Culpepper so he went with that". That worked out wonderfully. I blame that more on Saban than I do on the medical staff. The staff made injury evaluations on both players and felt that the knee thing would heal better than a shoulder. What they don't do is make mental evaluations or guage a players heart and will. That is up to a coach and Brees just seems to be more together mentally. Just from watching the two play you can tell who the better leader is. That's all on Saban.

Bob, don't forget about the new QB rules. Defensive linemen and dbs are flagged for touching the helmet of the QB after the ball is released. They're also fined for below the knee hits and leading with the helmet. These rules were not in effect for most of Dannys carreer. The game has become a lot softer and qbs and wrs feel much more comfortable on the field. The NFL has changed these rules to help offenses score which in turn brings more viewers. People don't want to watch a 10-7 defensive battle, they want to see a 37-34 shootout. Only recently has the NFL started giving back to the defense (pushouts etc.).

Once again the blog doesn't post my name SO, 3:57 PM was me.

Camarillo given 3yr $6mil extension(reported by NFL.com 16 minutes ago.
Mando - you deserve a peice of the action for bringing this up yesterday.

I think Drew brees is a great player , that was a fumble on the Dolphins part , drew Brees had a injury to his "Non Throwing shoulder , i think i might break it.

Its not all apples to apples in the Brees draft conversation.

Remember that he played poorly at first, and Brees was on his way OUT in San Diego until LT started running like hell and Phillip Rivers was drafted to push him out the door.

Can you imagine the young Brees behind the offensive lines that Spielman and Wannstedt put together here in Miami?? He would be dead or out of the league by now.

A little off topic Armando, but is there a NFL rule that states a player must be human...couldn't we put a pit bull or a trained bobcat on special teams and send him after the returner?

You forgot rich gannon. I think he threw for almost 5k back in 99?

Has anyone noticed this vicious war of words that's going on between the Phins and the Pats? The other day Belichick and some of his players were praising the Dolphins for just about everything they do and now today the Dolphins have returned the venom by talking about how great Cassell has become and how physical and well coached the Pats are. If this keeps up we are bound to see some brawls on Sunday!

Seriously though I just imagine Parcells and Sparano having a conversation about Belichick and all of the butt kissing he has done this week and coming to the conclusion that two can play that game. It's actually very amusing.

9:49 was me. Armando, do you have any idea why I have to sign in after every post I make? I sign in and post and then my second post doesn't print the name. Has anyone else had this happen to them?

Here is a better one,,,, drafting Eddie Moore ahead of Anquan Boldin dayumm that hurts


Armando doesn't have a clue about what is going on with the Dolphins much less web issues.

He has insulted Tinshaker and Benz and anyone else who disagrees with him or points out his flaws.


Actually John Bosa, I know a lot more than you think. I know about the Dolphins. I know about this blog. And I know when the same person posts under different names on this blog.

And you are posting as Benz and John Bosa. Both are the same person. So tell me: What kind of person spends the entire day on this blog, starting at 7:56 am and going all the way until 10:31 at night, posting as different people, and all the while having so much emnity for the person running the blog? Sad.

Sorry Armando but you insulted my bro and you are doing a bad job.

And if we are on here twice a day...what does that make you?

Wow! Armando lashes out. Very nice.

... Employed.

I thought Crap pepper had 48oo some yards?

never mind 4717 for culpep

Way to stick it to 'em Mando. If they don't like what you write, why do they read it religiously? Keep up the good work!


Good post minn-rick,keepem on the run mando!

We like to dump on coaches. Saban made a mistake. Eeennie or meanie. He chose meanie. How can you really tell? Doctors advise, but Saban should have accepted responsibility and he is a butthead.
The post saying that Brees showed more heart doesn't hold true. While Cpep is a jerk, I think he started playing before he was physically able. He worked very hard to start for Miami.
The pain, slowness and reaction times really showed up in the first game. It also shows that qb's throw as much with their legs as they do with their arms.
The qbs chasing Dan's record still have to play those games. It only takes a snow day, , cold day, windy day, an opposition playing great D or a bad game and they don't make it.

What sets Marino apart from the other QB's is what sets Jim Brown apart from other RB's. Whole new defenses were developed just to stop these two guys, and on game day they both devestated defenses even though they were the main target of opposing teams. The entire defense was set on stopping Marino. And Marino did this without a running game or a defense. Could you imagine Marino playing for the 49ers during the same period. He would probably have 5 Super Bowls.

ny scott its happening cause your from ny changer ur name to miami scott lol.

what if bree's was passing to chambers mcmicheal and booker and ronnie was running screens ala tomlinson what if???????

The Dolphins are due for another well diciplined/dominating game against the Patriots. Im gonna be at the game. I wanna hear a lot of noise from all of you on Sunday.

Section 418 is gonna rock the house the same way sections 440 - 444 have been doing it every Sunday since the 1987!

Go Dolphins!

So tell me who starts next year for the fins,
Pennington OR HENNE If henne starts Pennington will prob have been released so we are stuck with a enexperianced QB just when things are starting to turn around.

And Drew will end up with as many rings as Dan.

Drew will hold this record for the same reason Dan did - he had no alternative.

Balance Baby - Balance.

nice chart, Armando!

I love that our boy Marino has the record, but the old cliche goes, "records are made to be broken." I'll still enjoy it whether or not someone else passes him.

john beck has like 6,000 yards of yarn on the bench. It is getting cold so, he is knitting sweaters for the team.

First of all we must remember that ALL Dan's records where done in a time where there was NO play action passes and he had no running game so I dont care what they say until a QB comes along and plays without utilizing play action (ie Farve, Brees, and Warner) they will never be as great as Mr. 13. END TRANSMISSiON!!!!!

Pennington should be our starter next year. no question about it. It's funny how Armando always responds to his critics, but never to a Fins FAN with a question regarding the Miami Dolphins and FOOTBALL. I also question how much u know about football. Remember ur article b4 the 1st Patriots game and how we have no chance and don't get ur hopes up and all that. Any game can be won. That's why they play the game. Good thing u don't play 4 the FINS. U gotta believe b4 u achieve.


Eric Walden looks pretty good. He had 22.5 sacks at a small college in Tenn. He is a rook with pretty good size and athletic ability. an improvement over ninkovich i think

I would agree with Pennington starting next year as long as he keeps winning...

MARINO IS GOD!!! It takes all these different quaterbacks to undo what MARINO did.

Joey if I change my name to Miami Scott than no one will no I live in a REAL state and not a vacation destiny. Everyone will think that I can't figure out simple instructions, like how to use a voting booth. I am kidding ofcourse, Florida is a great state but certainly has it's share of flaws.

>john beck has like 6,000 yards of yarn on the bench. It is getting cold so, he is knitting sweaters for the team.

Let's talk Beck, after he gets a real chance.

BTW Where are the Ginn haters now that he's come into his own? Where's all those crappy posts about 'ginn's family', etc?

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